Why are Citizens of Humanity Jeans so Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why are Citizens of Humanity Jeans so Expensive

Who pays $200 for a pair of jeans? I can recall my best friend asking me when we went shopping sometime back. She couldn’t understand why Citizens of Humanity denim jeans are so expensive and kept bugging me about this matter. 

Citizens of Humanity jeans are costly because of the high-quality denim. The company has maintained this top-quality, creating an excellent brand for men and women. The jeans fit my figure to the T, meaning I feel comfortable at the hips and waist. 

I always tell my friend that the Citizens of Humanity jeans are an investment. Every pair is much more than just a simple piece of clothing in my closet. Let’s find out why.

How Expensive Are We Talking Here?

Citizens of Humanity jeans are expensive. They are not the right brand for anyone who wants $20 or $30 jeans to wear. A good pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans can cost upwards of $250. 

Yes, that’s so much money for a pair of jeans. But, here is why these are so costly. Each pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans is a design marvel. The fit is the best thing about every single pair that I own.

Have you ever bought jeans that fit the waist and are buggy on the hips? Or a pair that’s a good fit on the hips and loose on the waist? Citizens of Humanity jeans fit on the hips and waist so that I don’t have to worry about feeling awkward when wearing them. 

A good pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans are an investment. I appreciate that there are sizes for women like me with curves. The jeans flutter my butt and have a comfortable high waist that keeps them in position as I go about my day. 

Are there Sites Where I Can Find Cheaper Options?

A quick peek into Amazon shows similar prices for Citizens of Humanity jeans. While they do slash prices, it’s not as low as you’d expect when hunting for a deal. The fact is that these jeans are costly, and it’s not possible to find a cheap pair. 

It’s easy to understand the high price considering the quality of the jeans. Citizens of Humanity aims to create a sustainable brand. The brand uses organic cotton, modal, polyester, and elastane on their jeans to make them eco-friendly. 

Citizens of Humanity use recycled cotton, recycled leather, and organic cotton to make their clothes. Organic cotton is grown organically in subtropical countries without chemicals and pesticides. Recycled cotton and leather also play a huge role in making sustainable clothes. 

Are Citizens of Humanity Jeans Good Quality?

I’ve been wearing jeans for a long time, and I must admit that the Citizens of Humanity brand is unmatched. I’m yet to find another brand that understands and caters to its target demographic in the way they do. 

Each pair of jeans is unique, and the best of all is the fit. For example, I have a pair with a high waist, straight leg, and the perfect percentage of stretch for a comfortable casual look. The pair of jeans is something I wear all the time no matter the season since it’s easy to style. 

Another reason I like Citizens of Humanity jeans is the availability of trendy options. Vintage looks are back, and I’ve found some amazing 80’s design jeans from Citizens of Humanity. This quality denim is amazing because of the excellent fit and material that lasts. 

I’m yet to buy a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that I didn’t wear for a long time. That, to me, is quality. Before, I’d have to buy new jeans frequently because they get too baggy after losing shape. I’d suggest buying a size up if you have bigger hips when buying from Citizens of Humanity. 

Where Are Citizens of Humanity Jeans Made?

I love clothes made in the USA. Citizens of Humanity have factories in the US, specifically in LA. But also, they have a manufacturing plant in Turkey. 

The brand has a denim-integrated facility in LA where sewing and laundry occur. Citizens of Humanity work step by step to create a perfect pair of jeans for their customers. A pair of jeans takes up to 4 hours to sew. After that, it goes to the laundry, where the process can last up to 5 hours. 

Perhaps the best thing about the brand is these are hand-made jeans. Personal touches to the jeans mean finishing one after a few days. 

Do Citizens of Humanity Jeans Run Small or Large?

I have a bigger bum and a smaller waist. While I love my Citizens of Humanity jeans, the fit is a little small. I always go one size up when placing an order online. I can always fit in the store to see which suits my body type and which doesn’t. 

It’s all about the style that you pick. Check out reviews from other buyers, which can offer more insight into the fit. Still, these jeans have a few stretch means I’ve never lacked one that fits me the way I like. 

Who Owns Citizens of Humanity?

Citizens of Humanity is among the top jeans brands in the country. It was founded by Jerome Dahan together with his business partner Michael Glasser in 2003. As a veteran of the denim market, Dahan was the co-founder of Seven for All Mankind in 1999. 

Seven for All Mankind was founded by the two and Peter Koral. But, they had a falling out, which led to Dahan and Glasser leaving the company. A court-ordered Koral to pay them $55 million, which they used as seed money for Citizens of Humanity. The brand aimed to produce top-quality denim wear from the start. 


Citizens of Humanity jeans have been around for some time and maintain a high price tag. While it might seem crazy to pay over $200 for a pair, I say go for it. You get a quality pair of jeans with an excellent fit for the amount. 

Plus, I love that the company has a vision for sustainability. The use of organic cotton, recycled leather, and recycled cotton is a huge plus. 



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