Are Oleo-Mac Chainsaws Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Oleo-Mac Chainsaws Good

The chainsaw industry is full of quality brands that you can easily access and purchase. One such notable brand is Oleo-Mac. 

But are Oleo-Mac chainsaws worth your investment? 

Well, these chainsaws are heavy-duty products developed for cutting, felling, and sectioning large trees. They are also easy to use and versatile. 

Even though some reviewers have complained about some models having a few challenges, we recommend this brand to any potential buyer. 

Here, we provide information about Oleo-Mac chainsaws and why it’s a good brand. 

Who Makes Oleo-Mac Chainsaws?

You might be wondering where Oleo-Mac chainsaws are manufactured. The brand is produced by Emak which is an Italian distributor and manufacturer. 

Emak has invested many years of research and innovation in machines, accessories, and components. 

Apart from producing the Oleo-Mac brand, the company is also known for developing Efco, Nibbi, and Bertolini chainsaws. 

The chainsaws are therefore developed in Italy and shipped to different distributors globally. 

Is Oleo-Mac A Reliable Brand?

The Irish Farmers Journal did a comparison test to test the top chainsaw brands in different categories, including hobby, professional, and semi-professional. 

For your information, the chainsaws tested were from Husqvarna, McCulloch, Jonsered, Stihl, and Oleo-Mac. 

Under the professional category, Oleo-Mac emerged as the best value for easy starting, performance, and power. The brand also had the right features that people always look for. 

The Oleo-Mac chainsaw price was way lower than the other brands. Across the board, the brand performed well in performance, features, and value. 

This confirms that the reliability of the Oleo-Mac chainsaws is unparalleled. 

Why Should You Own An Oleo-Mac Chainsaw?

Whether you want to cut some firewood, clean some shrubbery, maintain your trees, or prune some branches, you need a reliable, powerful, and tough chainsaw. The chainsaw should also be long-lasting to function for more than one season. 

The designers at Oleo-Mac understand this and have invested in developing chainsaws with good features, great performance, easy operation, and great safety. 

So, below are reasons why you should invest in an Oleo-Mac chainsaw:

Built for Quality

All Oleo-Mac models are designed and built to last. The components used to make these chainsaws are top-quality.

This includes quality features such as steel crankshafts, two-ring pistons, and aluminum oil pumps for improved durability. 

Safety and Health

You don’t have to worry about the safety of Oleo-Mac chainsaws since they’re designed with quality safety devices such as chain catchers and chain brakes. 

Additionally, the burn-right technology ensures that the chainsaws emit low emissions and are clean at all times. This guarantees safety for both the environment and the operator. 

Easy Maintenance

Since chainsaw maintenance is an important action, the Oleo-Mac designers ensure that it’s as simple and easy as possible. They include mufflers to enable you to check and inspect the filter oil with ease. 

They also incorporate filter covers that are easy to remove even without using special tools. You’ll notice transparent tanks to check the fuel level easily. 

There are self-cleaning filters to ensure you spend more time working and less time doing maintenance. 

Ease of Operation and Comfort

There are efforts to ensure that all Oleo-Mac models have an ergonomic design. For instance, they come with low-vibration handles to ensure more comfort during operation. 

You’ll also encounter an Easy-On starting system on some models for easy operation. Designers further implement electronically controlled digital coils to enable lower effort while starting.


The value for money provided by Oleo-Mac chainsaws is something you’ll never find in some major brands.

Many reviewers have pointed out that Oleo-Mac chainsaws offer high-quality performance at an affordable price. 

What Are Oleo-Mac Chainsaws Good for?

Oleo-Mac chainsaws are developed to meet the needs of different users, providing them with a reliable, safe, and suitable tool for felling, cutting, and pruning tasks in gardens, in the country, or woods. 

We can categorize the Oleo-Mac chainsaw according to purpose as follows:

Pruning Chainsaws

These chainsaws are known for their balance, power, and lightweight.

They are common for pruning operations and tending olive groves, orchids, and plants. 

Compact Chainsaws

These chainsaws are versatile and easy to handle. You can employ them for limbing and minor clearing tasks in your garden.

They’re also perfect for chopping firewood and cutting small trees.

Medium Power Chainsaws

These chainsaws are ideal for cutting medium-size trees.

They’re critical in situations where sturdiness, cutting speed, and tenacity are major requirements for dealing with demanding and tough tasks. 

Professional Chainsaws

Finally, you can purchase professional chainsaws for cutting, sectioning, and felling large trees. 

What are Some of the Top Oleo-Mac Models?

Oleo-Mac chainsaws are designed with durable and high-performance materials and components. There is a high chance you’ll fall in love with the brand immediately you start using it. 

But what are some of the top models to consider? The best models are those without vibrations, highly efficient, and more durable. Let’s go through some models worth buying:

Oleo-Mac GS-651 Petrol Chainsaw

The Oleo-Mac GS-651 is among the best chainsaw models available on the market. It’s a heavy-duty chainsaw developed for all types of farmers and landscapers. 

Its engine is designed with superior components for improved durability. In fact, the company is confident with its durability that it offers a 5-year warranty. It means that if anything happens within this period, you’ll either receive free repairs or a replacement. 

The chainsaw comes with a multi-stage anti-vibration system having four rubber stops, six dampers, and two springs. They work together to reduce shock transfer to your arms. 

Apart from the simple starting process, you’ll also encounter easier maintenance. 


  • A hand-guard and inertia chain-brake for safety
  • A large-surface air filter for superior component protection
  • Easily viewable fuel and oil tanks
  • Top-level anti-vibration systems
  • Aluminum adjustable/automatic oil pump for flexibility and durability

Oleo-Mac GST-360 Petrol Chainsaw

If you’re looking for the best in-tree application chainsaw, then the Oleo-Mac GST-360 is the best product for you. This chainsaw model is not only lightweight and compact but also ideally balanced. 

The product is designed for tree management professionals and comes with a top-handle design that makes precision cutting perfect. It can also manage even the toughest cuts. 

Starting the chainsaws is also effort-free. Since the fuel and oil tanks are translucent, it becomes easy to determine fill levels accurately and quickly. 


  • It’s ideally balanced, lightweight, and compact
  • High-torque and powerful engine for superior cutting
  • Easy-read translucent fuel and oil tanks
  • Adjustable/automatic oil-pump

Final Thoughts

As we have highlighted, Oleo-Mac is a reputable brand worth consideration. It’s a heavy-duty chainsaw brand meant for cutting, felling, and sectioning large trees. 

We recommend Oleo-Mac chainsaws since they’re built to last, offer great safety, are easy to maintain and operate, and have a high value. 

Look no further for a chainsaw that offers high performance at an affordable price. 


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