Why Are Seven For All Mankind Jeans Expensive? (Explained)

Why Are Seven For All Mankind Jeans Expensive

The Seven for all Mankind jeans brand is one of the pioneer clothing lines to advertise luxurious clothes. The idea behind the comfortable, designer jeans was to create an enabling environment where the casual way of wearing jeans comes with glamour and style. 

Using top-notch denim materials, this impossible idea became a reality, with professional designers creating fashion statements on the jeans. 

There’s one tiny bit of challenge, the price attached to all the jeans from this brand is an expensive and otherwise common feature with designers’ jeans.

The company has been working on promoting its brand and improving the quality of its jeans. Most of the promotions are now affected by their retail prices, and currently, Seven for all Mankind jeans are expensive. 

For an average jeans pair, the prices start from $200 and go up. While there are many look-alikes in the market, Seven for all Mankind has improved its products. There are many differences between a clone and the original Seven jeans.

Before we examine the reasons for such a high price, let’s overview the brand itself.

Overview of Seven for all Mankind brand

This American firm was founded and run by Michael Glasser, Peter Koral, and Jerome Dahan. Since its start in 2000, it has designed women’s jeans only

Men’s designs followed up in 2002, while the kids followed later in 2005.

This firm climbed to the highest with its strict attention to detail, excellent durability, and beautiful logo.

 For such a fantastic brand, several celebrities have worn its jeans. Some of them include Prince Harry, Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise, and Kim Kardashian.

The brand is well known because of celebrities who wore their jeans. 

What’s the Average Price for Seven for all Mankind Jeans?

A glance at the 7 for all Mankind official online stores proves their wares are expensive. A pair of jeans start at $200 and goes higher up to $800. 

While this may seem ridiculous, many users have praised the sturdy nature of the jeans, with some claiming their jeans can last up to ice years or more. 

The prices are not far from each other. For the male and female sections, a look at the kids’ area shows that although the prices are higher than the average for a jeans pair, it is cheaper than the adults’ wing. 

If you visit the official website, you’ll be shocked to find the prices are not the usual rates known in other markets, as the brand prides itself on offering only premium clothes for sale.

Why are the Seven for all Mankind jeans Expensive?

As expected, jeans from this brand are among the most expensive, displaying huge prices. Here are some common reasons why they are costly.

Brand Reputation

Seven for all Mankind as a brand is famous in many parts of the world

Their ability to infuse an air of casualness with high-quality jeans fabrics has carved a niche for them in the competitive jeans market. 

Since 2002, they have been working on their brand and building it to meet international standards. The number of marketing campaigns, ads, and others is infused in the retail prices. Many people who buy them also go for the brand name/reputation.

Beautiful Designs

Seven for all Mankind as a brand has a rich history of producing awesome designer jeans. From the seams to the rivets, stitches, buttons, the quality associated with the brand stands out. 

The brand has infused a casual sense into their productions, giving jeans designs a new view away from the regular plain sightings on other jeans types. 

Where to shop for Quality Seven for all Mankind jeans?

There are a handful of places you can get the original version of the Seven for all Mankind for a reputable brand. Don’t forget that their jeans could be cloned, so you need to be careful. 

Some of the popular stores where you can pick up a pair of the original jeans include:

The Company’s site

This should be the first point of contact when searching. You’re guaranteed that you’re paying for the original jeans

Asides from shopping, the website also has a dedicated section that guides you on getting the perfect fit for your body type. 

They have different sections for both men and women, so you’re sure of getting professional help for free on buying the fit for you.


eBay’s one of the world’s most reputable shopping sites. You can find many stores there, not just the Seven for all Mankind sites. They have different sections for men and women, so shopping is more accessible.

It’s also another great place to pick up your favorite jeans.


Amazon is also another great place. Suppose you’re searching for the ideal place to pick your jeans; use Amazon. The site comes with a page where users can review the product, helping you to know whether the jeans are worth it or not.

It has helped many people when trying to make decisions before buying a pair of jeans. 

Identifying Fake Seven for all Mankind Jeans

Like top brands, the jeans from Seven for all Mankind are also cloned with fake fabrics produced. Picking up the original version of the jeans requires some unique tips, which have helped lots of people. Some of them include:

Fake Material

If you ever come across branded jeans with poor materials, it should be a counterfeit product. 

Some things to look out for include incorrect stitching around the edges, over washing of the fabric, etc. 

Low Price

Seven for all Mankind products do not come cheap in the market. 

So if you probably come across some poorly branded jeans that sell for below $100, that’s a red flag.

Final Words

Since the Seven for all Mankind brand started in the early 2000s, they have been producing awesome jeans with high-quality and great designs. 

They don’t come cheap, though, and don’t be surprised to get a pair of jeans for $300. 

So a budget for average jeans might not be okay to get a couple from this brand.