Are Farm Pro Tractors Any Good? (Explained for beginners)

Farm Pro Tractors Good

Ever heard of Farm Pro tractors and wondered if they are any good? Yes, and you are not alone. Just like you, many people – either for having a relatively small budget or having light-scale tractor needs – consider going for Farm Pro tractors. But would it be a good choice?

Farm Pro tractors are a great acquisition for low-to-medium intensity applications. They work well for your ranch farm and lawn maintenance. Most of these tractors are fitted with diesel-powered Perkins engines with a transmission system comprising 12 forward and 4 reverse speeds. These tractors are versatile and work with an extensive range of implements in the market today. 

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Who makes Farm Pro tractors and where?

Farm Pro is the brand behind these tractors. Founded in 2002, Farm Pro has its headquarters in Huntington, Indiana, USA. 

Today, Farm Pro operates as a subsidiary of Homier Distribution. Most of the Farm Pro tractors we examined are built in China, either by Foton Lovol or Jinma, and imported into the United States for sales.

What type of engines do Farm Pro tractors have?

Farm Pro tractors generally feature a water-cooled diesel-powered Perkins engine design. The power rating understandably differs across various models.

We have models like the Farm Pro 2470 fitted with 70hp engines. These models can deliver up to 52 kW. 

The Farm Pro 8240 tractor has one of the most powerful engines in Farm Pro’s tractor lineup. The latter features an 82hp engine that can deliver as much as 61 kW.

The Farm Pro 2510 arguably counts among the least powerful tractors Farm Pro has recently rolled out. It boasts a modest 25hp Perkins engine, meaning it can only deliver 19Kw.

What type of transmission do Farm Pro tractors have?

We love the 3-speed high-low creep facility we see on most Farm Pro tractors. Given this feature, these tractors can deliver 12 forward and 4 reverse speeds. A number of these tractors feature a double-stage clutch and live double-speed PTO. 

The generality of these tractors operates mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) systems. Fitted with double axles – one on the front wheel and another on the rear – these wheels enjoy significantly enhanced turning speeds.

Are Farm Pro tractors versatile?

Versatility is a strong suit of Farm Pro tractors. Specifically, models from 20hp to 30hp engines are outfitted with the traditional 3-point category-one hitch.

The tempo rises for Farm Pro tractors delivering up to 50hp. The latter is girded with 3-point category-two hitches.

What does this imply?

Farm Pro tractors work well with just any tool (or implement) procurable in the market today. That said, Farm Pro offers a diverse spectrum of affordable attachments and implements (sure to stand the test of time) for their tractors like mowers, shredders, and loaders.

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How much do Farm Pro tractors cost?

These tractors compete for the cheapest compact utility tractors you can get today in the agricultural machinery market today.

Models with a modest engine power delivery of 20hp to 30hp cost anywhere from $4,150-$9,135. You can expect to pay close to $20,000 (and even above) for models whose engine ratings run above 50hp.

That said, you can adopt a smarter and more economically friendly option of getting your Farm Pro tractors as used tractors. 

If you research diligently, you can get a bargain Farm Pro tractor – that still has substantial usage life ahead of it – for around $2,500.

Do Farm Pro tractors have warranty coverage?

It is interesting that despite how affordable they are, Farm Pro still decks its tractors with a reliable warranty policy. 

Most Farm Pro tractors come with a 5-year warranty policy for parts and labor. Therefore, if you notice any defect in your Farm Pro tractor – possibly arising from manufacturing or craftsmanship handicaps – you can reach out to your dealer to tap into Farm Pro’s warranty policy.

Best Farm Pro Tractors Reviews

Across our detailed investigation of the tractors Farm Pro has introduced into the market so far, two particularly caught our attention. These are the Farm Pro 2420 and Farm Pro 2425 tractors.

Of course, we will enlighten you on what thrilled us about them.

Farm Pro 2420

If you are on the hunt for a compact utility tractor that can get the work done without paying a premium, you will do well to consider the Farm Pro 2420.

This tractor is decked with a liquid-cooled TY290 diesel engine. Featuring a double cylinder design, this engine can put up 20hp, with speeds running up to 2300rpm.

The capacity is not bad for a modest vineyard or farm application. It has an 11.0-liter oil capacity, with the engine itself coming at 1.2 liters. 

The transmission system doesn’t disappoint either. It comes with 12 forward and 4 reverse gears, with the gears weighing up to 2660lbs.

For comfort, this tractor comes with a ROPS canopy cab that is nicely textured and fade-resistant. This overall results in a nice-looking tractor that you can proudly drive around the yard.

Farm Pro 2425

The Farm Pro 2425 is another tractor that impressed us. It is not the most powerful tractor we have seen, but it yet delivers uncommon power for a tractor supposedly fitted with a modest 25 hp Y385T engine.

This engine, which runs on diesel, is liquid cool, featuring a triple-cylinder design, with the engine delivering as much as 2350rpm in speed.

For the transmission system, you get a 93.5ci and a 1.5L displacement system, 4×4 MFWD 4WD power steering, and a gear system comprising 12 forward and 4 reverse gears. 

We will add here that Farm Pro still does an excellent job with the bore/stroke system. The Farm Pro 2425 is furnished with an 85x90mm bore/stroke facility. 

The tractor also features an electric starter, with the starting voltage rating coming at 12 volts. 

The oil capacity is not too bad, although it pales in comparison with the latest models we see from the likes of John Deere. 

But you wouldn’t complain when you consider the really low price you are paying for the Farm Pro 2425’s 14.8 qt (14 liters) capacity.      

Lastly, we appreciate the ergonomic build of the 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis this tractor presents. There was less bumpiness from the vibration of riding it across unbalanced terrains.

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