Are IMT Tractors Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

IMT Tractor Good

Are you trying to uncover if a tractor from the IMT tractor brand is right for you? Well, I have enough experience with this brand to give you an idea of what you should expect from it. You deserve to know as much as possible about a brand before you purchase a product if you don’t want to regret your retail decision. 

The Quality Of IMT Tractors

IMT tractors are not as popular as they used to be, but they are still renowned in certain parts of the world. This is because they are known for being durable, robust, safety-conscious, and reliable. For example, the engines on many IMT models are capable of lasting 200,000 working hours before they need an overhaul which is a testament to their quality. 

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Who Are IMT Tractors And What Are IMT Tractors Used For?

Were you aware that IMT tractors have a history going back more than 70 years? This tractor company has a rich, immersive history, unlike a few more modern brands that have not been in the industry as long. 

IMT tractors are suitable for a diverse range of activities, including cultivating vineyards, orchards, agricultural land, and being used for infrastructure applications. They can complete these activities because the IMT tractor range includes tractors with impressive horsepower capabilities ranging between 35hp and 220hp. 

Yet, it’s important to note that the IMT tractor brand is not owned by the same people who founded it in 1947. In 1947 it was founded as the Central Foundry. Still, in 1949, this company was amalgamated with four other companies at the time in Serbia, and it became known as the Industry of Machinery and Tractors. 

In 2018 the iconic tractor brand renowned for being a pioneer in tractor technology and farm mechanization was bought by TAFE, with whom they had a longstanding association that spanned decades. 

TAFE bought the IMT tractor brand when it became apparent that IMT was bankrupt with no way to continue production. When TAFE acquired the IMT brand, it acquired the right to use it and its intellectual property rights, including its trademarks, copyright, and designs.

Are IMT Tractors Durable And Long Lasting?

Since TAFE makes IMT tractors, they have a higher standard of quality than most. They are known for being incredibly tough, durable, and reliable because they are manufactured according to high precision and build quality standards. 

IMT tractors continue to be durable and long-lasting because they are developed according to past innovations that work and modern technologies. 

How Much Do IMT Tractors Cost?

If you’re interested in purchasing an IMT tractor, you’re likely wondering how much they cost on average. Well, based on retail prices, you can expect to pay between approximately $13,000 and $21,000, depending on the year and model.

Additionally, second-hand IMT tractors vary in price but are considered affordable, with some models costing as little as $2,035.

What Is The Warranty On IMT Tractors?

Since TAFE now owns IMT tractors, they possess the same warranty as to the tractors that TAFE sells. When you purchase an IMT tractor, you will receive a three-year warranty that will cover the tractor you bought for three years or 2,500 hours, whichever event comes first. 

In the first year, the warranty covers overall coverage of components failure on the tractor as long as the components failed under normal working conditions. However, this will exclude normal service parts and normal maintenance. 

Your IMT tractor will have overall drive train coverage in the second year as long as the part broke under normal working conditions. Yet, this part of the warranty won’t cover electrical components. The third year of coverage will encompass the same elements as the first two. 

If you are using your warranty, the tractor will have to be serviced by an accredited dealer, and authentic TAFE parts must be used. Below we have talked about a few of the things your warranty will not cover. 

What Isn’t Covered By An IMT Tractor Warranty?

There are quite a few things your IMT tractor warranty will not cover, and you will find them below. If you know what your warranty won’t cover, you will be better prepared and know what to do should something go wrong.

  • Services are not covered. 
  • Electrical components are not covered.
  • Filters, lubricants, and consumables are not covered.
  • Tires are not covered. 
  • Engine failures that are due to malfunctioning fuel systems are not covered. 
  • Any wear and tear of brakes, clutches, and three-point linkage components are not covered. 
  • The fading of paint is not covered. 
  • Replacements of glass, such as mirrors, windscreens, and headlamps, are not covered. 

Are IMT Tractors Difficult To Operate?

When you are buying a tractor, you need to find one that is easy to operate, especially if you’re using it for farming or other agricultural purposes. According to users, IMT tractors are incredibly easy to operate and maintain and are easily maneuverable. 

However, the older models are not as easily maneuverable as the newer IMT tractors because many of the ones from the 1970s had no power steering and no assists. Yet, it was still an excellent option for beginner farmers. 

Tractor drivers of varying skill levels can use today’s models because they include many modern features. Below we have shared our knowledge and have spoken about one of the newer IMT tractors so that you get a much better idea of what to expect if you decide to purchase one of the models from this brand which is now owned by TAFE. 

IMT 565.2 DI

The IMT 565.2 DI is one of the newest models to be released under this brand name. It is a four-wheel-drive tractor with vertical exhaust and an impressive horsepower rating of 63. This model has a dual-clutch system, a dry air cleaner, a center shift gearbox, and single speed PTO at 540 rpm. 

Additionally, you can also expect this impressive IMT tractor to possess oil-immersed hydraulics, hydrostatic steering, a lift cap of approximately 4,519 pounds, and a compressor. 

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