5 Common Problems with TYM Tractors (+ How To Fix Them!)

TYM Tractors Problems

Arguably, no piece of engineering comes without a fault – at least in the buyer’s perspective. And for a piece of machinery as complex as a tractor, it is almost inevitable that buyers will feel hard done by one or two glitches in their pricey acquisition.

Therefore, for a tractor manufacturer like TYM, what are some of the most common problems users have complained about?

The most prevalent issues we found with TYM tractors among users include transmission noise, blades being insufficiently sharp, battery draining too fast, and odor from the machine. 

This article will explore the aforementioned problems and efficient hacks users can resort to remedy these issues before possibly getting professional repair services. 

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1. TYM tractor noisy transmission system

If you have worked with a tractor before, you will agree with how critical a noiseless operation is to your user experience. 

Several TYM tractors we investigated complained about the tractor making a distinct whining sound when in operation.

Let us start by saying that some TYM tractor transmission noises are normal – especially when the pitch is not unnerving. This is expectable in models leveraging hydraulic pump systems.

But if it is getting too noisy, something is amiss. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a noisy TYM tractor transmission system. It could be wear and tear from years of usage, or it could be issues with your drive axle. 

If the latter is the case, you need to purge the drive axle of inner air. A significant amount of air in your drive axle’s internal content can increase the operational noise.

Alternatively, you would need to replace the drive fluid. Older fluids tend to make your drive axle noisier when working.

2. TYM tractor blades not sharp enough

A fraction of TYM tractor operators moaned about receiving their tractors with the blade in significantly blunt conditions. We understand how frustrating this can be, as the sharpness of your blade notably contributes to the seamlessness of your tractor’s operation.

The good news is that this is the least technical malfunction. If you count among such TYM tractor owners, you can sharpen the blade yourself without paying a service provider for it.

You don’t need substantial technical proficiency to remove the blade for smaller TYM tractors that deploy a single-blade mowing deck. 

If done successfully, you can readily file them using a bench grinder, everyday file, or rotary tool.

We have heard tragic cases of TYM tractor owners attempting to remove their mower blade and the engine accidentally starting. To prevent this, we recommend disconnecting the spark plug from the tractor’s ignition system.

In all, diligently maintain a blade sharpening regimen. Best practices stipulate that you sharpen your tractor blades at least twice in 12 months. 

3. TYM Tractor battery draining too fast 

This is not another concern we came across. Let us break things a bit down here. 

Typical of a conventional automobile, a TYM tractor leverages a battery to store and distribute electrical energy. This electrical energy is needed for the functionality of the hordes of electrical circuits that make the TYM tractor up.

It is inevitable that with time and constant usage, some of your TYM tractor’s circuit components and connectors will start waning and consequently affect your battery.

For example, a wire could go loose and accidentally reroute your TYM tractor’s battery charge. The implication is you waking up in the money and meeting an empty battery! 

If your TYM tractor’s battery is not lasting as long as you think it should, the chances are high that there is a drain. How can you confidently ascertain this?

We will need some inspection. The first step involves detaching the ground battery cable via a wrench. If you have battery cleaning equipment, use it to clean the battery cable terminals neatly.

Next, we will need a test light if you have one. The following step involves connecting your battery cable terminal (for the cable you recently disconnected) to the test light’s alligator clip.

Connect the test light to the ground battery post and watch out for a glow. If there is a glow, then your TYM tractor is suffering a battery drain.

Of course, we need to identify the specific culprit causing this drain. To determine the component behind the battery drain, you need to sustain the connection of the test light to the post and battery cable. 

Next, sequentially disconnect and reconnect the wires (and other circuit components) and watch the test light. You can check critical elements like the solenoid, ignition switch, and alternators one at a time. 

If the test light goes out during the testing of each of these components, then you have found the guilty piece behind your TYM tractor’s battery drain.

4. TYM tractor engine releasing a foul smell

This is another issue that crept up with TYM tractors during our investigation. This can be most likely traced to a malfunctioning fuel system. Specifically, there is a clog under the hood.

For trivial fuel system issues, this can be fixed immediately by changing your engine oil and cleaning the fuel system’s components.

If, after this operation, the machine keeps emitting that foul odor, there could be fuel pressure handicaps, leaks, or the filter being clogged. 

Ensure you are using your TYM tractor with quality lubricant and oils. We have seen embarrassing cases where operators unfortunately used low-grade fluids, commonly mixed with alcohol.  

This can cause those repulsive odors emitted from your machine. And if not promptly attended to, it can damage your TYM tractor engine down the road.

5. TYM tractor fuel burning too fast 

It was a bit shocking to find a substantial number of TYM tractor owners point out their grievances regarding their fuel-burning speedily. 

Well, we do know that TYM tractors don’t boast the most excellent fuel economy technology, but there are some hacks you can deploy to minimize your fuel consumption.

The first thing you should look at is your tire. Yes, an unlikely solution, isn’t it?

Many TYM tractor owners don’t know that they can significantly save fuel if they can optimize their tire pressure. 

For example, if you use your TYM tractor on fields, and the tires are abundantly inflated, your TYM tractor will need more grip given the increased propensity of such overpumped tires to slip on fields.

Such a heightened need for grip will be satiated by increased engine power. The latter forces your TYM tractor engine to burn more fuel.

The same increased engine power will be needed when your TYM tractor is being used on tarmac surfaces (typical of roads) when your tire is not sufficiently inflated. This situation, too, will burn your fuel quicker. 

Therefore, ensure your TYM tractor tire pressure befits the surface of your tractor’s application. 

Another hack to reduce the pace at which TYM tractor consumes fuel is deploying your tractor to shallower depths. 

If you use your TYM tractor for plowing or heavy-duty tasks like clearing stubble, ensure it is not working in areas too deep.

This is mainly when you are using a tractor with low-pressure VF tires. Do you know that by reducing the working depth by a margin as supposedly negligible as 0.08m, you can save 26% more fuel?

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