7 Problems With John Deere 5205 (+ How to Fix)

John Deere 5205 Problems

There is no denying that John Deere is among the best brands on the market. The brand is dedicated to developing agricultural machinery, diesel engines, heavy equipment, forestry machinery, and lawn care equipment

One notable model produced by the John Deere brand is the John Deere 5205 tractor model. And even though the John Deere 5205 tractor is a great model, it comes with some problems that potential buyers must understand. 

Let’s look at the problems you’re likely to encounter with your John Deere 5205 tractor. 

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1. Motor Doesn’t Crank Over

There are times when your tractor motors fail to crank over. But what causes this problem? 

It can result from using the wrong grade or type of fuel. The high-pressure fuel pump could also be damaged. 

There might be incorrect timing of the fuel injection pump in some cases. If necessary, you need to adjust the fuel injection pump to correct the issue. 

You could also notice the engine losing power. In most cases, it’s attributed to a clogged air cleaner. To solve the problem, clean the element. 

The filter might also be clogged. Here, replace the filtering element with a new one. 

2. The Engine Overheating

Sometimes you might experience your engine overheating. This is an issue with the cooling system. 

So let’s move away from the engine a bit and consider the radiator. 

Never attempt to open the radiator cap when your tractor engine is hot. If you do, the coolant will be pressurized, apart from being hot. It’ll send the cap flying while blistering you with steam. 

Ensure the radiator has coolant in it. There is no way an empty radiator will do its job. 

Avoid using tap water to fill the radiator. Tap water contains minerals that can clog the radiator and lead to bigger problems. 

We recommend employing a 50/50 mix of distilled water and the correct antifreeze. 

If the radiator fins are muddy or dirty, blow them off with compressed air. Dirty fins interfere with the radiator’s ability to efficiently lower the coolant’s temperature. 

However, ensure you don’t bend any fins while cleaning them. 

3. Engine Starts and Dies After Sometime

If your tractor operates on diesel, you should not pour anything into the tank other than diesel fuel. If the engine begins dying after some time, something else might be in your fuel tank. 

Diesel and gasoline ignite in two different approaches. Diesel will ignite under compression. It means that when the piston compresses the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder, it’ll ignite automatically. 

On the other hand, gasoline requires an extra spark to ignite. This explains the presence of spark plugs in gasoline engines. 

We recommend that you sniff your fuel tank to determine which fuel is there. Gasoline and diesel have two different and unique odors. 

If you smell gasoline in a diesel tank by any chance, drain it immediately. You should also flush out the tractor’s fuel system before refilling it with diesel. 

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4. Engine Turns Over But Fails To Start

There are times when your engine turns but can’t just get enough juice to start. There might be two problems in such a case, both related to fuel. 

First, you need to inspect the fuel filter and fuel lines from the fuel tank to the engine. 

Clogged fuel fines or fuel filters restrict diesel from getting to the engine cylinder. This will choke off the engine of its energy supply. 

You need to replace or clean your fuel filter to correct the problem. 

The other problem could result from the fuel control lever on the tractor engine. It keeps the diesel from getting to the engine, especially if it’s jammed closed. 

It won’t matter whether the fuel filter is clean or not. 

We recommend that you first determine why your engine is jammed. Consider spaying the engine’s moving parts using lubricating oil. 

5. Transmission Hard in Reverse

Several John Deere 5205 tractor owners have reported transmission shifts being hard in reverse. However, many still wonder what the problem could be. 

The rods, shifter forks, and other transmission gear selection components could be damaged in most cases. The solution could be replacing all the damaged components with new ones. 

Some tractor owners have also reported that their steering wheel turns too easily. If you experience such a problem with your tractor, avoid driving it before fixing the issue. 

The issue could be the low hydraulic oil level in the tractor’s tank for this problem. Ensure you refill the oil in the tank. 

Your steering cylinder might have malfunctioned. In such a case, make a replacement. 

Check whether the steering pump is defective and install a new one as soon as possible. 

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6. The Front Axle Howling Chronically While Running

Some John Deere 5205 owners have complained of their tractor’s front axle howling chronically while operating. When this happens, don’t panic since there is a quick solution. 

You need to change the tractor’s gears if the teeth are crumbling. If the bearing crumbles, ensure you also change it immediately. 

7. The Differential Lock Breaks Down Suddenly

There are times when the friction clutch is worn out, or the diaphragm is damaged. When this happens, change the worn-out components immediately. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of John Deere 5205 Tractor


The John Deere 5205 tractor has several advantages that farmers find helpful. Looking at online reviews, some tractor owners have pointed out several benefits. 

First, these tractors don’t consume a lot of fuel. This means that you can farm a large piece of land with little fuel, thus saving money. 

The tractors are also designed and developed using advanced and complex technologies that guarantee increased productivity.

Many owners love these tractors, thanks to their maneuverability. They’re also lightweight but at the same time heavy enough to function well. 

There is no question that the John Deere 5205 model will do every task you want efficiently and quickly. 


  • Fuel sending wires require better protection
  • The tractor gets steering problems at times
  • Some owners have reported their tractor engines overheating

What Do Reviewers Say?

Most online reviews of the 5205 model are positive. However, a few reviewers have raised constructive feedback concerning challenges for the model. 

One receiver specifically complained of lift sticks and costly repairs. In most cases, you’re on your own when such repairs arise.  

Another reviewer said that gears run out pretty quickly. 

However, despite the challenges, we recommend that you consider buying this model for your farm work.

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