5 Problems With John Deere 5075m (Explained)

John Deere 5075m Problems

John Deere is a reputable brand known for developing quality diesel engines, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, lawn care equipment, heavy equipment, and drivetrains for heavy equipment. 

Despite the John Deere brand being rated highly, some challenges face some of its main tractor models, such as the John Deere 5075m. 

Let’s consider some of the problems you might encounter as a John Deere 5075m tractor owner. 

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1. Transmission Problems

According to reference.com, many John Deere tractor owners have raised issues with transmission challenges. Farmers weekly also show similar data.

If your John Deere 5075m or any other model is exposed to serious work, it’ll experience clutch pack wear. You’ll be forced to do a transmission rebuild in such a case. 

Generally, transmission repairs make the most common challenges with John Deere tractors.

Additionally, when the tractors are running, an intense vibration seems to loosen, jar, and potentially wear or break down moving parts. This will also demand costly repairs. 

The solution here would be doing regular servicing and maintenance to keep the tractor in good shape all the time. 

2. Engine Start Issue

There are times when your John Deere 5075m might experience engine start problems. The engine might be hard to start, stall immediately, or won’t start at all. 

When such a problem arises, there are several things to investigate. 


The problem might be your battery. In this case, check whether the battery is fully charged. Also, ensure that the terminals and posts are clean. 

If the problem persists and there are no problems in other areas, replace your battery. 

Electric Circuitry

Here, you need to check for any blown fuses and replace them if necessary. Follow the process and recommendation per the operator’s manual. 

Fuel System

There are situations where the fuel system might be causing engine start problems. Ensure its fuel shut-off valve is on/open and adjust if necessary.

Inspect the fuel filter to see if it’s dirty. If necessary, change the fuel filter. 

You should also inspect the fuel lines for any leaks or loose connections. The fuel may be contaminated or stale if the engine still doesn’t start. Drain the fuel and refill afresh. 

Air Intake

The air intake might also be the problem. Here, clean the foam pre-cleaner using warm, soapy water. 

Replace the paper air filter element if it’s dirty. Never clean the paper air filter element since it can damage or rip from blowing air or wiping. 

3. Engine Overheating

The John Deere 5075m might sometimes experience excessive heat translating into engine failure. 

If your tractor overheats and it’s not being run at overload, consider the below possibilities:


The main reason why most tractor engines overheat is insufficient oil. Remember, oil is employed in tractors both as a coolant and lubricant. 

Inspect the oil level and fill it to the right amount if necessary to solve the problem. However, use the correct type of oil. 


Inspect your coolant level and add more if necessary.

Fan Belt

The first step is to inspect the fan belt. Replace it immediately if it’s damaged. If it appears fine, the tension might be off. 

Ensure the belt is to the required tension. 

Air Flow

Here, you need to replace the paper air filter or clean the foam pre-cleaner. As we have mentioned, never clean the paper air filter. 

Ensure that the radiator screen and radiator are free of debris and clean. 

If the air filter isn’t the problem, airflow restriction might result from other challenges. 

Ensure you keep the areas near your engine clean by ensuring no build-up of debris or dirt. 

4. Steering Problems 

If your John Deere 5075m tractor’s steering is off, there might be some possible culprits:


Inspect to ensure the hydraulic/transmission oil is at the right level. If necessary, fill the oil to the required level. 


Inspect oil filters for clogging, damage, or dirt and, if necessary, replace them. 

Poor Lubrication

Here, you should lubricate the steering linkage.

Bent Front Axle

If the tractor’s axle is bent, it needs some professional attention. Take the tractor to a certified dealer or authorized service center to be fixed appropriately.

5. Warranty Problems 

Some owners have reported problems with the warranty not extending the cover long enough to take care of common repairs and maintenance through the years. 

This is one challenge you need to expect when you buy a John Deere 5075m tractor. 

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Pros and Cons of John Deere 5075m Tractor


The John Deere 5075m model presents several benefits that farmers can fall in love with. First, the tractors are convenient and easy to handle. 

They are designed with advanced technologies that increase productivity. 

The tractors are also convenient for attachments. They have been designed with super hitching capacity having heavy hydraulic lifting capacity. 

Implements that you can attach include the plow, rotavator, cultivator, super seeder, harrow, and harvester. 

The John Deere 5075m tractor is also affordable, meaning that most farmers can afford it. 

It’s also designed to operate at high speed. This means you’ll finish your farm tasks within a short period. 

The engines are also high power. At the same time, they’re also fuel-efficient. 


  • Sometimes, the tractor vibrates, causing parts to loosen
  • The tractor might encounter steering challenges
  • Sometimes, there are engine overheating problems
  • The warranty might fail to extend the cover long enough to take care of common repairs and maintenance

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What Do Reviewers Say about John Deere 5075m?

The reviews of the John Deere 5075m are mostly positive. However, some reviewers raise constructive feedback relating to issues for the tractor. 

One reviewer complained of the tractor being down for about 3 weeks with no power. The tractor also had an abundant supply of diesel in the crankcase. Even though they replaced the fuel pump, nothing worked at all. 

Another reviewer complained of the line from the tank not being hooked properly. They also pointed out that the tractor was hard on the fuel and blew black smoke. 

The engine experienced misses, and although it was still covered by a warranty, the company did nothing about it.

All in all, the John Deere 5075m model is a good tractor worth buying. 

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