Why Are Nudie Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Nudie Jeans So Expensive

We have no doubt that this isn’t the first time you’re heard about Nudie jeans. Without question, Nudie is a premium denim brand with some popular jeans styles. For this reason, it’s often touted among the best “entry-level” premium denim brands. 

We have put “entry-level” in quotes since the brand isn’t that cheap, especially to those used to purchase $50 products from American Eagle. However, compared with other reputable denim, including selvedge and raw options, the brand’s price is somehow reasonable. 

And apart from jeans, you can also access other quality clothing options from Nudie, including shirts, knits, jackets, pants, and more. 

But you might be wondering why this brand would be somehow more expensive than other jeans options that go for as low as $50. This article will shed more light on this. 

Is Nudie Jeans Worth It?

Nudie Jeans is among the most reputable “entry-level” jeans brands. The brand offers not only quality but also highly durable denim jeans. Most customers who have shopped from the brand have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of products. 

The brand further opens up about its manufacturing practices for customers to freely access and view their sustainability reports. 

Additionally, you’ll be surprised at the amount of information attributed to every product description. Customers can easily check out how each product impacts the environment. 

The brand has been around for almost twenty years, and their jeans offer at least something for everyone. Not forgetting their repair service that any customer is welcome to take advantage of. 

How Much Is Nudie Jeans Worth?

If you want to buy quality Nudie jeans, your first stop should be Nudiejeans.com. The site presents various options, as we’ll see later in this article.

To get the best deal on the site, you should have at least $170. You can also walk into a physical store that sells Nudie jeans and walks away with something special with the same amount. 

Other places you can buy Nudie jeans include Amazon, The Bay, Simons, and SSENSE. If you want to purchase jeans cheaply, we recommend eBay. However, eBay has an extra shipping cost on the orders you make. 

How Are Nudie Jeans Categorized?

If you visit The Nudie jeans website, you’ll note that it only sells jeans for men and women. The jeans are categorized under tight, slim, relaxed, regular, and loose fits. 

Let’s explore further what each category stands for:

Tight Fits

Tight fits are designed to be close to your body yet comfortable. All tight jeans are made either using super-stretch or power stretch denim. 

And even though these jeans stretch when you wear them, we recommend sticking to your size. You can choose your best fit among the selection of black, washed, and dry tight-fit jeans. 

Go through the Jeans fit guide to identify your perfect fit. 

Slim Fit

This is a category under men’s jeans. Slim-fit jeans are designed using stretch denim. The stretch is meant to provide more comfort. 

There are various slim-fit jeans, including black and dry denim, great season washes, and selvedge denim. 

Relaxed Fits

This is a category under women’s jeans. They’re made exclusively using rigid denim because of the superior texture and tactility of the fabric. 

Regular Fit

The regular fit has got you covered when it comes to both contemporary and classic wear. They also offer you more room around the hip, leg, and seat. 

Regular fits are designed with stretch or tactility for easier movement and rigid denim for superior texture. 

Loose Fit

We don’t necessarily imply buggy when we say loose but rather relaxed and at ease. These jeans offer you well-balanced legroom combined with unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. 

Under this category, you’ll find a variety of black, pre-washed, and dry denim jeans. 

Who Are Nudie Jeans Made for?

It’s clear that Nudie jeans are meant for eco-conscious individuals. From applying recycled materials to sustainability reports, the company is very transparent in its manufacturing practices. Maybe that is why it’s called Nudie. 

Most jeans are somehow expensive since a good number of them go for over $100. Therefore, the jeans are ideal for those who aren’t operating on a tight budget. 

If you want to splurge on some quality jeans as a birthday gift for a friend or loved one, this brand is made for you. 

How Do You Wash Your Nudie Jeans?

How you take care of your jeans determines their durability. This brings us to how you need to wash the jeans for better results. 

According to the company, you should never wash your new Nudie dry jeans until after 6-months of use. When you notice any visual signs of tear and wear, you can wash them.

When the jeans reach their first wash stage, ensure you turn them inside out. You can then wash them at 40°C or 60°C. You’ll achieve more contrast with higher temperatures. 

For better results, employ an environmentally friendly (bleach-free) washing powder. After washing, hang the jeans to dry. Iron the jeans after it has dried and avoid mixing them with white clothes. 

How Long Will It Take for A Nudie Jeans Order To Arrive?

Upon ordering jeans from the Nudie jeans site, expect to receive them within 2-3 business days.  

When the order leaves the warehouse, you’ll get a shipping confirmation with a tracking number for you to track it. 

However, deliveries might take longer during public holidays and sale periods. 

What About Free Repairs?

As much as Nudie jeans are expensive, they have an added advantage. The brand takes into account the whole lifecycle of your jeans. 

As we have seen, the brand encourages you to wear your jeans as much as you can before washing them. 

And since the brand believes that each pair of jeans tells a unique story, it guarantees you free life repairs regardless of where you bought the jeans. There are repair stores in most parts of the world. And if you can’t find a repair store near you, the brand can ship a free repair kit to you for DIY. 

When you’re done with your jeans, the brand can have them back and sell them as reused jeans or use them as repairing materials. Some jeans are employed for recycling projects. 

The Final Thoughts

Nudie Jeans is an entry-level brand with modern styles. For your information, the brand isn’t that cheap, especially if you’re used to buying $50 products from American Eagle. However, its price is quite reasonable compared to other reputable denim, including selvedge and raw options. 

You’ll never come across a more eco-conscious jeans brand. You can freely access and view their sustainability reports online. 

And contacting the company is quite straightforward through email (customercare@nudiejeans.com) and phone call (+46 10 1515800). 


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