Are Costco Sectionals Good? (7 Hacks To Know)

purchase a sectional sofas from costco

I initially fell in love with Costco because it is a great one-stop shop. I could buy everything, from ice cream, pizzas, paper towels, to a new grill in one shopping trip. But when it came to furniture for my home, Costco was never in my mind. 

Not until I visited one of their nearby furniture showrooms. I truly loved what I saw, and when my Ikea sofas wore out, I decided to give Costco sectional sofas a try. 

Are Costco sectionals good?

My fabric sectional sofas from Costco are of great quality and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They are not too soft and spongy or too hard at the same time – the exact level of comfort I was looking for. Besides, they have lasted us a couple of years despite buying them at an astonishing low pricing. 

But what exactly would you be getting into if you purchased Costco sectionals? This article is a revelation of some of the secrets I learned about Costco sectional brands and the company’s services. 

How Much Does Costco Sectional Cost?

Costco produces top-quality collections of sectional sofas with one of the lowest warehouse prices in the market. The sectional prices have a wide range though, due to different material qualities and sizes. 

In general, Costco is known to be so cheap. The company keeps its cost so low and operates with a thin profit margin. Even more, it saves 2% per year by not advertising, and this saving is reinvested in slashing prices. 

For that reason, they don’t routinely jack their prices up like the traditional furniture retailers who sometimes jack up prices by 100%. 

Does Costco Have Refund Policies?

One great thing about buying at Costco is their refund policy. Costco has one of the most generous refund policies in retails. You can return anything for a refund as long as it is listed in the 90 days refund policy. 

Unlike other stores where you will be like “I wish I knew” when the sectional starts to fall apart sooner than expected, you can take Costco back to the store and complain, “ I spent this amount on this, it shouldn’t be falling apart in just 9 months.” You will definitely get your money back at a percentage depending on the length of time you have been using the product or the manager you get to deal with.

The point is, as a customer, your purchase is protected by a refund policy. This is one of the proofs that Costco delivers durable sectional products. Of course, they can’t be selling goods that fall apart anyhow and maintain giving refunds. 

According to the store manager that I deal with, they rarely see returns or complaints about their products. So, you will be right to assume their goods are durable.

Does Costco Deliver Sectional Goods?

One of the disadvantages of purchasing sectionals with Costco is that they don’t offer delivery services for furniture bought physically. When you buy your sectional sofa, for instance, they simply move it aside for you and can only hold it for the day if you will pick it up before they close. 

Delivery is a very important part of a consumer purchasing experience. Consumers are always happy with a company delivery service because it saves time and money. 

At Costco, it is up to you to hire a truck to take it home. Fortunately, what you will save from their cheaper sectional charges may be enough to pay for the truck. But if you own a truck or can borrow one from a friend, the better. 

What if You Purchase Costco sectionals Online?

Online purchases offer delivery options with a lot of conveniences. However, I have to admit that their online market targets a different buyer. You can only purchase bulky and expensive sectionals online at Costco. 

The two main delivery options are threshold delivery that provides placement of sectionals inside your front door or garage. White glove delivery means that the team will deliver the sectionals and put in the room you want and even set them up. 

How Long is The Warranty on Sectionals Good from Costco?

Costco citi’s additional 24-month warranty is the same as the manufacturer warranty and it automatically covers sectional goods. However, it covers defects in workmanship and this can’t include issues like stains, cuts, or rips that you accidentally caused. 

The only warranty that covers accidental damages at Costco is for computers. There is no accidental warranty on sectionals and I don’t think you will find a manufacturer company that will cover issues related to stains. 

For defects in workmanship, the company will either pay for repairs or have their experts replace the defective or problematic material. 

What is The Best Day to Shop for Sectionals at Costco?

The best day to shop for sectionals at Costco is weekday afternoons. To be specific, visiting Costco wholesales on Tuesday through Friday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. will be a good idea.

As you can see, the time range given is sometimes after lunch rush but before many buyers start showing up after their workday. The trick here is to avoid congestion and have a good interaction with the sellers. With that, you can have your queries fully addressed and make an informed purchase. 

Customer Reviews

Generally, most customers are satisfied with their purchase from Costco as evident in several sites such as and ConsummersAffairs. Most consumers express their satisfaction when it comes to pricing, refund policy, and great shopping experience/customer support services. 

But when we narrow customer reviews to sectional goods alone, this particular query on Reddit by a consumer crowns it all. The consumer seemed to be dissatisfied with a Lane Express sectionals and had decided to make a shift to Costco and here is why:

“I bought a Lane Express sectional at a large furniture store in New Jersey in November 2010. This week I went window shopping at COSTCO and found the same sectional for half the price! When I informed the Lane Express store about it because I wanted to be refunded so that I could buy the COSTCO one, the store claims the COSTCO sectional is smaller (it isn’t because on the Lane website they give the same dimensions as Costco). Lane Express stores also claim the COSTCO fabric is of a lower grade quality (but I verified it to be exactly what I have, right from the color to the type of fabric). They then accept to take it back for a 30% restocking fee and refund me a $200.00 gift certificate. Can someone help me on how I should go about arguing with them? Am I getting a good deal out of this?”

Lane is a very popular mid-price range sectional producer in the US. With some of the similar items from Costco being mentioned to be half the price, it proves Costco is a great deal. 

Are Costco synergy home raylin fabrics sectional good?

Raylin fabric sectional comes with a modern profile and square arms, giving the perfect lounging space for your room. Users will love the warm and inviting fabric with complete polyester that enclose the entire sectional.

There is also a high-density foam alongside pocketed coils that cushion your butt and back as you relax. Every part of these devices has been engineered for durability and strength. 

Many people have used the Raylin sectional fabric and even shared their experiences. In the words of a delighted reviewer:

We are so glad we got this sectional. It is comfortable, well-made, and ideal for our space, and the delivery crew was excellent. 

Obviously, this is a good buy, and you will get a good value for you.

Are Costco Medford Fabric Sectional Good?

Costco Medford fabric sectional employs a modern styling system alongside classic features that make it stand out and durable. 

It features a strong wooden frame and a soft, lustrous fabric that you can easily clean. The sectional is exceptionally comfortable thanks to spring suspension and solid foam cushions that support you while sitting. 

A plush square arm with a back cushion and a seat with a welt that matches. This Medford sectional will be a terrific spot for the family to meet and entertain friends. 

Again, here is another user pouring out her mind on the Medford fabric Sectional:

Even though I was wary of ordering online, I just got my couch since there is no way to ascertain the quality. The price was reasonable, and I wanted a firm and comfortable sofa. Medford fabric sectional met and surpassed my expectations. The delivery guys were professional in setting the couch up and navigating my driveway.


I have found Costco sectional to have great quality and comforts yet one the cheapest in the market. Besides, the company has a refund policy that will never leave you regretting shopping with them. You can take advantage of their money-back guarantee and give their sectional products a try.