8 Wii Games Being Dual Layered (Complete List)

dual-layer Nintendo Game Discs

When Nintendo Wii Games were released on November 19, 2006, many people looked forward to creating incredible memories by picking the best consoles. I roamed around stores to purchase at least one console and build a fantastic Wii library. 

Most Wii games are dual-layered and use the Wii optical Discs for backward compatibility of various consoles. The dual-layer disc can store twice as much information about the game as a single-layer disc. 

The Nintendo dual-layer Discs allow the DVD-R and DVD+R to record and store data up to 8.5 GB per disc, while the single-layer disc stores only 4.7 GB of data per disc.

Picking the best Wii Games is a complex task for some people, especially first-timers because they still have a lot to learn. Did I say how brilliant of an idea it is for Nintendo to introduce a remote controller (Wiimote) instead of a standard controller to play Wii games? 

Let’s find out which Wii Games are dual-layer from this article.

What are Dual Layer Wii Games?

Dual-layer Wii games use dual-layer Nintendo Game Discs. 

A dual-layer disc is preferable because it can store huge files. The dual discs maintain backward compatibility between various game consoles in Wii gaming. 

The Nintendo Technology uses an 8.5 GB (if dual-layer) and 4.7 GB (if single-layer), full size 12 cm DVD-based dual disc, and has a capacity similar to that of a DVD-ROM. These discs have two partitions: actual game and system updates.

The difference between a dual-layer disc and a DVD is that the disc brings up another second physical layer within itself. The first semi-transparent disc layer accesses the second layer through the laser present in the disc.

The dual-layer discs work in two ways: Parallel Track Paths (PTP) and Opposite Track paths (OTP). With both PTP and OTP, the lower layer starts at the internal diameter of the disc. Then the upper layer forms at the outside diameter of the disc. 

PTPs are primarily used on DVD-ROM, while OTPs are preferable mainly on video discs, including Wii discs.

To insert a dual disc into the disc slot, you will need to turn on the Wii console. If the console is horizontal, the disc will have to face upwards, and if the console is in a vertical position, the disc will face to the right.

What Wii Games are Dual Layered?

Here are 8 Wii games that are dual-layered game discs.

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros is a fighting game that uses a dual-layer disc. This game is suitable for audiences aged ten years of age and above. This game console is rated T because it involves cartoon violence, which is self-explanatory.

The Super Smash Bros game is dual-layered because it has a large memory capacity. This was the first double-layer game to be released for Wii. 

2. Last Story

From the experience I have from the latest Last Story dual-layer console, I must say it is one of the most amazing Wii games I’ve ever played. This game’s high-definition graphics and specs are well displayed, and its system holds 512 megabytes of internal memory.

The Last Story console is a multiplayer action game based on science fiction. The storyline focuses on several mercenaries looking for a job on Lazulis.

Lastly, I’d highly recommend using the console with a high-quality Nintendo Wii Optical Drive.

3. Samurai Warriors 3

In Japan, Samurai Warriors 3 was released on December 3, 2009, on June 10, 2010, in Australia, for the Wii. This Wii console features an action game in which players pave the way through enemies to complete a set of goals.

This game uses a dual-layer disc that has a large memory capacity. I’ve received error messages while playing this Wii console from time to time. Even with image and audio problems, the general Wii troubleshooting website has always come through to help solve these issues.

4. Metroid Prime Trilogy

The Metroid Prime Trilogy utilizes a dual-layer disc with a large storage capacity. 

The console features three games from the Metroid franchise. It’s an action and adventurous game. 

Errors that occur during the gameplay of this Trilogy are caused mainly by the inability of the Wii console to read data off the large capacity dual disc consistently. The error can also occur due to contamination of the lens of the disc.

5. Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles is a vast game, and hence it requires a dual-layer disc because it requires double storage space. This console is so large that it uses most of the area on the dual-layer disc.

The Xenoblade console uses a battle system that allows the player to control movement and attack the enemies automatically. This console offers outstanding performance when the V-sync is enabled. The game suffers massive tearing and audio cracks when the V-sync is off.

6. Raving Rabbids Collections

This Wii console combines Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party, and Rayman Raving Rabbids in one dual-layer disc.

The game has an exciting Trilogy because it’s easy and fun for everyone to enjoy.

7. Sakura Wars, So Long My Love

This Wii game historically features a friendly clash between the modern future and the ancient past. The better part of this game involves a story-driven experience and minimum gameplay. One can read about Sakura Wars and find out what the gameplay involves.

The standard package of the Sakura Wars Wii game comes with a dual-layer disc that contains English voiceovers. The gaming process of this Wii console may experience issues and fail to load the screen. This problem is solvable by cleaning the lens of the dual disc.

8. Metroid: Other M

The Metroid: Other M Wii game uses dual-layer discs due to their cutscenes. I imagine how captivating this action console is with the game focusing on Samu’s battle against Mother Brain. Other M in this game stands for “Mother.”

The player in this game controls Samus Aran, who investigates a space station with a Galactic Federation platoon. At times, this Wii console has trouble reading the dual-layer disc. In this case, cleaning the disc lens will help.

6 Reasons Why Wii Will Fail to Read Discs

Poor cable connection

The cables connecting the DVD to the motherboard should not be faulty. The line connecting the DVD drive to the motherboard should be a 12-pin power connector.

Bad DVD drive boards

The board on the DVD drive might be blown, and the Wii will fail to read dual discs in such a situation. Finding a replacement board will be a brilliant idea.

Problematic motherboard

If the cables are good, the motherboard might have issues. In this case, the motherboard should be repaired or instead replaced.

Dirty laser lens

Wii might take discs and fail to read them. The cloudy laser lens is why Wii fails to read discs. Cleaning the laser lens with a cleaning cloth solves this issue. If the lens has damage, a replacement should be done.

Thermal issues

If the Wii console is too warm, it can reject reading dual discs. The thermal condition of the Wii console should be moderate.

Problems with the data cable

It connects the DVD drive to the motherboard id through a ZIF data cable. Always check to ensure that the data cable does not harbor damage of any kind.

Last Thought

Wii games have opened a new page for me to test the unique experience of interactive gaming. The games are simple and excitingly intuitive. 

New gamers can also figure out how to play Wii games without a struggle.



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