Are Husqvarna Mowers Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Husqvarna Mower

Come on, Husqvarna mowers rightly deserve their place in the discussion of the best gardening outdoor power tools in the market. Now the market is loaded with a sizable number of Husqvarna lawn mowers, from the petrol-driven type to the gas and even robotic lawnmowers.

But then the question comes: are Husqvarna mowers good?

Husqvarna lawn mowers have consolidated their reputation in the market for efficiency, flexibility, and durability. These mowers – despite being stocked with a broad range of functionalities – are yet easy to use. The Husqvarna lawn mowers’ ergonomics is admirable, combining user-safety with convenience.

There is so much to know about Husqvarna mowers, from push lawn mowers to your self-propelled lawnmowers. Why do these mowers count among the best? How can you choose the precise Husqvarna mowers befitting your specific mowing needs? Also, how reliable is Husqvarna’s technical support? How attractive is the warranty policy? These are some of the critical questions we will answer in this guide. Read on!

How good are Husqvarna mower engines?

Husqvarna engines are powerful with impressive traction and startup reliability. Depending on the model you go for, Husqvarna mowers come with a spectrum of engines like Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin engine, Honda CGV engine, Briggs Endurance engine, and the Kawasaki FR Series V-Twin OHV Engine.

Husqvarna engines’ extensive range of power rating means you can get as low as an 18.5hp Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin engine (as in the Husqvarna YTH18542) or even as high as a 25hp Kohler V-Twin engine (as in the Husqvarna LGT54DXL). 

The generality of Husqvarna engines I have seen require minimal maintenance, and I couldn’t complain either about the speed either in reverse or forward.  

How much do Husqvarna mowers cost? 

As typical of large mower manufacturers, Husqvarna mowers come in several price categories, depending on the specific model you are going for. The differentiation in these prices is understandably caused by the cluster of features each mower presents, like engine type, mowing deck width, and usability.

Take Husqvarna auto mowers for example. These mowers cost $1,500-2,000 averagely, with high-end auto mowers like the Husqvarna 450X costing around $3,500.

Averagely, you can get a Husqvarna riding mower for between $2,600-3,800. On the other hand, walk-behind Husqvarna mowers could cost anywhere between $300-600.

How safe are Husqvarna mowers?

Safety is a critical consideration when using mowers. Reports of severe injuries – like amputation, deep cuts, and even death – are not uncommon when using mowers.

Therefore, it is heartwarming that Husqvarna had user safety in mind when designing their range of mowers. Husqvarna mowers are fitted with safety kill switches.

Located right under the seat – and leveraging pressure sensors – this switch stops your Husqvarna rotary blades if you accidentally get off your mower.

Are Husqvarna mowers easy to operate?

Across my significant lawn maintenance experience, I admit I have come across mowers that were incredibly difficult to use. The good news is that Husqvarna prioritized usability in their mowers. 

You require as little technical experience to maximize these mowers. First, they start without a fuss, especially the gas-powered models I have used. When in operation, the mowing experience is admirable.

The 3-in-1 cutting system is a big plus in helping you choose between side discharging, mulching, or bagging.

Husqvarna mowers have different cutting heights, allowing you to adjust them to your lawn conditions. Depending on the model, you can get as many as 9 cutting height options ranging from 1.25 inches – 4 inches.

The maneuverability (largely attributable to their compactness) is another gloss on their usability. They cut incredibly well in tight spaces or on lawns with shrubs and trees. 

The AutoWalk™ technology from Husqvarna is another banger I can’t ignore. Thanks to this mechanism, it is easy to manipulate the ground speeds as your lawn demands. 

For those who irritated with the tasks of regular bagger emptying when mowing, it is relieving that Husqvarna mowers’ cutting deck are designed to channel the grass clippings to the collector. 

You can see this video for more information about its operation.

How comfortable are Husqvarna mowers?

I don’t joke with comfort when choosing mowers – and it just appears Husqvarna thought of my kind when making their mowers. It will be unfair not to applaud the ergonomics of Husqvarna mowers.

They feel easy on the hand, with less vibration from the handlebar. The majority of the models from the manufacturer are fitted with a 3-position height adjustment handle, so you don’t sacrifice your comfort when mowing.

For the zero-turn mowers, I admire how Husqvarna furnished these mowers with rubber isolators. This way, you are not in direct contact with the frame. Effectively, fatigue on the operator is significantly reduced.

There is no denying that comfort is more pronounced on Husqvarna riding mowers. The majority of these mowers are accoutered with hydrostatic transmission systems. 

In effect, you can comfortably station your hands on your steering wheel and readily vary the line of travel and speed of the mower with just the foot pedals. 

