Is Flexsteel Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Flexsteel Furniture Good Quality

Flexsteel furniture is not cheap, and no one would want to throw their money into them without inquiring about the quality of the furniture. You have to be so sure about what you are getting for your money. 

The good news is, Flexsteel offers a sweet spot of design and quality that most customers we interviewed were happy about. Most customers acknowledged the brand for sectional, sofas, and recliners that are customized in thousands of high-quality fabric, leather, and power options. 

Let’s find out what you stand to gain when you choose Flexsteel furniture over other brands.

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What Do I get for my money?

When you buy Flexsteel furniture, you will enjoy some unique qualities that will be worth your money. These include:

1. High Quality Steel Spring 

Most consumers tend to pay a lot of attention to the external quality of furniture. That is why most of their furniture gets spoiled after a few years of use despite being perceived as of good quality.

Flexsteel is unique because the brand pays a lot more attention to the internal quality of its furniture than most of its competitors.

For more than 100 years, the brand has been known for Blue Steel Foundation – a technology that you may not find in any other brand. 

Most competitively priced furniture brands use standard sinuous wire springs which are hand-tied.

This type of spring requires retying or replacement more often and therefore only makes furniture comfortable for a short time. 

Every Flexsteel piece is equipped with Blue Steel which guarantees comfort and quality for a lifetime of use without the need for retying or replacement.

This feature is also useful in identifying Flexsteel furniture because it is nearly unique for this brand. Whether it is their sofas, recliners, or chairs, simply flip your furniture upside down and check. 

2. A Refined Solid Hardwood

Flexsteel offers furniture made of the best material possible. Every piece of Flexsteel furniture is constructed with a solid wood frame that lasts for years.

The frames are constructed using the best hardwoods sourced from various parts of the world.  

The brand generally focuses on quality and performance. For that reason, each of their furniture products is designed to the brand specification. 

The hardwoods are refined to give the furniture a high-end feel and softness to touch. The woods are also crafted with a lot of details.

Each joint, every stitch, and every turn is inspected to ensure every piece of furniture offers the best comfort, quality, and functionality of the highest level. No stone is left unturned.

3. Luxurious Leather

If you are looking for furniture with the best quality leather possible for your new store, Flexsteel leathers should not miss out on your list.

It offers a variety of luxurious leather which are unique in terms of texture, color, and different aesthetic look.

Their leather will keep you more comfortable and cool thanks to their rich butter texture and silky softness.

With their variety, you will have to find a leather product that will match your lifestyle. Whether you need leather furniture that focuses on stylish looks, easy to care for, or durable one.

4. Finest Fabric Furniture

All the fabric-made Flexsteel recliners, sofas, chairs, are upholstered in the finest fabric available. Every fabric furniture is completed with a beautiful-looking high-quality fabric with the ability to withstand the stress of everyday household use.

Whether you keep pets or just live a busy life, you can count on Flexsteel fabric furniture. They are not just easy to clean but will last even when subjected to a thorough everyday cleaning.

The furniture is curated and tested to ensure that they are made to the best standard possible. Flexsteel staff hand-select each type of fabric and check them to ensure that they have the highest performance.

Are Flexsteel Tables Good Quality?

Just like their recliners, sofas, and chairs, Flexsteel offers an incredible table selection. All the tables are made of solid wood construction that lasts long.

Their home office table, dining tables are all completed using high-quality veneer for a luxurious polished look.

Just like other top brands, Flexsteel dining tables come with matching chairs. What makes their dining table and matching chairs unique is that they come in a wide range of colors that coordinate well with every dining room. 

Their office tables are also of high quality and include some unique features. I own one of their office tables. I bought it because it features a drop-down door and a small desk that fits well in my small office room.

How Much is Flexsteel Furniture Going to Cost Me?

Flexsteel furniture prices are average if you were to rank them along with other brands in the industry.

For instance, the cost of their sofas (including recliner sofas) ranges between $800 to $4,500 on various sites. A single armchair costs between $200 to $300.

Flexsteel also offers RV furniture which in my opinion comes at a good price provided that motorhome furniture retailers are not easy to come by in the US. The RV sofas cost from $1,200-$2,500 depending on the size and the type of RV sofa you are interested in. 

They offer a wide range of RV furniture including sleepover sofers and a single sofa for drivers. Their RV sofas are either clothed in fabric or leather, so it is all about what you choose. 

What Brand is Comparable to Flexsteel?

Flexsteel furniture brand ranks in the list of Top 1000 Global brands based on customer ratings. Their current market cap is $180.92M.

As you have seen, Flexsteel furniture prices are not the cheapest you can get in the market. Their furniture cost just the same as some of the industry’s top brands like Ashley furniture.

In terms of quality, I can rank Flexsteel a little higher than brands such as Ethan Allen, Four Hands, Bassett Furnitures, and Dams Furniture. However, these four brands rank in the same category as Flexsteel when compared in terms of market cap. 

Does Flexsteel Furniture Come With a Warranty?

This is one of Flexsteel furniture’s biggest benefits. Their product comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the internal structure of the products.

The warranty covers all wood frames, springs, reclining mechanisms, seat foam, feathers, and metal bases.

For electrical and mechanical components, you will receive a 5 years warranty in case something goes wrong. Finished wood, pillow fiber/filling, plastics, metal components, and all materials used for upholstery are covered by a 1-year warranty. 

What does customer review say about this brand?

Unfortunately, not a lot of reviews on Flexsteel furniture exist online. Besides, the few that we came across on Trustpilot were not appealing. But they were only 5, which is a small number to use in judging this brand.  

However, I physically interacted with those who own Flexsteel furniture. Though I got a mixed reaction, more customers were positive about the product.


With several years of dedication to quality, we will be right to conclude that Flexsteel is one of the best American furniture brands.

The brand continues to offer furniture with great beauty, quality, and performance that compete well with those of top brands. If you own this furniture, please feel free to share with us your experience.


Flexsteel Furniture