Is Henredon Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Henredon Furniture Good Quality

You have probably heard the name but maybe you haven’t had experience with this furniture. This is one of the most popular brands in the furniture industry and for good reasons. 

Henredon is known for high-quality furniture with creative handicraft work that makes them unique and of course expensive. Whether it is their living room furniture, bedroom furniture, or dining furniture, every piece of furniture is a piece of luxury. 

We offer you a detailed rundown on whether Henredon furniture offers quality that is worth your money plus several other information you may want to know about this brand.

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Is Henredon Furniture Worth Your Money?

The quality of Henredon furniture makes it worth your money. Several aspects contribute to Henredone quality, including:

1. Detailed handcrafted parts

The brand reputation and quality come from the talent and ingenuity of hand workers.

In this time of mass production, it is not easy to find a furniture product with as much hand and detailed work as the original Henredon furniture. 

The brand furniture distinguished itself from other brands by offering entirely handcrafted furniture.

No machine was used to assemble their original furniture products. 

2. High-Quality Hardwood

The type of wood a brand uses for its furniture matters a lot. Not all woods would give a great result. 

Henredon furniture is made from some of the best hardwoods for furniture. The furniture is constructed from valuable hardwood species such as rosewood, cherry, Zebrano, Mahogany, ebony, and walnut.

These types of woods are known for quality and will produce a long-lasting furniture product. The furniture is decorated with the best luxurious finishes, hand-carving, gilding, and silvering. 

As such, many of the Henredon collections translate perfectly to today’s modern interior design.

3. High-Quality Genuine Leather and Fabric

For their upholstery furniture, the brand used high-quality genuine leather and existing textile. These two products offer pleasant texture and a piece of luxurious look.  

The leathers were sourced from various parts of the world including countries that are known to produce great leather products such as Italy. For that reason, their leathered furniture is highly durable and easy to maintain. 

Their fabric collections are stylish and very durable as well. Even the ones made in the nineties still hold a lot of value to date. 

Henredon upholsteries come in a wide range of colors that will suit every home decor. Besides, you can customize the furniture to your preferred model and color. 

Is Henredon Furniture Currently Being Made?

There has been speculation of Henredon furniture’s disappearance. This is after it emerged that the parent company, Heritage Home Group filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and sold the brand to Authentic Brand Group (ABG).

Authentic Henredon furniture is not as great quality as the original Henredon furniture.

However, the original Henredon furniture still exists in the market as well – including the ones made as early as the seventies. The only disappointment is that they have become scarce. 

Their scarcity has resulted in increased demand and price. Unless you buy used original Henredon furniture, finding one in the market today is a bit of a hassle. But should you find one, you are guaranteed a quality that will last for a lifetime of use. 

How Much Does Henredon Furniture Cost?

The original Henredon furniture commanded a high price because they were made with unique details.

But we also realized that modern Authentic Henredon furniture is not cheap either despite having a relatively lower quality. This could be because of the brand name.

That said, whether you are purchasing a brand new original Henredon furniture or the modern ones or want to buy second-hand furniture, be ready to spend. 

A 1970s set of 3 Walnut Nesting Tables can cost you around $1,775. A modern leather top round cocktail table can cost as high as $1,500. A 1980 three-seater leather sofa will cost you around $3,500. 

A used Henredon furniture in good condition can still cost very high as well. For instance, a set of folio dining rooms from Henredon can have a resale value of $2,400. 

Depending on what you want to buy, you may spend something above or below our quoted prices. Just confirm the prices with online sites like Etsy and eBay or confirm with your nearest retail store. 

How Do I Identify Henredon Furniture? 

 If you love vintage furniture, you should know how to recognize them.

You don’t want to be tricked into purchasing a different furniture brand at Henredon price, thinking that it is Henredon furniture.

The original Henredon furniture is very expensive and therefore, you have to be sure about what you are purchasing. 

In this time of mass production, it is not easy to find Henredon furniture with original quality. Such furniture is on-demand but is scarce. 

To identify whether a furniture product is from Henredon, check the mark.

The markers of the furniture must leave a mark somewhere. Generally, it might be on a paper tag, steel, or just a stamp of the brand name/logo for most brands. 

But Henredon markers used to leave a signature in every furniture product they made. This could be underneath a couch, chair, or table.

For their chest drawers, you will probably find the signature in the drawer at the top edges of one of the drawers or all of them, or it may be located at the back of the drawers. 

What if the mark is missing? Well, as I mentioned before, Henredon furniture is unique in construction. Just scrutinize the details if the mark is missing. 

Since most of their original products were handcrafted, if you find furniture that has been assembled without the use of a machine, it is likely Henredon furniture.

Study the screwing or gluing – these are enough to tell you whether it has been assembled using a machine or manually. 


Hopefully, this is enough information to help you decide on Henredon furniture. If you have decided to get your hand on some of the Henredon pieces, feel free to share with us any of the challenges you may experience in the process. 


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