What Tractors Are Green? (5 Brands Checked!)

Green Tractors Brands

Green symbolizes growth and life, as seen in the vegetation during spring and summer. There are many shades of green, and many tractor brands opted to go for the iconic color in their branding.

The actual reason for choosing to paint tractor green or any other bright color such as red, yellow, or blue is for safety as it is much more visible in the field.

While it may not be as popular as red, numerous tractor brands opted to go with some of the different shades of green. The most familiar green branded tractors are John Deere, Oliver, Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, and Claas. While the color is not that popular among many brands, it is so popular that most people believe that all tractors in the US are green.

Tractor color changes are all too common, and a single tractor model may also be produced in more than one color. Defining what counts as a green tractor brand is tough and, at times, defined on a case-by-case basis.

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1. John Deere

The green color on John Deere is so popular that the shade has acquired the name John Deere Green. The company has maintained its brand colors as it has maintained its logo for almost two centuries and occasionally switched just shades.

John Deere’s history of choosing to paint their tractor yellow and green is well documented, with their iconic dear logo having the said colors.

The reason the company chose to style for the green color is, however, hotly debated with no chance for a consensus in sight.

A good explanation will have to do with John Deere tractors being used all year round in the field. Using colors that symbolize the fields and the crops makes it much easier to appeal to the customer base.

John Deere initially made its equipment in the iconic green color and later found it necessary to shift the colors onto the tractors.

The initial green color on the tractor was popularly referred to as classic green before a more modern agricultural green was adopted.

John Deere has spread its wings all over the US, making tractors of all sizes and becoming a household name in tractor manufacturers. Its dominance has made the John Deere Green a trendy tractor color.

It has also bought out some of its competitors and spread its green color far and wide. One great example of the companies bought is the Waterloo Engine Company which used green and red brand colors.

While it is difficult to imagine a John Deere tractor in anything other than green, you are likely to find several different colors of the John Deere tractor in showrooms.

You can often spot white, pink, and yellow John Deere in dealer showrooms or municipalities for commercial use.

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2. Deutz-Fahr

Deutz-Fahr is a German-based agricultural equipment manufacturer. The company was formed from a buyout of Fahr by the Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD) group in 1968. Fahr had been in the tractor manufacturer business for over 30 years.

Their first tractor was a 22-horsepower tractor that was bathed in the iconic green.

Deutz-Fahr has diversified over the years making tractors in other colors such as orange though the green color is more prominent in South America and the US. The different colors give the consumer choice over the tractors they need.

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3. Fendt

You may not be aware, but Fendt tractors can be ordered in any custom color you need, provided you pay extra for the customization.

If you never have time to customize your new Fendt, you must be prepared to receive that tractor in green color.

However, different models and generations of the Fendt tractor may have different shades of Green.

That is because the shade of green on the Fendt tractor has been updated and changed throughout history. The shade of green used on the Fendt tractor is Nature green.

The green has often varied historically, depending on materials at the time. Limited editions of the black Fendt’s known as black beauty and blue alternatives have also been sold in special years.

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4. Claas

Claas tractors were a natural answer to Claas producing different agricultural equipment, especially combined harvesters that made the company so popular all over Europe.

When the company was bought by the French manufacturer Renault, they invested heavily into the tractor manufacture business in the US.

Claas make mid-range to very powerful tractors for use on the farm. Since Claas was a lead manufacturer in tractor parts and equipment, it wasn’t surprising that most customers needed a tractor that would match colors with the implements. 

The Green color on the tractor body is just designed to match with tractor implements. The chosen color pallet works with is seed green.

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5. Oliver

If you have an Oliver tractor, then you may have gotten into an argument over feeling that you have the wrong kind of green. Green is the keyword! Whichever shade they have in mind, it is likely a shade of green.

The arguments on the color reflect how Oliver has changed colors all over the years.

If an Oliver tractor has not been repainted since it was manufactured, then it is possible to age it simply using the colors. That is because almost every new series and model had a unique colored paint.

The difference could be boiled down to Oliver’s use of different paint suppliers over time. While they did not change the color, the different suppliers affected the shade.

Another cause of the variation in green has to do with re-painting, restoration, type of paint, proper mixing, and additives that may result in deviations.

Why Green is Good for Tractors

Tractor colors seem arbitrary and are selected at random without considering how they affect the vehicle in its long-term use.

However, if you contrast the tractor and automobile colors, you get a pattern revealing a bigger picture.

Most automobiles are white, black, gray, and silver, accounting for 77% of all automobiles in the US. In contrast, most tractors are red, orange, blue, green, or yellow.

The color choices are often a result of two main reasons:

Purpose of the Tractor

From observing color differences between automobiles and tractors, it is clear that tractors often use more bright colors but not white to increase visibility.

Caterpillar, for instance, took time to keenly research a color that would be aesthetically pleasing and visible from a distance day and night. They came up with the iconic Hi-Way Yellow hue that you see at road constructions or generally all their tractors.


It is clear from the analysis that different tractor companies have gone to a great length to be distinctive in the market.

John Deere has taken the green color, Kubota blue, and Massey Ferguson red. It is all about standing out and being distinctive.

Final Word

Green-colored tractors are a beautiful spectacle and blend perfectly with the surrounding. They are brightly colored, making them safer to use. They have their own cult by those who love the different shades of green. 

The different brands that use green color have a large host of implements, making them adaptable to different work environments.


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