Casco Bay Furniture Reviews (8 Important Tips)

Casco Bay Furniture Good Quality

Casco Bay Furniture is an American home furnishings manufacturer and retailer in American-made, high-quality furniture. Its production and operation are done from its headquarters in Portland, Maine. 

You may have come across Casco Bay furniture and wondered if you should buy it from the company or not. Is it high quality? What about their warranty? Is the price tag justified? 

Well, if you have such doubts, then you’re in the right place. 

Today’s article looks into everything Casco Bay to help you make an informed decision before going through with your purchase. Read on.

The Quality of Casco Bay Furniture

Casco Bay Furniture is a high-quality, fair-priced manufacturer of American upholstered furniture and home furnishings

The company streamlines its production to ensure that they’re very efficient in every department to minimize production costs. 

If you buy from the company, you’re eligible to receive certain perks and offers that you won’t get from a vast majority of the other companies.

The extra services include free fabric and leather upgrades, free in-home delivery, cushion upgrades, and an additional furniture protection plan.

The company builds its products to the “gold standard.” 

If you’re wondering, a Casco Bay Furniture gold standard is its use of 8-way, hand-crafted, hand-knotted springs together with 5/4 hardwood framing for its furniture. 

Depending on the furniture, the frames are made of pure 5/4 Appalachian Maple or a mix of Poplar and Maple. 

The company doesn’t use plywood as is commonly being used by most mid-to-lower range companies. 

The company’s full-grain full aniline-dyed leather cushion qualities have firm foam or spring-down cores.

Their cushions and leathers are some of the best in the market and rival leathers from Hancock and Moore, Century, Taylor King, Ralph Lauren, and Sherrill, among other higher-priced competitors.

Additionally, Casco Bay Furniture’s leather sofas are non-toxic and don’t contain the formaldehyde and Dimethyl Fumarate commonly present in leather furniture. Instead, the company uses Ultracel soy-based foam. 

Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF) causes dermatitis or “common sofa dermatitis.” They’re in the sachets that you usually find stapled to your sofa.   

Why Buy Casco Bay Furniture?

Many reasons can convince you to buy from Casco Bay, but we’ll look at some of them in this section. They’re based on Casco Bay’s critics and customer reviews.

Affordable Pricing

Casco Bay’s Direct to You Pricing is one of the premium customer-oriented pricing plans in the US. 

The pricing, at times, lowers the price of particular items by almost close to 40-50 percent since it does away with the need for intermediaries. 

If you want to buy your furniture, why not buy directly from the manufacturers at an affordable price? 

Furthermore, Casco Bay limits its spending on production and supply chains by focusing on efficiency. 

One way of doing this is that they buy their leather hides in significant quantities and don’t mark up their leathers to calculate a selling price. 

Secondly, the company stays away from transporting inventories to showrooms across the country. They prefer to lower transportation costs by transporting just a few samples. 

Third, the company doesn’t invest massively in large-scale advertising campaigns or high overhead. They don’t borrow loans and shy away from publishing catalogs. 

The company’s reliable business model has gained them favor amongst its raw material supplies, which offer them the materials at affordable pricing. 

It’s public knowledge that some furniture makers place high price tags on their products not because they’re of superior quality but because they want to recover losses from their poor production processes.

Good Customer Service and Knowledgeable Staff 

Casco Bay makes high-quality furniture, and it would be such a big let-down if their staff didn’t know how to sell the furniture. 

Casco Bay knows this and continuously invests thousands of dollars in forums and seminars to train their staff on new products and technologies present. 

Their team doesn’t work on commission to ensure that you get premium quality assistance every time. 

Paying staff on commission rushes communications between the staff and the customer since they want to sell you a product within the shortest time. Sometimes, these products are faulty, but the team upsells them to gain some commission. 

Free Shipping

Casco Bay furniture is not cheap by any standard, but considering its quality, I bet it’s affordable for that class of furniture. 

What makes it even “cheaper” is the free professional shipping on all its large furniture.

Shipping costs are pretty high, and more times than not, cheap furniture comes with high transportation costs. Casco Bay offers in-home, inspected, and insured shipping free of charge.

Customer Focused Merchandising (CFM) 

Casco Bay’s CFM drives the company to not only want to sell you good furniture but also to sell you a pleasant experience.

The company buys the best-quality raw materials in every category to give you an excellent and durable piece of furniture. 

Additionally, its CFM policies promote the company’s image since it markets itself through its customers. 

In the end, the feeling of inclusivity in their production and marketing appeals to customers, who then give the company excellent reviews. 

All Casco Bay Furniture Have Warranties

Casco Bay furniture has manufacturer warranties for all its furniture. You’ll have to part with an additional $299 to receive a Peace of Mind 5-year full replacement warranty on your furniture. 

The warranty covers cuts, burns, rips, and damages that might occur due to craft errors. Additionally, the extended warranty covers spring, frames, and fabrics. 

You’ll have a 30-day grace period to report your claim with the company.  

Casco Bay Furniture Reviews

Casco Bay’s reliable sales associates, skilled staff, and professional services differentiate the company from some local manufacturers. 

Secondly, the company proudly sources its raw materials and makes all its furniture and furnishings in the US. 

And to their credit, their furniture is excellent, aesthetically pleasing, has good proportions, and is very durable. 

It’s therefore not surprising to find that Casco Bay is highly-rated in the American furniture market. The company is rated a 5-star company on with 5-star ratings in their work quality, communication, and value.

So Should You Buy Casco Bay Furniture?

Yes. Buy Casco Bay furniture now, and in ten years, you might confirm that you made a very wise decision. 

The company’s after-sale service is an extraordinary addition to its outstanding workmanship and affordable pricing. 

Casco Bay Furniture can easily be classified as a top-end furniture manufacturer since it sources materials from the same suppliers that most top-end manufacturers use. 

Don’t look at their affordable pricing and disregard the company. Their furniture is impressive, to say the least.

The Takeaway

 Furniture is one crucial aspect of your home that you shouldn’t take lightly. 

It can improve your room’s aesthetics or be a complete disaster regardless of the vast amounts of money you spent to purchase it. 

Therefore, it’s essential to research an item or company before settling on one. 

Buy quality at an affordable price at Casco Bay Furniture, and you won’t regret it.  


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