What more, you wouldn’t be stretching from Earth to Mars to reach the controls. Yes, these mowers are designed such that the controls (and the gauges) are readily reachable from the driving seat. 

When you add these to the cup holder and comfort seat these mowers are equipped with, you get a mower that allows you to seamlessly and totally control the mowing experience. 

Are Husqvarna mowers strong and durable?

From my experience, Husqvarna mowers are strong and enduring. The engines are powerful and provide sufficient traction. 

Husqvarna zero-turn mowers have consolidated a reputation for toughness across the years. Other than been backed by extremely reliable warranties, these guys are constructed to withstand the roughest of usages from season to season.

The generality of cutting decks of these mowers are made from reinforced heavy flat-stock steel, with the steel gauge commonly ranging from 10 to 13. Consequently, the trim side and the leading edge are well stronger and durable.

How about Husqvarna warranty and technical support?

No one anticipates evil, but the last thing you want is a broken-down lawnmower with no warranty and technical support from the manufacturer. The generality of Husqvarna lawn mowers is supported with zero-cost technical support. 

Northern Tool provides this support, with such support accessible in about 50 outlets scattered across eleven American states. 

Husqvarna lawn mowers typically come with a 3-year Bumper to Bumper warranty, provided the fault doesn’t arise from neglect or abuse of the mower. 

Accordingly, this warranty doesn’t cover batteries (for the likes of Husqvarna riding, walk, and zero-turn mowers) in the case where the battery is discharged. 

How good is the range of lawnmowers Husqvarna offers you?

It goes without saying that Husqvarna is one of the patrons of lawnmower production. It is only natural for such a longstanding manufacturer that they have got a far-reaching lineup of lawnmowers. Therefore, let us dive into the range of lawn mowers you can get from Husqvarna. 

Husqvarna robo-mowers

Don’t deny it, doesn’t the name “robo-mower” invoke the Robocop Hollywood blockbuster memories? Well, these Husqvarna mowers are not very different in that they leverage a great deal of automation. 

Also known as auto mowers, these mowers are perfect for the busy homeowner who is too busy to manually mow his lawn – or that homeowner who is outrightly too lazy to do it. 

All the work done here is lining the boundaries of the area you desired mowed with wire, and the auto-mower intelligently does the mowing. 

The technology these mowers deploy is so sophisticated (thanks to cutting-edge collision sensors) that the mower manages to evade trees and roots lying on the surface of the mowing area. 

Should the mower run into a projected material or hindrance on its path, it manages to go into reverse and reposition for continued mowing. For best results, you should place the auto-mower in the middle of that designated section.  

Yes, such Husqvarna auto mowers will cost anywhere from $23-$35 in electricity charges. You can expect further variations from this cost span depending on the size of the lawn you are mowing as well as the utility charges of that community.

Nevertheless, I do admire how noiseless auto mowers are. And with increasing agitation for eco-friendly outdoor power tools, it is impressive that Husqvarna auto mowers have zero-carbon emissions.

Husqvarna Riding Lawnmower

Should you desire a more hands-on mowing experience, you can go for Husqvarna riding mowers. These mowers are suitable for mowing bigger lawns, with enhanced visibility (thanks to a view-ahead functionality). Indeed, Husqvarna riding mowers come between a power range of 18-26hp.

Husqvarna riding mowers also boast superior maneuverability compared to their self-propelled contemporaries (which I will tell you about shortly). The generality of these mowers is supplied with cutting collection functionality and adjustability.

Also exciting is the option of choosing between Husqvarna riding mowers with front-wheel steering and those with rear-wheel steering.

Those with front-wheel give you the extra advantage of traction, also providing you adequate braking force. Furthermore, rear-wheel steering is advantageous for rear uphill reverse movements.

Husqvarna walk-behind push mowers

No, I wasn’t going to leave my DIY (Do It Yourself) brethren out of the conversation. For some of us garden owners, we relish being in TOTAL control of the mowing experience. 

For this sect, Husqvarna walk-behind push mowers are more suitable. Yes, walk-behind Husqvarna lawn mowers would also do for those on a small budget or those with smaller lawns.

These mowers’ engine capacity is not the largest. The bulk of Husqvarna self-propelled lawn mowers have a power rating of 4 ½ – 5 ½ hp. 

As can be readily inferred from the name, you do the bulk of the mowing here, from propulsion to manual direction and discharging. 

In this category, you can get Husqvarna electric mowers up to battery-operated equivalents. For the cost, budget anywhere from $300-$600. Not too bad, is it?

Husqvarna cons: An overview of what needs to be improved

Generally, there still significant work Husqvarna needs to do on its auto mowers. Those I have used didn’t give me impressive traction in hilly areas, and they were not too great with mulching. I have also had users complain about Husqvarna auto mowers cutting the grass too short.

