Is Hancock And Moore Good Furniture? (Explained)

Hancock And Moore Furniture Good

Hancock & Moore (H&M) was founded in 1981 by Jack Glasheen and Jimmy Moore. Over time, this furniture brand has carved a name for itself as one of the most respected brands in the US.

However, someone who wants to have experience with this furniture for the first time will first inquire about their quality.

H & M furniture is known for offering one of the best leather furniture in the industry. What makes this brand unique in quality is its detailed craftsmanship that offers a firm comfortable furniture that will last for years.

But what exactly will you be getting when you purchase these products? How does their quality compare to their pricing? This article is a revelation of everything you would want to know about this brand.

Are Hancock & Moore Comfortable?

Everyone is looking for comfortable furniture for their home décor. H & M stand out when it comes to the comfortability of their furniture.

A considerable part of this comfort is attributed to skillful construction by experienced craftsmen.

The brand craftsman, Jimmy Moore, grew up learning and mastering the skill of carpenter. He spends most of his time carving, sewing, hand sanding, and upholstering handcrafted pieces of fine furniture.

As a result, Jimmy grew into a master leather craftsman. Today, with the help of his fellow craftsmen, they transform solid hardwood, fine fabric, and soft leather into comfortable handcrafted furnishing for H & M brand.

From their master leather to fabric furniture, Hancock Moore furniture offers the best comfort you may be looking for in the market. 

The furniture is known for its unique feature including an 8-way hand-tied spring and coil that guarantee a firm comfortable seat that will last for years. 

The cushions are also equipped with Qualux technology for proven comfort and shape retention. Qualux is a technologically advanced material that quickly springs back into shape making Hancock and Moore furniture very comfortable.

The brand offers hand-sawn upholstery in hundreds of leather and fabric choice. You can choose from their 50 finishes with varying colors and glows. Or you can have them customized to the finish and comfort of your choosing.

Are H & M Furniture Durable?

Durability is one of the main factors you have to consider when purchasing furniture. Hancock and Moore’s furniture emphasizes so much on durability. The brand has an overwhelming handcraft that guarantees durability.

Whether you go for their traditional style or contemporary ones, their frames are solidly built to last. Every piece of furniture is carefully tailored with detail to suit your specifications. 

The corners of their furniture are double-dowelled and reinforced with blocks that are screwed in place. This ensures their joints remain solid over the lifestyle of the furniture.

Techniques such as the 8-way hand-tied spring give their furniture a distinctive quality and durability in the industry. This is one of the few brands that still use this technique. The result is firm, comfortable support that will last for years.

How Much do Hancock and Moore Furniture Cost?

As you would expect with quality furniture, Hancock and Moore charge a lot for their furniture.

The brand has been regarded as the top brand of leather furniture for quite a long time. For that reason, you will find their leathered furniture at various stores around the country at a higher price than furniture from most brands within its category.

However, the furniture comes in a wide range of pricing though. This is due to the different materials quality and size of the furniture. Meaning, you can easily get what suits your budget. 

Their stores are evenly distributed in the country. For more information, you can pay a visit to any of their authorized dealers close to you.

What if you Purchase their Furniture Online?

Several online stores offer furniture from this brand. The good thing with online purchase is that it comes with a lot of conveniences.

They will offer you a delivery option, meaning, you can have your purchase transported to your home.

The two main delivery options are threshold delivery and white glove. The former will ensure that your orders are placed inside your front door or garage while the latter will have your purchase delivered to your room and even set up for you.

However, online sites target different buyers. You can only purchase bulky Hancock and Moore furniture on these sites. Besides, online sites tend to offer this furniture at a relatively higher price than your local store.

I came across some of their 3-seater leathered sofas on eBay and they are not that cheap. On average, expect to spend around $2,400 to $4,500 on their 3-seater leather H & M sofas when you purchase it online.

How long is the warranty on H&M furniture?

H & M warrant that if a manufacturing defect occurs with their products, they will either replace or repair them. The furniture is covered with a lifetime warranty. The warranty cover cushions, frame, and spring-up construction. 

However, this warranty only covers the original retail purchaser. Also have in mind that the warranty doesn’t apply to damages caused by accidents, alterations, or misuse. Plus, the brand doesn’t warrant the wearability or durability of the leather, fabric, or the customer’s own materials.

Customer reviews

H &M doesn’t have a lot of reviews on various sites. However, most of the few that we came across were impressive. Most consumers express satisfaction when it comes to quality and durability.

Though some of the customers on recognized that their leather is highly-priced, they expressed a lot of happiness about their quality and how they firmly stand behind their furniture. 

 Here is one comment from that crown it all:

“I purchased H & M leather couch at $4000 14 years ago. It has been through a 70 lb Labrador and three children that has always claimed a spot on. The inside of the cushion had flattened so I recently contacted Hancock and Moore. They happily replaced the core of the cushion without charging anything. They keep their lifetime warranty. The couch now looks exactly the same as the day I purchased them. I am certain I will have this couch in its perfect condition for another 14 years.”

Even from this customer response alone, you can figure out how durable this furniture is. If you get your hand in one, expect to own it for more than 28 years. The best part, they are covered with an unlimited warranty.


H & M furniture offers great quality and comfort though at a price. If quality and comfort are all you need, regardless of how much you will spend, then I recommend getting your hand on this furniture.


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