Why is Flexsteel Furniture Expensive? (Explained)

why Flexsteel Furniture Expensive

Most customers often associate the price level with branding. However, sometimes you may find some average brands costing just as much as industry top brands. This is the case of Flexsteel furniture in the furniture industry.

Why would Flexsteel furniture be that expensive?

Flexsteel furniture offers a sweet spot of quality that every customer likes. The brand is known for Blue Steel technology that guarantees durability for a lifetime of use.

That said, even if they may cost you a lot, you are likely to get a good deal for your money. We are going to find out in detail what exactly you stand to gain when you purchase furniture from this brand. 

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How Expensive are We Talking About?

A single Flexsteel armchair costs between $200 to $300. Their sofas and recliners range from $800 to $4,500 on various sites.

In comparison, Ashley’s sofas prices, for instance, range from $350 to $2,500. This seems even cheaper than that of Flexsteel despite Ashley furniture being one of the most popular brands. 

But Flexsteel furniture prices are high for good reasons. We have mentioned unique features like Blue Steel technology that guarantee great quality and durability.

Another reason could be the fact that Flexsteel is one of the few brands that offer RV furniture. For those who are looking to purchase RV furniture, you should expect to get one at a high price because it is not easy to find a motorhome dealer.

An ultra-leather Driver Side Captains RV Chair costs around $1,295 while a sleepover Ultraleather Reclining RV sofa costs around $2,445.

These prices are just to help you figure out the average amount you should expect to spend when you purchase their RV sofas. 

The prices can go up or down depending on the size or the type of sofa that you are looking for – whether leathered RV seat or fabric, whether two-seaters or three-seaters, and so on. 

However, you should have in mind that these prices are exclusive of installation charges.

What do I Get for My Money from Flexsteel Furniture?

1. High Quality Internal Construction

If you want one of the most unique pieces of furniture in the industry, you can try this brand. Their unique craftwork is one of the factors that make them expensive.

One of the most talked-about unique features their furniture includes is the Blue Steel technology. The Blue steel spring guarantees quality and durability for lifetime use without the need for replacement. 

Besides, the steel bands keep their seats comfortable for years. This is something that has made Flexsteel the most sought after particularly by those who have playful family members who would jump and bang on the seats.

Most brands use hand-tied springs that are of less quality and wear out very fast. This type of spring requires retying or replacement more often.

2. High Quality Leather/Fabric Cover

All of these creative handcrafted details in Flexsteel furniture are covered in high-quality leather or fabric. Genuine leather makes up the highest number of Flexsteel overall sales. 

Their genuine leather comes from top-quality hide and is durable. The leather products are dyed for the perfect finish with literally hundreds of color options.

3. High Quality RV Furniture

The RV owners are not left behind either. The brand RV products have the same quality as that of their home furniture.

Their RVs are lightweight but guarantee durability. Given that their RVs come in different styles means you will have furniture that perfectly matches your décor and your needs.

However, what I most admired in their RV furniture is the folding bunk beds. This is a great feature if you have a family RV with limited space. 

Their dinette seating also tends to be of better quality than what you would find in most motorhome retailers.

This is good news to most RV owners out there because finding an RV furniture retail store may not be easy in your area. Very few furniture brands offer RV furniture.

Can I Get a Better Deal Online?

Several online sites offer Flexsteel furniture including Amazon and eBay. But whether they can offer you this furniture at a better price than what your local retail store offers is a big no.

These online sites have a fine collection of Flexsteel furniture products that are even more expensive. Besides, an online purchase always comes with shipping fees that you have to factor in.

The good news is, Flexsteel furniture stores are well spread through the US and you are likely to find one near you. Try this site to find one near your area. 

Is Flexsteel Still in Business?

Flexsteel furniture hit the market by 1893. They are one of the oldest furniture brands you can talk of today. However, this brand has been struggling along the way, sometimes going out of the market in some parts of the nation then picking up again.

Flexsteel furniture is still being produced and is available in the market in most parts of the country. I bought a used 1990s Flexsteel sofa and have it reupholstered this year. This is just to prove to you that Flexsteel is still an active supplier of furniture products. 

Is Flexsteel Still Good Quality?

For more than 100 years, Flexsteel has been known for high-quality leather and fabric furniture.

The brand had a humble beginning but grew over time to include hundreds of models featuring everything from accent chairs to sleeper sofa sectionals that are known for quality.

The good news is, this furniture brand has stood the test of time and still maintains a competitive quality. The brand believes so strongly in its blue steel technology that guarantees durability for a lifetime of use.


Usually, high-quality products are more expensive. But as long as you stand to get a good value for your money, you will make a good decision going for them.

This post has clarified the value of Flexsteel furniture, so it is up to you to decide on whether it is the right one for you or not. 


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