Why Are GameCube Games So Expensive? (4 Ways To Save Money)


Nintendo released GameCube around 2001. Who knew that the craze for this video game would still be hot two decades later?

Many people loved this brilliant innovation from Nintendo as it featured an extensive software library and awesome quality games. It was a brilliant idea with many new features introduced into the gaming world. 

However, the exterior design and absence of multimedia features didn’t go down well for many people. 

There were over 21 million units of GameCube sold worldwide, which was later discontinued in 2007. However, this did not mean the invention didn’t garner lots of fans. Also, the units sold were much lesser than anticipated. 

While it is possible to get GameCube for a relatively reasonable price of $200, many of the games have increased in price over the years. 

Nintendo stopped the production of GameCube, which led to increased demand and low supply. As a result, lovers of these games have to pay more for access to original GameCube games, which are now collectibles yet, one of Nintendo’s best output. 

Why is GameCube So Expensive?

While you might be lucky today to get GameCube for a fair price of around $200, many of its variations have risen in price over the years.

With the recent pandemic that forced many people indoors, the thirst for video games increased.

Many people own their GameCube and are not keen on letting it go. As a result, such games have become collectible since their demand is high and supply is low. This is one of the factors responsible for the high price. 

Will you get a better deal from Amazon?

Sadly, No.

Some interested users have browsed Amazon with the hope of getting a good deal, but sadly, the price was not any better. 

While Amazon has varieties of games, prepare to spend quite a lot for a good deal. You are likely getting a doctored GameCube if you are getting it for a lower price. 

How expensive are GameCube Games?

A couple of years back, you would have gotten a good deal for around $50. However, that is no longer the case. 

While some might be available for around $200, it might not be a good deal. So prepare to spend at least $600 for an authentic GameCube that will give you that nostalgic feeling of going back in time. 

It is the simple principle of demand and supply playing out here. 

Think about collectibles and how some people are willing to pay a high price for them. It’s the same with GameCube games. Many people love and want their retro games

Quora users reveal that people’s impatience might also lead to a higher price. This might be true when you consider that people want to lay their hands on their favorite game as quickly as possible. 

As a result, they will pay a higher price for quick access. 

Getting the Best Deal on GameCube Games

If you want to get some goose bumps from feeling nostalgic, you might not have to pay through your nose eventually.

While you will indeed spend more if you want some rare Nintendo GameCube games, we have some handy tricks that can help you get the best deal. 

Do Adequate Research

Before any purchase, consider making detailed research on the price history. Some sites offer a tracker that compares the price history of current and past transactions. 

eBay and others can also give you an estimate of the price. However, be wary of deals that are too good to be true. 

Watch out for a Good deal

If you are not in a rush, you can have an alert that will give new price listings in your inbox and alert you of price drops.

This is possible on eBay, Slickdeals, and others.

Known an Authentic Cartridge 

Many people love GameCube games even though it is not readily available anymore. However, there could be counterfeit products around. 

If you don’t mind, such fake products might also help you catch fun. However, ensure you are not charged a fortune for a fake GameCube.

Check Local Marketplace like Craiglist and Facebook

There could be a garage sale downturn. The old grandma in the next street might be getting rid of the stuff in her basement. Luckily, her kid’s old video game might be one of the items for sale.  

Consider checking out local stores or the used item section of your local game store. 

According to a contributor on Super Mario Bros Forum:

I got many of my GameCube games from stores near me. As a result, I had no problem with high prices. Luigi’s Mansion was available for $35, and Pac Man World 2 was available for $15. So these games will likely be cheaper if you can get retro-looking stores near you, not Gamestop. 

Why People love GameCube Games?

There are lots of modern games available today. 

However, many people remained loyal to GameCube games. Even though some argued that GameCube had a lot of flaws, this did not deter their fans, and many won’t mind paying a high price for the product. 

A couple of features that made GameCube Game stand out are:

  • The pressure-sensitive trigger that worked well
  • Innovative joysticks that made long gaming sessions interesting
  • Paved the way for wireless controller 
  • Impressive 3D technology
  • Huge library of games
  • Many loved the handheld control that worked in tandem with the console

While many sophisticated games have been developed today, it is not surprising that GameCube has managed to imprint itself in the heart of some people. 

As a result, it is understandable if these people will go all out for the games, no matter the price. 


GameCube games might have been available at a reasonable price had the company not stopped the production. 

However, with a considerable fan base, and limited supply, the price will likely keep rising into the future. 

Although with some tricks, you can get GameCube games at a reasonable price. 


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