Husqvarna auto mowers cost $1,500-2,000 averagely, with high-end auto mowers like the Husqvarna 450X costing around $3,500. This is expensive considering that some of the best gas mowers in the market come around $600.

Aside from this, there was no significant disadvantage that applied across board for every Husqvarna mower I used. However, there were specific cons for each model that I will tell you about in the later section of this guide.

Husqvarna mowers pros: An overview of what I like

I really admire Husqvarna mowers, and I am not alone. The reasons for this affection are not far-fetched as these mowers are provisioned with an extensive range of capabilities that get the job efficiently and with minimal exertion on the operator. 

The robustness (without entirely eliminating sleekness) and compactness of Husqvarna mower designs save you unneeded muscle tension (or even injuries) when in use. 

Specifically, the anti-vibration Husqvarna mowers leverage ensures you don’t sacrifice efficiency. The handles give you an extensive range of customization, depending on the level of user convenience you desire. 

For a user like me who is fanatic about comfort, I was impressed with how easy it is moving Husqvarna self-propelled mowers, even in a mowing area with a worrisome density of shrubs and trees. 

Husqvarna mowers barely show any significant drop in their efficiency even when cutting highly dense grass beds. Also, the height adjustment functionality of these mowers is another attraction. This means lesser stress for your beloved back when mowing.

Best Husqvarna lawn mowers in the market

No thanks to my gushing on Husqvarna mowers, you should be already curious about the best Husqvarna lawn mowers you can get.

From the range of Husqvarna lawn mowers I have used and thoroughly researched about, I can confidently recommend a number of these mowers. So let us move on to my top 3 picks for Husqvarna mowers in the market now.

Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch Gas Powered 

There is a valid reason the Husqvarna 7021P is coming top on my list. This push lawn mower comes at an impressive weight of 66lbs and double-ball bearing wheels. Not bad if you are considering storage and mobility.

Gas-powered and decked with a 160 cc Honda GVC160 engine, this is the guy for the tough jobs. It has a cutting width of 21 inches, with a 3-in-1 cutting mode. The deck is robust, designed with steel, befitting for large or medium lawn areas.

Maneuverability is another strong point for this mower, presenting 11-inch wheels that can walk their way around the roughest terrains. 

The handle comes with a soft-grip design enhancing the ergonomics. Also, this lawnmower is supplied with nine cutting heights (4-point).

On the downside, I was not too impressed that this mower doesn’t come with prime starting functionality. It is also curious that several users tell me they struggle with adjusting their handle.

Husqvarna 64, 16 in. Push Reel Lawn Mower

This is another darling from Husqvarna that got me drooling. The fact that this lawn mower manages to mix robustness and remarkable lightness is a testament to Husqvarna’s audacious engineering. 

Despite the wealth of features this mower offers, it requires minimal maintenance and works almost noiselessly. The spectrum of cutting height from this mower is infinite. You would agree with me on this when I tell you you can adjust the height from as low as 0.5 inches to as low as 2.25 inches.

This push reel mower struts a 16-inch cutting deck made from 10 gauge steel. Combining the bed-knife and the reel blade, this mower is ready for all the grass cutting regardless of the topography, with commendable resilience.

I will also mention the impressive spin. Thanks to the tires girded with round bearings, life was easier cutting with lesser friction. 

Any complaints? Well, for a manufacturer of Husqvarna’s reputation, I thought they could do better with the design of some of the plastic parts. 

Husqvarna 24V Fast Continuously Variable Transmission

If you have been spending a fortune on the maintenance of your lawnmowers, then you would be glad I introduced you to the Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V pedal tractor mower. Its speedy continuous variable transmission saves you immensely on follow-up expenditures.

I also enjoyed the ease with which this mower starts. Courtesy of the choke-less capability, all you need to do is turn the key, and the mower is ready to go. After starting, using this mower doesn’t require significant technical expertise as the deck lever is fitted with spring.

I was also impressed with the air Induction mowing technology this mower possesses. Air is sucked to the deck bottom from the top, enhancing grass lift. Consequently, the quality (especially the consistency) of the cut with this gas-powered mower was higher. 

Coming at a 24-hp power rating with 2 cylinders, there is enough reason to like the Briggs & Stratton engine this mower is girded with. The soft grip ergonomics of the steering wheel also make things comfier using. 

Specifically, the YTA24V48 has a maximum reverse speed of 2.9mph, with a 48″ reinforced 13-gauge steel deck.

Any turn-offs? It appears this mower, for all the beauty it presents, was not optimized for usage in hilly regions. I noticed it struggles in the reverse when riding through steep lawn areas.