Is Urban Barn Furniture Good Quality? (Buy or Avoid?)

Urban Barn Furniture Good Quality

When choosing furniture, homeowners are rightly selective. Aside from the price and style, homeowners want to go with brands they are somewhat familiar with. Therefore, for someone who has not tested an Urban Barn furniture, you may be curious about the brand and if getting furniture from them would prove wise or regrettable. 

Urban Barn is reputed as one of Canada’s most reliable furniture retailers. Their products are made with user comfort in mind while offering a broad range of style options to fulfill your unique taste. Customers can attest to how well this brand’s furniture lasts, given how keenly this retailer invests in premium materials. On the other side, Urban Barn furniture is expensive. With shipping fees north of $100, long-distance buyers would have to pay more than market prices.

The answer above is understandably abridged. We would like you to make a more informed choice about getting Urban Barn furniture after considering other aspects of this brand, like furniture product range, product durability, comfort, and warranty packages.

Let us tell you more about these aspects.

Who produces Urban Barn furniture and where?

Urban Barn furniture is not made in the United States. This brand is exclusively Canadian, with its first store opening in Vancouver in the early 1990s.

Since then, this furniture retailer has expanded, with stores spread across Canada from British Columbia to Quebec.

What furniture styles and selections does Urban Barn furniture have?

As typical of contemporary furniture chains, Urban Barn has a pretty extensive product lineup. This lineup cuts across the bedroom, living room, dining, and outdoor collections.

Starting with the bedroom collection, Urban Barn furniture offers a broad range of bed frames, nightstands, and dressers.

The living room collection features sofas, bookcases, sofas, love seats, sectionals, accent chairs, ottomans, and recliners. 

Urban Barn furniture has enough for you to pick from when it comes to sofas. From our investigation, there are over 80 fabric options and 19 leather styles. 

This spreads through indigenous Canadian styles to top-grain leathers and pet-compatible fabrics.

Specifically, Urban Barn’s dining collection presents products from prestigious manufacturers like Alexi, Biltmore, Montaro, Baybridge & Bridgetown, and Dominion.

Are Urban Barn furniture pieces durable?

Urban Barn furniture impressed us by curating furniture pieces that stand the test of time. We really can’t talk about how well Urban Barn furniture lasts without mentioning this retailer’s Bennett Leather Recliner and their Wren Bench Black -Ari Cloud.

The former has an exceptional design focused on durability. First, it is made from 100% top grain leather, meaning you get a recliner that will not wear any time soon.

But there is more.

This recliner is fortified with an engineered wood base and a sturdy steel frame. The engineered wood base is beneficial in sustaining the recliner’s integrity when exposed to high-humidity conditions or wavering weather conditions. 

This Bennet’s molded foam seat cushioning (specifically cold-cure) preserves the recliner’s shape for longer. This can be traced to the cushions’ molded design, which contributes significantly to barricading air from leaving the foam.

We also loved how well Urban Barn’s Wren Bench Black lasted. Featuring a unique Bohemian style, this bench is produced with specially handwoven resin wicker. 

This wicker works well against fluctuating atmospheric conditions and doesn’t fade easily.

Lastly, this bench is made with a powder-coated steel frame that resists corrosion and does well against impacts.

Are Urban Barn furniture pieces comfortable?

This is a question we went the distance to answer authoritatively. We can’t give a blanket answer as some of Urban Barn’s furniture we tested was spectacularly comfortable, while others’ comfort wasn’t too desirable.

Let us start with the not-so-savory side of things.

Urban Barn’s Emmory Counter Stool was not the best we have set on. While we agree its styling and material choices were symbolic, they didn’t feel too good on us. 

Overall, we felt the ergonomics could be improved on, especially if you have to sit on it for long.

Alright, on the more positive side, Urban Barn’s Mondo sofa swept us off our feet, considering how comfortable it was. 

Starting with its plush cushions, this chair made us always want to spend a minute more on it. We readily flipped the separate cushions, and lastly, the micro-corduroy fabric was top of the class. 

How much does Urban Barn furniture cost?

As you would expect, Urban Barn’s prices are graded for each furniture category. 

For accent chairs, the Wren Chair Natural was the cheapest we saw at $400. The priciest was the Brewer Custom Leather Armchair which went for as high as $2,900.

Power recliners ranged between $1,500 and $2,700. The Imatra Custom Power Recliner was the most expensive at $2,700.  

The sectionals are a bit pricy. The Altamira Sectional Sofa Chaise was the cheapest we saw at Urban Barn, costing around $2,800. The most expensive was the Brewer Custom Leather, costing $7,400. 

With Urban Barn, you can get sofas for as low as $1,300. The relatively expensive ones come above $6,500.

Does Urban Barn Furniture have a warranty?

Urban Barn furniture offers a 5-year Diamond Kote on some selected furniture categories. This 5-year warranty policy covers the chosen items for accidental damages and manufacturing defects for five years after you procured such furniture from Urban Barn.

The next question is, which type of furniture does Urban Barn provide this warranty for?

This warranty policy is exclusive to leather and fabric furniture (specifically in the living room category), which costs at least $599 before tax deductions.

This warranty policy doesn’t cover furniture types like counter stools, dining sets, or bedroom benches you bought at Urban Barn.

Best Urban Barn Furniture Review

In this section, we will examine the best Urban Barn furniture we have tested so far. We will also touch on what we loved about these recommended products.

Savoy Custom Leather Ottoman 

This Savory Ottoman stands out for its unique mid-century style. It combines tapered wood legs with premium-grade leather upholstery. 

Its perfect ergonomics ensure that sitting on the ottoman doesn’t feel too shallow or too deep. This ensures your body enjoys optimal support when seated.

And yes, if you want the Savoy Ottoman to reflect your unique design taste, Urban Barn has lots of configurations and leather variants for you to pick from.

On the durability side, we like how this ottoman was fitted with an engineered wood frame and elastic webbing supports. 

Homeowners keen on saving space will find this elastic webbing feature helpful. Compared to the more conventional coil spring, this elastic webbing needs far less space under the seat. This is thanks to its inherently narrow profile.  

We will also add here that when adequately installed, elastic webbings take a while to get depressed in the middle.

Brewer Custom Leather Armchair

The Brewster has a rich Canadian feel, transforming your living room.

Just the perfect addition to your home needs, every bit of this Brewster leather armchair screams comfort. 

Let us start with the back cushions, which were sufficiently decked with top-notch fiber. This delivers incredible levels of seating comfort you don’t want to get up.

The design is neat, with clean lines and cushions that delicately mix foam and fiber. The seat depth is appropriate, giving you a healthy back posture when you sit.

The armchair is sturdy, too, courtesy of its solid engineered wood frame.  


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