Why Are Loft Beds So Expensive? (Explained)

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Loft beds have become so popular over time. They are great at maximizing space in your living space. The difference between bunk beds and loft beds is that a bunk bed has two beds, one below and another on top. On the other hand, a loft bed is a raised bed and leaves enough space under it for something else. 

Most parents prefer loft beds because they are fun and leave extra room for the kids to play. Adults also use these beds to create extra space for storage or as working areas. As great as these beds are, why are they so expensive? How expensive is expensive? Should you consider buying this bed for yourself or your kids? This article will answer these questions and many more.

Why Do People Think Loft Beds Are Expensive?

A loft bed is a single bed supported by various structures so that it rests on an area above the floor. The technical aspects of raising this bed are what make the bed a bit expensive compared to other bed types. However, the cost is also determined by the size, brand, or store you choose to purchase from. Size may translate to the number of materials used. Loft beds may also seem more expensive due to the customizations you desire and the accessories that go with them.

How Expensive Is Expensive?

Loft beds range between $150 and $2000. The first time I thought of buying a loft bed, I was astonished at the prices. I mean, it’s just a bed raised to give me some space. But when I thought about it, it would save me money in the long run since I didn’t have to move out of my house searching for a bigger space. 

The space under my bed is now serving as my office and storage area. The prices of loft beds differ depending on factors like frame material, size, and if it has other custom features. If it comes with a mattress or an installed guardrail, the price is going to go up. However, you will find that metal loft bed frames created for kids have lower prices than other loft beds. 

What Is the Cost Of A Loft Bed Frame?

I researched the prices of loft bed frames to make it easier for you to make a choice. Here are the average prices;

  • A metallic loft bed that incorporates a full mattress ranges between $250-$600
  • A wooden loft bed that incorporates a full mattress ranges between $400-$800
  • A twin mattress metallic loft bed costs between $170 and $250
  • A twin mattress wooden loft bed can range between $300 and $600.
  • A kids’ metallic loft bed will set you back $150 to $200.
  • A kids’ wooden loft bed will cost you between $300 and $500

Does The Size Of A Loft Bed Frame Affect Its Cost?

Yes, it does. As the loft bed gets bigger, the cost also goes up. In my quest for a loft bed, I found out that they are available in two-size mattresses: full and twin. Additionally, if a loft bed frame holds a larger mattress size, it has a large weight capacity. For example, a green forest metal loft bed for children that can hold 220lbs goes for $140. On the other hand, a Walker Edison metal full loft bed for kids that can hold up to 250lbs goes for $225. 

The Material Making the Loft Bed’s Frame Also Affects the Cost

Loft beds are available either wooden, metallic, or even made out of these two materials. Generally, metallic frames are cheaper than wooden frames. You will find that wood loft beds are mostly made out of one type of wood, such as composite wood or pine. 

Steel plates, metallic rods, or iron are the basic components for metallic loft beds. In most cases, manufacturers use steel tubes because they are long-lasting and lightweight. To avoid scratches and rust, metallic materials go through powder coating. 

What Other Factors Affect A Loft Bed Frame’s Cost?

As stated before, loft beds come with different features. When I was looking for a loft bed, I didn’t want something to give me extra space. I wanted something that fitted with my décor and looked amazing. Additionally, I also did not want something that would need me to sell one of my kidneys. I had to look at different designs so that I could make an informed choice. Here are some loft bed ideas and designs that are on the market;

  • Basic Loft Bed- Also known as the classic loft bed, has traditional loft bed characteristics with space below. You can add a sofa, add storage or keep it empty. 
  • Study Loft bed- These are loft beds with built-in desks. They have workstations and can have additional features such as shelves and keyboard trays. This leaves the rest of the room for other activities since it saves so much space.
  • Loft bed with storage spaces- These beds have features such as drawers and shelves which saves a lot of space in your living area.
  • Low loft, mid loft, and high loft beds- These are based on the height of the upper bunk. Mid and high loft beds are best for college kids and teens, while low loft beds are best for small elementary students and preschoolers.
  • Novelty Loft Bed- If you want a specific theme for your child’s room, it is best to go for a novelty bed. They are created with your kids in mind and incorporate some great features such as a tent, treehouse, nooks for reading, or slides. You can order a loft bed that already has a theme in it. 

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Having A Loft Bed?

Loft beds have as many fans as they have haters. At first, I didn’t like the idea of having to climb up every time to get to my bed. But I got used to it and couldn’t do anything better. Let me share with you an outline of different advantages and disadvantages that will guide you:

Pros Of Loft Beds

They Come In Many Styles

If you want a traditionally styled bedroom, you can go for a wooden loft bed. However, if you want a modern look for your living space, a metal loft bed is the best. Some beds come with special features that make them interesting for kids, such as tents and slides. There are so many loft bed styles and features that make it easy to find something that fits your taste and specifications. 

They Give Extra Space For Work And Play

Having a small bedroom can be frustrating. Believe me! I have seen it first-hand. With a loft bed, you can get extra space to place your desk or add a play area for your kids. You can buy a loft bed that has a built-in desk or install one on your own. This solution is particularly great if your kids want to study or set up a make-up area or a computer. You can also get creative and install a seating or a bookcase with a lamp to make your library. 

They Give You Extra Storage Space

One of the most popular loft bed features that most people like is the additional storage space. If you already have a workspace, you can use the extra space to store clothes, shoes, or bins there. Children always have a lot of things lying around. This space can be very valuable for your child’s room. Using the space for toy boxes can be very convenient. 

They Leave Extra Space For Families

If you are planning to expand your family, it is a great idea to expand the space. But what if you can’t afford to move or love your neighborhood too much? What will you do? A loft bed can come in handy. You can add an extra bed under the loft bed that was there before. 

Cons Of Loft Beds

  • They are made to accommodate only one kid. You will have to purchase another loft bed for your other kid.
  • It can be tedious to make a high loft bed. 
  • They are not suitable for kids aged five and below. You also need to ensure that your child is confident to climb up the bed. 
  • It can be risky installing a loft bed in a home or room with a low ceiling. You or your child can bang your head on the ceiling. 

What Features Should You Look For In A Loft Bed?

It is essential to keep in mind that a loft bed is not just a structure to sleep on. You should consider some features such as;


All loft beds have a ladder. Ensure that the ladder is appropriate with the age of your child or is comfortable for you. If you have a young child, ladders with wide, flat rungs are the best.


Depending on the person using it, the desk should have a design that suits their needs. For adults, you can install a big desk to accommodate things such as files and the laptop. However, you can choose a smaller desk if the loft bed is your child’s.


If you want to increase the space under the loft bed, you can choose a loft bed with added shelves, drawers, and cupboards. These added features improve organization and make the room look harmonious and unified. 

Wrapping Up!

With all the features and advantages loft beds bring to your life, you can understand the price tag on them. If you want to save on some space, purchase a loft bed. The only thing to ensure is that you make a few considerations depending on the person using the bed.

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