Are International Tractors Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

International Tractor Good

As a child, my father and I would tend our farming fields on a tractor designed by the International Tractor Limited brand. I distinctly remember enjoying the experience despite the work being rather difficult. 

For many years we used an International Tractors Limited tractor, and with spending many summers using a tractor from this brand, there is much I can say about it. In this article, we’re going to discuss International Tractors Limited so that you can determine if this tractor brand is worth purchasing. 

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The Quality Of International Tractors

International Tractors Limited is the industry-leading tractor manufacturer from one plant. At present, they produce premium-quality tractors that have allowed them to become the most selling tractor brand in four countries in Africa and Asia. They are known for manufacturing zero-defect products with a steadfast commitment to quality standards.

How Much Do International Tractors Cost?

Unlike other tractor companies, the tractors from International Tractors Limited have been designed with the end price in mind. Although each tractor is designed to be affordable, power, quality, and testing have not been compromised. Below we have listed three models and how much you can expect to pay for each. 

  • Sonalika GT 20, 20 hp Tractor, 650 kg: $3562.15
  • Sonalika GT 26, 26 hp Tractor, 850 kg: $4881.46
  • Solis 50, 40, 99 hp Tractor: $15860.74

What Is The Warranty On International Tractors?

International Tractors Limited has a comprehensive warranty available on their tractors. Under the International Tractors Limited company, there are three flagship brands, known as Solis, Sonalika, and Yanmar. These brands, alongside International Tractors Limited, offer the same warranty. Sonalika is International Tractors Limited’s domestic brand, while Solis and Yanmar are built for the export market. 

Now that you know a little of the brand’s history, we can explain the warranty that encompasses these three brands. Firstly, you must note this brand’s tractors are built to be robust. Since they are recognized as a company that manufactures zero effect products, it’s unlikely you will need to use the warranty. 

The International Tractors Limited company provides a three-year warranty on defects, materials, and workmanship. This three-year warranty includes a two-year warranty that covers powertrain issues that include the gearbox, transmission, engine, and hydraulics. During the warranty period, you will be able to get your tractor repaired with the relevant parts replaced. 

What Isn’t Covered By The International Tractors Warranty?

Below we have spoken about a few things that aren’t covered by the warranty offered by International Tractors Limited. 

  • No outsourcing of work is covered; this includes welding, transportation, labor charges, and machining operation. 
  • No electrical filament like glasses and bulbs.
  • Any parts that are lost in fields. 
  • No replacements of oil or fuel filters.
  • No replacements of nuts and bolts and plastic materials. 

Are International Tractors Challenging To Operate?

It can be frustrating to purchase a tractor that is difficult to operate. The last thing you likely want to do is drive a tractor that has not been designed and manufactured with ease of use in mind. 

When you purchase a tractor from International Tractors Limited or one of its brands, you won’t experience this problem as they are specifically engineered to be easy to operate. Their tractors are made with Japanese technology. 

To give you a much better idea of why these tractors are easy to operate, we have listed the features you can find on one of their most popular models. 

The Solis S75 Global Series

The Solis S75 Global Series tractor is one of the most versatile tractors offered by the brand. It is reliable and is equipped with a synchronized transmission feature that allows for superb maneuverability capabilities in any type of soil condition. 

Additionally, this tractor is capable of specialized farming activities and can handle multiple implements. Below we have listed a few of its most attractive features. 

Moreover, the Solis Global Series tractor is four-wheel drive capable, has a max speed of 19.3 miles per hour, a fuel capacity of 88 liters, and has power steering. 

  • 2DA Hydraulic circuit.
  • A 75 horsepower at 2,000 rpm engine. 
  • A four-cylinder turbocharged engine. 
  • A sleek and stylish bonnet. 
  • An analog fuel gauge. 
  • An auto lift feature. 
  • A handy drawbar at the rear and a rollbar with a beacon. 
  • Swivel work lights at the rear. 

Who Are International Tractors And Are Their Tractors Used For?

International Tractors Limited is a frontrunner farm equipment and tractors manufacturing company that was founded in 1969. For more than five decades, they have continuously been offering comprehensive agricultural solutions across the globe, including the farming industry. 

They are undeniably the youngest tractor company in India, but they are also considered by many to be the fastest-growing. In only a few decades, they have exceeded expectations and have created an incredibly large customer base that positively reflects its brand equity. 

Interestingly, unlike other tractor manufacturing companies, International Tractors Limited has an in-house high-tech, a state-of-the-art training center that specifically educates employees, customers, and business partners on subjects related to tractor development. These subjects include optimum utilization, maintenance, and product specifications. 

International Tractors Limited tractors are trusted and preferred worldwide, with the company having a strong presence in significant retail markets globally. Interestingly, International Tractors Limited produces customized tractors according to local preferences in Turkey and Brazil. 

Additionally, this tractor company is the only Indian company to have a strong presence in over 20 countries in Latin and South America. They also have a fairly noticeable presence in 33 EU and non-EU countries. Moreover, they have also successfully launched tractors in the USA market. 

Are International Tractors Durable And Long Lasting?

There are 300,000 tractors manufactured by International Tractors Limited each year at their manufacturing plant, which happens to be the world’s largest. Every International Tractors Limited tractor comes with a best-in-class guarantee. 

This company is committed to producing high-quality products for the farming industry, which is why they manufacture an extensive product line that includes tractors, farm machinery implements, auto components, pick and carry cranes, engines, and diesel gensets (generator sets).

This company ensures every tractor goes through a rigorous testing procedure before being released from the manufacturing plant. This ensures that it always delivers the best results on the field. In addition to this, only premium quality materials are used to build these tractors.

Moreover, this brand is accredited with international certifications like ISO 140012015/ISO90012015, ISO 1900:2018/ISO 140001:2004, and ISO TS 16949. If an International Tractors Limited tractor is well looked after with frequent maintenance, it can be utilized for decades.

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