Wii Games: 12 Quick Answers You Should Know {For Beginners}

Wii Games Quick Answers

I find Nintendo Wii games to be unique, innovative, and straightforward. Wii video games have features that appeal even to non-gamers who are not conversant with game control.

The Wii console is the fifth best-selling home video game console, and it uses the Wii system software. Any beginner should note that the Wii console displays a video game to use a controller to play.

I’ve always had a strong desire to introduce my non-gamer friends to the joy of playing Wii games. It is pretty challenging for a non-gamer to choose which games are suitable for starting. Wii games give everyone the pleasure of choosing the best games for themselves.

Below are answers to 12 questions about Wii games that every beginner should know.

1. Does Nintendo Still Make Wii Games?

Although there is so much to love about Wii games, Nintendo is not making them anymore. Nintendo officially announced that they would discontinue the production of the original Wii from October 2013. Since then, Nintendo has been promoting the Wii U unit through 2019.

The last releases for the Wii’s were on July 9, 2020. Nintendo’s revenue has fallen by more than 60% since the end of the original Wii. The reason was that Wii U’s didn’t sell as much as the original Wii’s did. 

Nintendo is not releasing Wii games anymore, but that does not mean that people no longer play these games.

2. How Much Does a Wii Game Weigh?

The Wii console weighs approximately 1.2 kgs (2.7lbs). The weight is for the console alone, excluding its accessories. 

A boxed Wii game will weigh approximately 8lbs, including the control, powerpack, manuals, and AV cable.

The Wii game package dimensions are about 21.6 centimeters long (8.5 inches) long, 15.2 centimeters (6 inches) wide, and 5.1 centimeters (2 inches) thick.

3. Will NTSC Wii Games Work with PAL?

PAL (Phase Alternating Line) and NTSC (National Television Systems Committee) are the most common video standards worldwide. These standards vary according to region, frequency, and color transmission. 

PAL Wii is a standard met by gamers in European and Asian Countries. At the same time, NTSC is acceptable in Southern and Northern America. Although these two standards are almost indistinguishable, you cannot play a Wii game for NTSC on a PAL console.

The technique of playing NTSC Wii on a PAL console will fail because these standards work under different technologies. While NTSC Wii works under 525 horizontal lines, the PAL Wii works under 625 horizontal lines. 

4. Why Do Wii Games Look Bad on Wii U?

The resolution of the Wii U’s HDMI output, instead of the original Wii’s AV, can only output 480p. This feature prevents the Wii U from upscaling games, making them look crisper and terrible.

Wii U has half the processing power compared to the Wii. However, as a beginner, you can try rendering the higher resolutions to the Wii U console more than the hardware can.

5. Do Wii Games Have DLC?

After purchasing it, any gamer can add DLC (Downloadable Content) to a game. You will need to pay DLC for some games, but it’s free for others. 

Most Wii games have DLC and use SpotPass for free downloading.

Here is a list of Wii games with both payable and free DLC.

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (payable)
  • Mario Kart Tour (payable)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (payable)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (payable)
  • Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball (free)
  • StreetPass Mii Plaza (free)

6. Will European Wii Games Work in the US?

Nintendo has the Wii system under region locking. European Wii games cannot work in the US because they do not have full compatibility – the systems have integrated region locking.

If you are to relocate or travel to the US and your Wii games are European locked, you should purchase Wii games that are playable in the US.

7. What Wii Games are Dual Layer?

Dual-layer Wii games work under a mechanism of the standard DVD employing a second physical layer within itself. Dual-layering is suitable for massive games like the Super Mario Bros.

The dual-layer discs utilize two recordable layers worth 8.5 GB. Double layering doubles the total disc capacity hence allowing more storage of data.

Here is a list of known dual-layer Wii games.

  • Sakura Wars, So Long My Love
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (the first Wii game to use dual-layer discs)
  • Samurai Warriors 3
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Metroid: Other M
  • The Last Story
  • Raving Rabbids Collection

8. Can You Play Wii Games Without a Disc?

The disc fires up the Wii games, meaning that you can’t play these games without a disc. Unless you receive a used Wii console, a new Wii console comes with a disc. 

If you’re missing a disc, your system will not play. The system may also spit the disc back if you insert it improperly or if your disc slot is defective. 

9. Can Wii Games be Played on Xbox 360?

You can play Wii games on Xbox 360. As a beginner, all you need to do is use the Xbox 360 controller to emulate the Wiimote and then remap its buttons to the Xbox360.

The Xbox 360 is an excellent centerpiece because it gives incredible graphics and sound. The most important feature about the Xbox 360 is its ability to take in anything with an HDMI output. 

10. Can You Play Wii Games with a PS4 Controller?

The Wii discs are not able to read the PS4 discs. These are entirely two different game consoles made by two different manufacturers. The hardware sections of these two consoles differ a lot.

The Wii disc proprietary format relies on the dual-layer DVD, while the design of the PS4 relies on the Blu-Ray mode. These two systems cannot be able to read each other’s discs.

PS4 has a more robust processor and can handle more programs altogether. On the other hand, Nintendo Wii performs at a slower rate.

11. Are Wii Games Saved on the Disc?

Wii discs are read-only, and hence they do not save games. The only way you can save your games is by plugging a memory card into the Wii console. The Wii console will use the memory card as a channel to save games. 

The Wii console automatically saves any data to its hard drive. The only console that can write data into the disc is a modified one (it’s rare to find a modified Wii console). The disc itself will also need to be rewritable.

12. Can You Use Gamecube Controller for Wii Games?

GameCube controllers only work when playing GameCube games for Wii. The only Wii consoles compatible with GameCube controllers are the ones with the model number RVL-001. 

You’re supposed to use GameCube controllers with Wii in a vertical position with the Wii Stand Plate. It helps to prevent the Wii console from tipping over by pulling the GameCube controller cable.


Wii gaming is a fascinating world to explore as a beginner. Did you know Wii has different genres of games suitable for people in all age groups? 

I love Wii games for their motion-sensing capability when it comes to sports and the console’s ability to use the internet even when the main power is off.

Although it is hard for beginners to figure out what games are better for them, Wii games offer the chance of captivating gaming without worrying about being a non-gamer.



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