3 Problems With Fendt Tractors (Explained for Beginners)

Fendt Tractors Problems

Have you recently been looking for a new tractor but are feeling overwhelmed by all the options? It’s likely that you have discovered the Fendt tractor brand amongst those options. 

This tractor brand has been around for many years and is known for offering consumers technologically advanced and reliable tractors. It is trusted by many, and in 2021 it won the prestigious “Best Specialized Tractor” in “The Tractor of the Year Award” category.

However, as is the case with any product, Fendt Tractors have a few common problems that occur occasionally. 

That’s why when you’re debating what type of tractor you want to buy, you need to consider the good and the bad, and that means looking into its problems.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look into Fendt tractors so that you can make an educated decision about them. 

Below, we have compiled a list of a few of the most common problems seen with Fendt tractors. Knowing what problems these tractors face will better prepare you for owning one or help you decide if a Fendt tractor is worth the investment. 

1. Engine Problems

No one wants to purchase a tractor that has engine problems. Since Fendt tractors are often expensive, it’s best to know about the engine problems you could experience, whether you’re purchasing a new or second-hand model. 

For the most part, Fendt tractors have reliable engines. However, a few models have experienced serious engine problems in the past. Engine problems often lead to overheating, no turnover, loss of power, high fuel consumption, and failure to start. 

Yet, what problems do a few Fendt tractors specifically experience? Well, the B-series MWM engines that are commonly used in the 300, 500, and 600 series often blow their head gaskets because of a machining error of the block. 

Most new Fendt tractors in these series had this issue addressed, but there are still second-hand models out there that you should be wary of buying.

Additionally, a few engines in various Fendt tractor models have been known to die before 5,000 hours have been logged, and some low hour 700 series Fendt tractors have been known to have engines equipped that have bent the crankshafts. 

Moreover, a few Fendt tractor owners have experienced issues with the engines in the 800 series failing early. 

2. Transmission System Problems

Transmission system problems in a tractor can quickly become a nightmare for owners as it can lead to other parts of a tractor becoming damaged. 

For example, transmission system problems that are left unattended can lead to a delay in gear shifting, a check engine light illuminating, and a transmission fluid leak that causes certain parts not to be lubricated enough. 

Additionally, transmission system problems can also cause jerking, shaking, and grinding when driving. These problems have been experienced by a few Fendt tractor owners who have found that they have needed to replace their transmission earlier than expected. 

Interestingly, according to accounts, the transmission of Fendt Vario tractors is known to completely fail before 5,000 hours have been logged. Moreover, some Fendt 939 models have needed their transmission system wholly replaced with only a few thousand hours logged. 

3. Noisy Cabins

Did you know that noisy tractor cabins can, in the long term, cause hearing disabilities and even deafness with continuous driver exposure? In addition to this, noisy tractors have also been proven to cause noise pollution that disrupts the natural environment. 

Many tractors are known to have noisy cabins, with some noisier than others, and Fendt tractors are not the exception.

Many Fendt tractor models have incredibly noisy cabins, which has been a point of contention for many drivers over the years. In fact, certain Fendt tractor models are noisier than their competitors. 

For example, the Fendt 209 Vario has been known to be incredibly noisy with a considerably higher noise level inside the cabin than comparable models from other popular tractor brands. 

What Do Fendt Tractors Do Right?

As you can tell, there are a few problems with Fendt tractors that need to be addressed by the manufacturer. Yet, even though these problems are serious, they should not be your only focus when evaluating if you should commit to buying a Fendt tractor. 

You also need to consider the things the brand does well, which is why we have briefly listed some of the positives you need to be aware of. 

  • Reliable powertrain: Despite a few models experiencing transmission system failures and engine problems, Fendt tractors, for the most part, offer reliable powertrains. Most Fendt tractors boast reliable powertrains that are well built and durable while providing drivers a smooth ride experience.
  • Technologically advanced: For years, Fendt tractors have been a leader when it comes to technological tractor advancements. This brand has equipped all models with powerful and convenient technology that makes life easier. Some technologically advanced features that stand out include a reversible fan, a superimposed steering system, LED work lights, a floor heater, a TIM Guidance-ready feature, and a multifunction joystick. 
  • Certain models are equipped with a DynamicPerformance feature: Certain Fendt tractor models like the 211V Vario are equipped with the impressive DynamicPerformance power-boost feature. This feature releases an additional 10hp more power on demand via a smart control feature. 

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What Do Reviewers Think Of Fendt Tractors?

For the most part, there are positive reviews of many of the tractor models that Fendt Tractors manufacture. However, a few customers have raised concerns about issues they have experienced with the Fendt tractors that they own. 

Below we have provided a few of the most troubling reviews surrounding problems seen with Fendt tractors in the past. 

For example, one Fendt tractor owner was not pleased with how complicated it is to operate a Fendt tractor in the field. He had this to say:

“The Fendt tractors are capable of doing many tasks, and thus they are complicated. They are like driving a computer in the field. If you don’t do everything just right then, there can be some problems.”

Another Fendt tractor reviewer was wary about the Fendt 700 Series tractor models. He can be quoted as stating:

“I have heard of low houred Fendt 700 series tractors bending crankshafts. (more than just one tractor!).”

How Much Do Fendt Tractors Cost?

2021Fendt 312 Vario$108,824
2020Fendt 211$91,466
2019Fendt 516 Vario$123,000
2018Fendt 513 Vario$129,900

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