Why is Henredon Furniture so Expensive? (Explained)

Henredon Furniture Expensive

Henredon has been offering one of the best and most reliable furniture since the early 1950s. Due to their reliability in offering industry top furniture, the brand became very popular among US households, particularly in the seventies. 

Today, among people who love vintage design, the name Henredon still represents the best. Their craftwork has become such rare creativity to come by and this commands high prices. 

However, there are several other reasons for their high prices other than just creative handcraft design. Just read on and learn. 

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Why Does Henredon Furniture Cost a Lot?

1. The Rich Brand Name

Henredon has been a leader in offering the finest furniture since it first hit the market hundreds of years ago. For quite a long time, it has been considered the best in offering high-quality handcrafted furniture in the market.

Due to their high-quality furniture, the brand earned a huge following over the decades and became very popular.

Given that this brand had carved a great name for itself, it remained one of the most valued furniture brands in the market. As we put it, Henredon represents the best even in today’s market. 

2. Increased Demand on Original Henredon Furniture

Henredon’s perceived absence has increased demand and therefore a lot of value on their available original furniture products.

Right now, most retailers are simply enjoying the memories of one of the greatest furniture brand names in history.

Their high-end furniture products originally made in the 70s are hard to come by in today’s market. 

In 2018, the parent company Heritage Home Group filed for bankruptcy and sold it to Authentic Brands Group (ABG).

Most Henredon furniture lovers don’t perceive the newly made Authentic Henredon furniture as of good quality as the original ones. 

For that reason, the original Henredon furniture has become like a hot cake making their prices to be hyped.

The few available ones are hard to find and even if you buy them second-hand, Their resale value is high. 

3. The Durability of the Furniture

Henredon used to choose very well the wood and materials they use in making their furniture.

The furniture was only made from hardwoods from valuable trees such as mahogany, ebony, cherry, rosewood, and Zebrano.

The upholsters were constructed using high-quality genuine leather and existing textile. Even their fabric furniture was of great quality. Every part of Henredon furniture, whether made of metal or polyurethane foam, is durable. 

Their durability is one of the main reasons their prices are hyped. This is particularly true with their original furniture. 

How Expensive are We Talking About Henredon Furniture?

The original Henredon furniture was made with unique design and quality and therefore commanded a high price. They are currently scarce but on-demand making them have a high resale value as well. 

So whether you are looking for brand new original Henredon furniture or second-hand, expect to spend. 

We came across a 1970s Henredon Burlwood Rosewood dining round table that cost up to $6,500 on 1st DIBS website.

A modern Henredon leather top round cocktail table costs $1,500 on the same site – which is still high compared to what you will find with other brands. 

A used 1970s Henredon furniture that is in good condition has a high resale value. For example, the Henredon folio dining room set can have a resale value of up to $2,400.

What is Comparable to Henredon Furniture?

To better understand what Henredon furniture is worth, let’s look at some of the popular furniture brands that offer the same quality and prices.

This will also offer you an option if at all you can’t find Henredon furniture around your area. 

Boca do Lobo

This brand produces the classiest and most expensive furniture in the US. Their selection of high-quality material and texture makes them a great option if you want something that will last even longer than Henredon furniture.

Restoration Hardware

This is another luxury brand with the finest historical design the world has to offer. Their collection of timeless, updated classic, and authentic furniture offers an unmatched combination of unique interior design with unparalleled value.

On average, they cost a little lower than Henredon furniture. 

Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa has been creating furniture with prestigious designs that bring unique home décor. Their luxury design and prices compare well with that of Henredon furniture.

What Happened to Henredon Furniture?

Despite being known for quality, Henredon furniture has faced some challenges along the way. The most popular one is the latest 2018 incident when the brand was sold. 

Henredon’s parent company filed for bankruptcy and sold the iconic brand to Authentic Brand Group (ABG).

The modern Henredon furniture is now available as Authentic Henredon furniture. This furniture is not of the same quality as the original Henredon furniture. 

But even before that, Henredon furniture started reducing in quality by the early 1980s when they decided to source their products overseas.

The demand for mass production forced the brand to have some of its furniture produced in China. 

As a result, most consumers started perceiving Henredon as just another imported furniture brand. They could only trust 1970s products going backward. 

How Can I Identify Henredon Furniture?

With the wide range of furniture in the market, how will you be sure you are purchasing Henredon furniture? Well, the smartest way to identify a furniture brand is to look at the mark. 

The markers of Henredon furniture must have left a mark somewhere on their furniture. You will mostly find it underneath the couch, chair, or table. For chest drawers, you can find them inside the drawers or one of the drawers at the top edge(s).

If you can’t find the mark, you should scrutinize the details on the furniture. Original Henredon furniture was handcrafted entirely – no use of the machine.

Check the screwing and gluing on the furniture. If no machine is used to assemble the furniture, there is a high chance that it is Henredon furniture. 


Even though Henredon furniture is expensive, you are guaranteed a great value, particularly if you can come across original products.

This furniture offers a unique feel and quality that is hard to find in today’s market. Get one and feel free to share with us your experience. 


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