Why Are American Eagle Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are American Eagle Jeans So Expensive

Founded in 1977, American Eagle (AE) Outfitters has been a leader in the jean industry throughout the United States.

We are all used to paying a little extra so that we can wear our favorite brand, and American Eagle has taken advantage of their smart branding, loyal customers, and constant trend following to take full advantage of the price of their jeans.

Throughout this article we will take a look at why these jeans are so expensive, and if they are worth the price.

What Makes American Eagle Jeans So Expensive?

The Los Angeles Times wrote in 2019 with the headline “American Eagle is thriving even as shopping malls shrivel”, and since then has seen their stock price rise by approximately 28% showing that their growth has not slowed.

The popularity of clothing brands often comes down to a few key factors, many of which American Eagle has focused on.

Connection to the Young Crowd

By running campaigns directed at outspoken social media using teens and young adults who have a passion for activism, American Eagle spoke to the hearts of any as they “supported the cause”.

By doing this American Eagle jeans have become iconic and can be seen in photos in stores around the country.


Unlike some brands on the market, American Eagle has made a huge effort to be more inclusive to women of different body types and backgrounds.

This has further caused a higher demand for their jeans as they are more supported and have a larger market.

Jeans Loyalty

According to Oliver Chen, a retail analyst at Cowen, once customers find jeans that fit well, they tend to stick to the brand, as jeans can often be costly.

This further creates loyalty and constant demand.

Ultimately, constant quality and top-end advertising have caused a demand for these jeans.

With high demand, American Eagle has been able to boost their prices as they know the consumer will pay the price.

Are American Eagle Jeans Worth the Price?

American Eagle jeans are not cheap, and can sometimes be priced slightly shy of US $100 for a single pair.

Although there are more expensive jeans on the market, this leaves the question, is this a fair price for these jeans?

According to multiple customer reviews and comments, one of the best things about American Eagle is its constant quality of clothing.

One customer saidYou always know an item from them is going to be good quality and fashionable.” while another mentioned when asked what they value most about the brand, that it’s the designs and high quality.

That being said, another customer commented on the high quality, but also mentioned that the apparel seems slightly overpriced.

Although American Eagle Jeans are more expensive than others in their class, they do come with high quality. That being said, for their short life span, American Eagle Jeans may be slightly overpriced thanks to their dedicated followers.

That being said, whether paying a little extra for a brand is worth it for you or not is an individual choice, and should always be decided personally.

How Long Do American Eagle Jeans Last?

Jeans, on average, last between 2-3 years before wearing thin and making holes. 

This of course varies depending on how often you wear them, your daily activities, and how many pairs of jeans you have on rotation.

According to multiple customer responses, on average, American Eagle jeans tend to break after approximately 2 years, which is on the low end of the longevity scale.

That being said, with the correct care and rotation, some customers claim their jeans have lasted up to 4 years and more.

Does the Color of American Eagle Jeans Fade?

American Eagle uses high-quality denim and environmentally friendly material for their jeans which help them hold the color well.

That being said, American Eagle jeans will run after the first wash and should be hand washed in cool water.

Doing this can keep the color of your jeans for 2 – 3 years, however, washing your jeans in hot water or using a dryer will fade them far quicker.

How do the prices of American Eagle Jeans Compare to their Competitors?

BrandPrice RangeAverage Price of Best Sellers
LeviUS$80 – US$300US$100
AbecrombieUS$60 – US$110US$90
American EagleUS$30 – US$90US$50
H&MUS$10 – US$50US$30

When compared to Levi, one of the world’s leading jeans brands, AE is on average half the price, however, when compared to its closest competitors, the price of American Eagle jeans sit comfortably between H&M (cheapest) and Abercrombie (most expensive).

Are American Eagle Jeans Good Quality?

American Eagle, when compared to both H&M and Abercombie, was rated higher for both prices, and quality.

AE was given a score of 4.3 out of 5 by its customers for its quality, which exceeded both its nearest competitors who both scored 3.9.

Furthermore, when asked about the price, although American Eagle is more expensive than H&M, it was still rated higher thanks to the incredibly good value for money.

Although American Eagle Jeans have a fairly short life span and might not compare to the Levis of the world, they are still ranked best in their class for quality.

This of course does not mean that American Eagle jeans are the best quality on the market, but it is a good indicator of how their quality stands out among their closest competitors.

Are American Eagle Jeans Worth Buying?

When it comes to price, quality, customer service, and overall comfortability, American Eagle jeans tick all the boxes.

Although they might be slightly expensive, these jeans are incredibly comfortable and don’t fade or break after the first use.

American Eagle is an iconic brand, and if you follow the brand you will likely be happy to pay a little more for jeans you’re going to love.


American Eagle is an iconic brand in the USA, and its jeans are a cornerstone of its image.

Through smart marketing to the outspoken youth and consistent quality and customer service, American Eagle has managed to raise their prices.

Although this does make American Eagle Jeans slightly overpriced, they are high-quality jeans and will not make you feel as though you have overpaid.


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