Bikes & Cushcore: 7 Quick Answers Explained (For Beginners)

using Cushcore on Bikes

CushCore is a perfect preventative solution for riders to protect their bicycles rims from impacts.

It is a type of tire insert that comprises a foam insert mounted inside a bike tire. It works by dividing the tire inside into half; the CushCore insert is located next to the bicycle rim, and on the other side, Air is filled directly under the wheel tread.

CushCore is quite different from other tire insert brands as they provide a myriad of benefits apart from just protection from rim impacts. Therefore, it is imperative to be well-versed with the different functionalities to reap its benefits fully.

In this article, we will provide quick answers to your questions about Bikes and Cushcores. Take a look!

Is Cushcore Reusable?

Cushcore can be reused keeping in mind the condition they are in when the tire is being changed.

When the CushCore is worn out, there will be a need to replace them for efficiency purposes.

Some riders use their bikes more frequently than others, so they might not be able to reuse their CushCore compared to those who ride their bikes once in a while.

Is Cushcore Worth it?

CushCore is worth it as its performance in terms of rim protection is impressive.

CushCore also enhances the quality of riding. It minimizes vibrations, absorbs shocks, and provides more stability to the tire. It can be described as a suspension for the tires designed to give a smoother and faster ride.

CushCore protects the bike rim, has several other vital functionalities, and increases riding efficiency for riders. They include:

  • Cushcore offers sidewall support which stops the bike tires from rolling in corners.
  • The support allows the rider to cycle on a lower pressure in their tires for a much more extensive contact patch and have more grip.
  • The lower pressure allows the tires to run at a much lighter weight, thus offsetting the additional weights that the CushCore adds.
  • The Cushcore increases damping inside the tire.

CushCore also comes in various versions, the XC and the original version; thus, its users choose when it comes to weight. 

The CushCore inserts are also made of closed-cell foam, making them more durable and impact resistant.

Is Cushcore Heavy?

Yes, it is heavy! CushCore inserts come in two versions: the original, which is heavier, weighs 265 grams, and the XC, which is less in volume, weighs only 150 grams.

The CushCore XC weighs less and is suitable for riders who avoid the somewhat bulky original Cushcore.

The Cushcore XC is only available for wheels that have the dimension of 27.5 or 29. It is also meant to work with Inner rims that have a width of 22 mm and 32 mm and tire widths that range from 1.8 mm – 2.4 mm.

So, the CushCore original is heavy, and if one decides to go from Pro or original to XC, they will be avoiding 110g extra.

Although the XC is lighter than the Pro or original version, the original CushCore has its advantage over the lighter one. Their higher rotating mass gives them increased stability and composure at high speeds.

Riders with much larger dimensions than those mentioned above will have to opt for the original or Pro CushCore version. The Cushcore adds 250g per wheel. Though heavy, the protection is worth it.

Is Cushcore Tubeless?

CushCore is a tubeless tire insert that fits easily on the rim of the bicycle wheel.

Cushcore doesn’t use tubes; it is made of high-density foam on its inside, which supports the sidewalls. Dampen and absorb hits.

The foam inside it also lets it drop PSI, resulting in more improved traction and less bounce.

How long does Cushcore Last?

The CushCore inserts can last up to two years in bikes used in racing. 

CushCore inserts are very durable, although the longevity of the inserts is determined by variables like frequency of riding, terrain, tire pressure, and other determinants.

Also, CushCore inserts are made of foam to resist repeated pounding without deteriorating quickly or being affected by tire sealant.

Do you Need Cushcore Valves?

The tubeless CushCore air Valves are required for use with the CushCore inserts. The air passageway of the Valves is T-shaped and not just a simple through-hole. 

The valve shape is responsible for preventing the CushCore inserts from airflow obstruction through the CushCore Valves.

The Cushcore valves are also meant to work with the Cush core inner with the CushCore Inner tire Suspension only, and thus they are necessary and are bought as a set.

The valves of the CushCore can be removed, though, to add the tire sealant.

How do you set up CushCore?

You can install CushCore by:

  • cleaning the rim
  • Mounting of the CushCore Foam
  • Installation of the tire
  • Insertion of the sealant

The installation by a new user should take at least 30 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step installation of CushCore.

1. Cleaning the rim

Before starting, the rim should be cleaned to remove grime and grease.

A new tire is also recommended to ensure no leftover dirt from previous tubeless setups.

2. Mounting of the CushCore Foam

Begin the installation of the foam ring on the side opposite the Valve and then go round. Ensure the rim is placed upright on the floor to stay in place. 

A hammer can be used in grounding the rim well and applying pressure. When mounting the foam for the first time, some force must be applied to stretch the CushCore so that it sits nicely in the rim bed.

3. Installation of the tire

Before installing the tire, ensure that it is in the incorrect form, then the rim mounted with the CushCore Foam should be placed into the tire. Work your way around the tire, tuck the sides. 

The tire bead should also be tucked between the foam and the rim. Ideally, compress the foam to make a tighter connection with the tire bead. Levelers can be used when it gets too tight.

4. Insertion of the sealant

The Valve can be used in inserting the sealant; it can take some time to seal the existing joint between the rim and tire.

Once the sealant is inserted, the bead should be mounted and then wholly inflated, and you are done.


The CushCore tire inserts have proven very efficient for protecting the rim against impacts; they also come in a variety to provide choice for those who prefer them in lightweight. 

Though the Pro or original versions have some downside: its weight, it is worth installing on your bike for protection purposes.


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