Are Catnapper Recliners Any Good? (5 Hacks To Know)

Blonde woman relaxing in a Catnapper Recliners

For 50 years, Catnapper, a brand under Jackson Furniture, has been manufacturing one of the most comfortable reclining furniture in the business. Jackson Furniture is a family-owned furniture manufacturer that began in Tennessee over 75 years ago.

But is the Catnapper a good recliner? If you can believe the reviews written by satisfied customers, the answer is YES. Their recliners look comfortable and, because of their plushness, are excellent for those with lower back pain or general body soreness.

The mission of Jackson Furniture is simple. They craft comfort for the home with a commitment to value and a spirit of innovation.

Jackson Furniture History

In 1933 amid the Depression, W. Ray Jackson founded Jackson Furniture. They opened their doors on the day the banks closed their doors. Since then, the Jackson family has continued to create furniture right here in the United States.

Throughout the decades of change, one thing remains constant. Families enjoy relaxing together while reposing on comfortable furniture. And that’s where we have been – huddled around a radio to being in front of a giant flat-screen television, sitting in our Catnapper recliners.

Different Catnapper Recliners

Here is a description of three of the top Catnapper recliners on the market today.

Catnapper Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner

This is one model from Jackson Furniture that is highly rated. The high-quality materials join together seamlessly to make this unit very sturdy.

The seat dimension is 23 × 22 inches, while the overall measurements of the recliner are 42 × 44 × 45 inches. This is a big chair that needs to be 16 inches from the wall.

If the space in your home cannot accommodate this recliner, you may have to choose another Catnapper model that will fit in your home more comfortably.

This unit is robust, because of the steel base that the manufacturer uses. The chair weighs 125 lbs. and is suitable for a maximum weight of 350 lbs.

For adjustability, there are multiple options. The seat has a layout function ideal for reading or reclining to the TV position.

Catnapper Owens

The Catnapper Owens is an excellent unit with several added features you will find functional. However, it has a modest weight limit and is one thing that most people don’t care for about the Owens.

Aesthetic flexibility and brand reliability are among the positive things you get with this well-made recliner. The seat dimension is 22 × 23 inches, with the overall measurement for this model 42 × 43 × 44 inches.

This recliner weighs 140 lbs. and has a weight limit of 250 lbs. This unit is available in the color choices of seal, doe, and hickory. One of these will blend beautifully with your existing décor.

Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat and Massage Recliner

The name tells you that this Catnapper recliner is appealing to the eye, and it offers its users undisputable comfort. In addition, it has excellent heating and massaging capability. The seat dimensions are 19 × 21 inches, while the general measurements are 42 × 34 × 33 inches.

This Catnapper recliner is bulky, and if space is an issue in your home, you may need to find another smaller model. The rocker feature elevates the appeal and functionality of this recliner by a great deal. It’s perfect for households with senior citizens, pregnant or new mothers.

A weight cap of 350 lbs. may be unsuitable for some. The upholstery is a top-quality fabric. It makes this recliner perfect for long-term use and increases the appeal of this recliner considerably.

The high-grade 8-gauge non-sag steel seat springs provide superb support. Heavy-duty steel in the base holds the reclining mechanism. This feature helps keep the recliner functional and strong for many years.

A direct drive crowbar is part of the construction that helps distribute the pressure evenly when using the recline function, which reduces wear and tear on the recliner.

What are Satisfied Customers Saying about Catnapper Recliners?

One customer replaced an older Catnapper chair that literally wore out after 12 years of hard use. They hope this one will last as long. Another highly recommends this recliner. Yet another states it is one of the best I have found. I took a risk and purchased it sight unseen and without having sat in it.

Great chair, Catnapper is the only way to go. Another one says it is comfortable and robust.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Catnapper Recliners

They ask customers to retain their proof of purchase to substantiate a claim in the event warranty service is required. Here are the terms of their warranty.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • On the frame, upholstered in the original fabric under normal, everyday use and conditions, is under warranty to the original owner for manufacturing issues during the product’s lifetime.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The spring units of Jackson upholstered recliners are warranted against damage due to workmanship or defective materials for the product’s lifetime.

Recliner Mechanism

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Mechanisms of the recliner are warranted against damage due to defective workmanship or material for the lifetime of the recliner.

Sleeper Mechanism

  • One (1) Year Warranty
  • All metal parts on the sleeper mechanisms are warranted against damage due to defective materials or workmanship for a period of one year.

Comfort Coil Seat Cushions

  • Five (5) Year Warranty
  • Jackson Furniture that is upholstered features the Comfort Coil Seat Cushion, which offers superior, comfortable seating. Cushions are warranted for five years against loss of resiliency.
  • The resiliency loss should not be confused with the slight flattening and softening of the foam and fiber due to aging and everyday use.

All Other Parts — One (1) Year Warranty

  • All other parts not listed explicitly as warranted are covered under a one-year (1) limited warranty against defective workmanship or material.
  • This warranty limits repairs or replacement of the defective part, such as decorative wood trim and hinges.

Fabric & Leather Care

Cleaning Codes for Fabric

S Clean with dry-cleaning solvent only and don’t saturate or use water. Pile fabrics may need brushing to improve appearance. Don’t remove cushion covers to dry-clean.

SW Spot clean with upholstery shampoo, foam using a mild soap, or mild dry-cleaning solution. Don’t saturate with liquid. Pile fabrics might need brushing to restore appearance. Do not remove or launder cushion covers.

W Clean only with foam upholstery cleaner or water-based shampoo. Do not over-saturate or use solvent. Fabrics with a pile might need brushing to restore appearance. Don’t remove or launder cushion covers.

WS Clean with a water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Don’t overwet. Don’t use solvent. Don’t saturate with liquids. Pile fabrics might need brushing to restore appearance. Cushion covers shouldn’t be removed and laundered.

X Don’t clean with either solvent-based cleaner or water. Instead, use light brushing or vacuuming only.

Leather Care

  • Maintain at least two feet between heating sources and furniture. Prolonged exposure to radiators or heat vents causes leather to dry out.
  • Don’t place furniture in direct sunlight. Materials will fade over time. Aniline leathers are especially sensitive to sunlight, don’t place near windows or under skylights.
  • Like all items in the home, leather can accumulate dust. Dust weekly with a soft cloth dampened with a leather cleaner. Or use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. With leather, dust particles can be removed from the surface, making it ideal for dust-sensitive people.
  • All leathers perform better with preventative maintenance. For Aniline and Protected leathers, use Leather Master Protection Cream∗ on the leather surface to help prevent overall soiling and resist staining. It is most vital that you treat high-use areas like arms, backs, and seats.
  • As a rule, fully clean your furniture with a leather cleaner at least every six months to remove dirt and the slow accumulation of body oils and perspiration. Aniline leathers are quite absorbent and need cleaning more often if used in areas like a TV room. After cleaning, reapply a protective cream to the leather to renew the protection level.
  • Regular use of Leather Master Cleaning and Protective Products will extend the life of your leather and retain its beauty.
  • Never use cleaning agents or harsh chemicals on your leather furniture. Don’t use products containing oils or solvents because they may damage the surface of the leather.

So getting back to the original question asked here — is a Catnapper recliner good? Based on many reviews this writer read, a Catnapper is a good investment. Whether you are going to read in it, just relax after a hard day’s work, or take a “catnap,” you can’t go wrong with a Catnapper!