Why is CushCore So Expensive? (Explained for Beginners)

why cushcore expensive

Cushcore emerged for public buying in 2017 and has been in demand for mountain bikes since then. With hitting its target audience, CushCore is much more than the future of the tire industry, especially for those who have a general taste for insurance claims.

Cushcore is gradually surpassing its demands, and so is the wish for a safer and risk-free ride. Despite being a great product, it may cost you a fortune to get it inserted, which is justified, given ‘hitting the ramps flat’ is not an option.

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What might be the minimal cost?

Cushcore gives you a safer riding experience, added friction, and haulage, plus peace of mind on a massive rainy day far from flat tires on a mountain hike. A minimal average installation process might cost you as low as $300 for a pair.

 "We didn't actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure." ~Keith Davis.

Since now, you would have made up your mind to throw your frugal savings to actual use; you might be wondering what makes a cushcore worth it. 

Reviews from basic users or mountain riders might help you understand this deeply. Cushcore gives you a running experience of less than 30 psi with Exo casing, which excludes the risk of flats.

Are there comparable deals on Amazon or eBay?

Not everyone can enchantingly support the immense price tag from the retail store itself, therefore shipping websites such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, and others aid in providing surprisingly cheap Cushcore without compromising the quality, starting from $80 for a single piece.

You have to compare and select the deal you consider pocket-friendly and ‘BOOM,’ the next thing you see is getting your parcel delivered.

What does the deal provide me?

Once you order the Cushcore, the parcel will contain certain compulsions and luxuries depending on what package you order.

Your order will contain:

  1. Cushcore tire inserts (2)
  2. Presta air valves
  3. Valve core tool
  4. installation instructions
  5. rim stickers

Order will take a maximum of 2 weeks to be delivered with extra delivery charges somewhere between $25-50.

What material is making me buy expensive Cushcore?

Cushcore is a molded T-shape made with the foam of closed cells with its narrower part submerged in the rim bed and an upper part that extends over the sidewall. 

Cushcore can endure two tires until it gets slice-like curves and gets an appearance of a noodle-like structure. The rim might also start feeling a little harsher to use.

Long story short, this requires 2-3 insertions of Cushcore per month in a mountain bike, which considering its price, is not frugal at all.

Who is more likely to buy Cushcore?

There is an equity group of primarily three types of people:

  1. Those who consider the product an essential part of their vehicle and now, life too.
  2. Those who haven’t given it their first try yet.
  3. Those who are still waiting for some other cheap alternative.

I am convinced that the first category serves most of the product’s revenues. The latter ones rather not spend their savings on dealing with flats or dropping psi only.

Is Cushcore worth spending money?

Superior or not, Cushcore brings you an experience that you need to witness. It has an aptitude for saving the rim, which matters the most. It saves you from the usual mid-ride tube reinstallation; therefore, the tire goes a long way.

Think about it this way; you buy a cheap product, but you are unsure of its quality. This inner type suspension system can betray you any time before even the warranty strikes you and ultimately cause your life some damage. And if not your life, definitely your pocket.

~Prodigal cries once; miser cries for life.

You might end up spending more money on fixations than saving. On the other hand, Cushcore appearing expensive to you can save you from a lot of trouble. Just go for it once and have some time without worrying.

While fitting an average tube might take 4-5 minutes at maximum, Cushcore installation takes 10-15 minutes the most. If the instructions are followed properly and step by step, you will encounter no trouble while installing them.

Installing or removing a Cushcore is not a big problem. It requires a little concentration and patience. Once you get the hang of the process, the rest is a good day’s work.

What other accessories can I get?

Whether you buy Cushcore from any franchise or online retailer, you have access to purchase Cushcore accessories along with your main item. Riding can be fun if it’s taken more like a hobby and less like routine work. 

A good and well-prepared adventure remains strong in your memory, and that is why Cushcore has launched its certain adventure accessories.

These can be anything including:

  1. water bottle
  2. socks
  3. slogan T-shirt
  4. helmet
  5. gravel

These can cost up to $80. These accessories don’t mean to extend the life of the Cushcore but are used to go with a better riding venture. Imagine dressing in the slogan T-shirt with a customized hat and water bottle while riding. You definitely won’t feel any less than a supermodel.

Is there anything left that I need to know about Cushcore? 

Cushcore avoids the weight of the rear tyre, making the ride go smooth. Removing the Cushcore can be a real growing pain if not removed or replaced when the slits or layers appear in its interior. Removing it late can cause stickiness in the tyre.

Spend once, but spend wisely. Think on your own. Would you rather spend little to no money on a cheap copy that you have to replace every now or then or buy an expensive, original product that you have to change every once in a while? 

Cushcore has been proven and tested by certified engineers with worldwide distributors and independent testing labs. It is the ultimate package for your ride. Safe, a bit expensive, but worth every cent. It is designed to fulfill the need of the hour. It has become the choice of professional racers as it helps them make riding a substantial experience. 


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