Are Loft Beds Comfortable? (5 Facts You Should Know)

loft bed in a Teenager's room

As you research space-saving options, you have options like murphy beds and loft beds. Each has articles showing the good and the bad. But the only thing you want now is assurance. Are loft beds comfortable?

A loft bed is a bed like any other. It needs to do what a bed does. Stay firm and strong, no matter what you throw at it. We call this bed a loft bed because it is raised higher than the standard beds. The extra height is the best thing and yet the source of concern with loft beds. 

The ideal loft bed is as comfortable as any other bed. If the maker does their job, you would not feel the height difference when going up, going down, or sleeping.

When it comes down to comfort, here are 5 facts about loft beds.

Fact 1. Loft Beds Are Strong

A good-quality and well-maintained loft bed won’t shake or squeak when you toss and turn. 

It might feel shaky as you climb the ladder but once you are on top, everything settles. 

Loft beds don’t always squeak, but when they do, it’s about the joints. If you did not tighten a bolt or skipped assembling one part, the bed starts to squeak. 

If the manufacturer offers assembly services, you can hire these. When you build it with your local carpenter, chances are they will assemble it as part of the service. For those you shop online, they come with instructions and sometimes videos. 

With a metal bed, expect to tighten the joints every once in a while. Metal contracts and expands faster, so the joints loosen up faster than with a wooden loft bed. 

Fact 2. Off-The-Shelf Loft Beds Have A Weight Limit

On average, a ready-made adult loft bed will have a 600lbs weight limit while a child loft bed has a 400lbs weight limit. Manufacturers determine the weight limit based on the bed’s design (center of gravity position) and the material. But most importantly, they test their product’s capacity.

If you are heavier than the average or expect to share the bed with someone else, you could build a custom loft bed. There’s no limit to how much weight a custom loft bed could hold.

Fact 3. Stairs Are Better Than Ladders

Going up a ladder is not a problem as much as going down the ladder. If you are afraid of heights, stay away from ladders. And how long will you climb up a ladder to bed till it sucks? Instead, go for stairs.

The stairs take up more space, but they are very comfortable. They are easy to climb up and down (even if you broke an arm). Wooden stairs won’t hurt or freeze your bare feet. Plus, you can use the stairs for storage. 

Fact 4. Head Clearance Is Key

Though you don’t intend to sit on your bed all the time, for the few times you do, it shouldn’t be a struggle. Hunker recommends at least 30 inches from the mattress top to the ceiling for an adult. 

You can have as much space as you want. Shop patiently, or build a custom loft bed.

Fact 5. Loft Beds Are Not Ideal For Intercourse

Once you get a loft bed, you will need to be creative with sex. A high-up bed is not as inviting. Most people end up having more sex in other areas besides the bed. You can still have a good time in a high loft bed but with limited positions. You will figure it out. 

How To Make Your Loft Bed More Comfortable

Loft beds are among the most functional beds. And they are fun! So, here are some tips to make your life better with a loft bed.

  1. Do regular maintenance as needed. This means tightening the bolts and screws regularly or as soon as you hear a squeak.
  2. Assemble your bed properly or hire a professional.
  3. Use stairs instead of a ladder. Stairs are way cooler.
  4. Mount your loft bed on a wall to make it more stable.
  5. When you choose a metal loft bed, opt for solid metal. Solid metal is sturdier than hollow tubes. And firmer.
  6. Use thick bedposts. Ask the manufacturer about this before buying.
  7. Use a dehumidifier or fan to keep the room dry. Humidity increases the rate of expansion and contraction of wood. 

Go custom!

You might not have the tools or craftsmanship to build a loft bed, but you might know someone who does. You can’t go wrong with a custom loft bed. That way you can get a loft bed that fits your needs perfectly. 

When building your loft bed, it’s best to make it very easy to assemble and unassemble. When you move to a larger space, you can convert the loft to a regular bed. 

Have you decided to get a loft bed after all? 

Here Are Two Critical Things To Consider When Buying A Loft Bed

Your Space

Before you shop for a loft bed, measure the height (floor to ceiling), width, and length of the space you intend to place the bed. 

Remember, the mattress height will eat up some of your head clearance. And if you want to place a workstation under the bed, consider how much space you want beneath the bed.

For most adults, 52 inches is a good start.

So, think about the head clearance, mattress thickness, and the space under the bed.

Depending on your available space and the functionalities you want, you can choose either:

  • Low loft bed
  • Mid loft bed or,
  • High loft bed.

Alternatively, create a custom design or hire someone to design and build it.

The Material

Metal loft beds hold more weight than wooden ones. They wear down very slowly too. But metal gets really cold. And squeaky with time. 

Wooden loft beds blend in with any decor, they’re classic and stay warm. But unlike metal loft beds, the wooden ones weather away faster. But the shorter lifespan here means something over a decade. But will you still be in that small room for a decade? 

You can do really cool stuff with loft beds. If you want one, go get one! But always, read the customer reviews first. Or get some recommendations.


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