Are Efco Chainsaws Good? (Explained for beginners)

Efco Chainsaws Good

There are so many chainsaw brands on the market that you can select from. One such brand is the Efco chainsaws. 

But are these chainsaws any good, and are they worth your money? 

Well, they have some of the best features you’ll ever find in a chainsaw, including a good balance and a 5-year warranty. 

However, you’ll also encounter some challenges with some Efco chainsaws, including but not limited to a lack of a side case chain adjuster and smaller oil-gas fill holes. 

Here, we help you understand everything about Efco chainsaws and whether they’re worth it.

Are Efco Chainsaws Easy To Use?

Most users who have used these chainsaws have expressed satisfaction with their application. Efco chainsaws are as dependable as any other chainsaw brand if you take good care of them. 

When you buy Efco chainsaws, you’ll realize that its power is fair, the oiler and air filter have no clogging problems, especially when you keep them clean. 

What Are Some of The Best Efco Models?

Efco chainsaws are designed and developed with high-performance and durable components. They can withstand the high demands of frequent use. 

The best models have quality features such as an anti-vibration system that prevents fatigue during use. Below are some of the top models we recommend:

Efco MT 8200 Petrol Chainsaw

The Efco MT 8200 is the most powerful chainsaw available from the company. This is a professional-grade machine with a powerful 80.7cc 2-stroke engine meant to accomplish heavy-duty cutting. 

The machine offers a combination of reassuring toughness, consistent performance, and incredible cutting power. Its engine is also designed with a digital coil with an rpm limiter that regulates fuel consumption to improve efficiency. 

The chainsaw has anti-vibration mountings on the carburetor that guarantee stable fuel burning. Without question, it’s designed for long-term reliability. 

Efco MT 6500 Chainsaw

The Efco MT 6500 chainsaw is a tough and big machine designed to work well in highly difficult environments. If you need a reliable or robust chainsaw, we recommend this machine. 

It’s designed with an aluminum crankcase to offer constant efficiency and maximum strength. It also comes with a two-ringed piston and engine cylinder to withstand intensive use for extended periods. 

You’ll also notice an extra-large filter that guarantees reliable and long-lasting performance.

The 0.8L high capacity tank ensures that the machine runs for longer without stopping or requiring a refill.  

How Long Do Efco Chainsaws Last?

Under a normal working environment, expect your chainsaw to last for about 10-years. However, with proper usage and maintenance, a chainsaw can double its lifespan to at least 20-years. 

We, therefore, recommend you employ proper maintenance and care to improve the lifespan of your Efco chainsaw. Where necessary, involve an expert for effective maintenance. 

What Do Reviewers Say? 

We checked for reviews on Some models are rated by many users, while others have attracted fewer reviews. 

However, the ratings are generally high, and most reviews are positive. This was expected since we are dealing with one of the most reputable chainsaw brands in the world.

Excellent Designs

According to several users, a noticeable effort goes into the design of Efco chainsaws. This makes them highly efficient and durable. 

For instance, their engines are highly reliable and designed with precision. They’re also balanced and lighter, even though producing enough power to complete tough tasks. 

One user pointed out specifically that the Efco gas-powered chainsaw is designed with an excellent anti-vibration system. 

All the parts of Efco chainsaws are well rugged and engineered. 

Worth Your Money

Reviewers see Efco’s chainsaws as good investments for both the long-term and short-term. Apart from them being affordable, they’re also highly durable. 

If you purchase any Efco chainsaw model, it’s likely to serve in a stable condition for a long time. During that time, it’ll offer effective performance with limited noise. 

How Does An Efco Chainsaw Hold Its Value?

As long as an Efco chainsaw looks shiny and new, it’s likely to maintain its value. It’ll also remain new when you use and maintain it properly. 

However, a poorly used Efco chainsaw will appear worn and is available for a very cheap price. For this reason, we don’t recommend purchasing a used model unless you test it well. It’s, therefore, dangerous to buy a used Efco chainsaw online. 

Seeking the help of a professional can help you get a quality used Efco chainsaw.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can easily buy an inefficient and noisy chainsaw. 

How Is The Efco Chainsaw Warranty?

Efco has one of the best chainsaw warranties you’ll ever come across. The company offers a 5-year no fear warranty. 

Such a warranty is reason enough to believe the company has total confidence in its products’ durability, construction, and quality. You can purchase any Efco chainsaw knowing very well that you’ll use them time and again at full potential. 

There is also a battery-powered product’s warranty backed by a 1-year commercial and 2-year consumer warranty allowing consumers to purchase Efco products with confidence. 

We guarantee you that Efco products will be free from defects in workmanship or material under normal maintenance and use. 

What Are Efco Chainsaws Good For?

Efco chainsaws are designed to function well on different projects. However, to work efficiently, they require constant care and maintenance. 

Some of the activities you can employ Efco chainsaws on include but not limited to tree bucking, felling, pruning, limbing, harvesting of firewood, and cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression. 

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, Efco is among the most reputable and reliable chainsaw brands on the market. The chainsaw brand is worth your money, and we recommend it thanks to exciting features, including a good balance, anti-vibration engines, and a 5-year warranty. 

Some reviewers have pointed out Efco’s chainsaws for having excellent designs. 

However, to keep the value of Efco chainsaws high, you need to use and maintain them properly. 

We recommend approaching an expert to help you with everything you aren’t aware of about Efco chainsaws, including repair and maintenance. 

We hope you find a reliable Efco model at an affordable cost.




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