What To Do If Your IKEA Furniture Is Damaged? (6 Great Tips)

What To Do If IKEA Furniture Damaged

Sometimes when you’re piecing together your furniture, you’ll often find a broken part. The faults may be due to defects in workmanship, material, or damages during assembly or transportation. 

Regardless of the situation, many homeowners want to know what they’ll do with their damaged IKEA furniture. And, if you’re wondering what step you’ll take next, worry not. Here’s all you need to know. 

IKEA has a customer-friendly policy that allows you to return faulty or damaged furniture within 365 days of purchase. For furniture with a faulty or damaged part, IKEA recommends taking it together with the original purchase receipt to an IKEA store, and they’ll exchange it for you. Alternatively, you can opt to return the entire furniture for a refund or exchange. 

So, is it that straightforward? What condition should your furniture be in to be accepted? What other steps should you take to make the best of IKEA’s return policy? Read on to find out. 

Here’s What To Do When a Small Piece Is Damaged

There are several tips to consider when your IKEA furniture is damaged, and they depend on the item’s state during delivery. If you inspect and ascertain that your furniture is in good condition, IKEA treats any damage that happens after that differently from damages before and during delivery. 

And as furniture comprises several parts that piece together to form a complete unit, some small parts such as nuts, screws, tapes, or any securing pieces may get broken. Also, accessories such as the decorations, handles, levers, and chair wheels are included here. 

Let’s look at some possible scenarios:

The Parts Were Damaged At Delivery

In such a scenario, IKEA replaces the parts and ships the replacements to you at no extra cost. But you’ll have to inquire earlier about seeking the replacement to ensure the spares are available. 

Additionally, you can use two methods to get the exact replacement part. The first is the more traditional way of driving to the store and requesting a similar item. The second method is less cumbersome and uses IKEA’s free shipping policy. 

You have to access IKEA’s website, go to the spare parts page, and locate the item you want. Alternatively, look for a bar that prompts you to key in a six-digit item-specific code. And since you might not remember every item’s code in your house, for IKEA furniture, the codes are always in the assembly instructions. 

Parts Damaged During Assembly

IKEA treats damages to its furniture during assembly differently from faults due to errors in workmanship or material. 

On the brighter side, the company replaces any small pieces that may get broken during the process, but that doesn’t mean you break parts intentionally to maximize IKEA’s friendly policies.

Under their discretion, the company can opt not to offer free spare parts if it deems you damaged your furniture on purpose. 

Here’s What To Do When a Big Piece Is Damaged at Delivery

IKEA treats damages to its bigger furniture parts differently from how it handles the smaller components.

Due to company reasons and the fact that it won’t be profitable replacing bigger items, IKEA encourages its customers to provide proof that they aren’t the cause of the damage. Rather, it was delivered to them with material and workmanship defects, such as a table without a leg or a broken countertop. 

Therefore, the only loophole to get a free replacement or refund is convincing IKEA that the item came to you while broken. And, you might find convincing them to be very hard. On the brighter side, IKEA replaces all damaged furniture pieces at a small fee. 

You’ll only have to take the broken item and proof of ownership to IKEA to be eligible for a replacement. Moreover, the company must decide whether they should replace, repair, or refurbish your item.  

Here’s What To Do When a Big Piece Is Damaged During Assembly

The assembly process is somewhat scary for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts as they may chip or split boards, break screws, or even damage the whole item. And since most bigger pieces cost a lot of money, it would be unwise for any company to offer replacements free of charge.

IKEA states that it’s possible to repair the smaller faulty part of your furniture but at a subsidized cost. On the contrary, you can load up your item onto a truck and drive to any IKEA store, and they’ll be willing to help you.

Can IKEA Assemble an Item for Me?

Most IKEA furniture comes unassembled, and you must work hard reading the instruction manuals, training on proper tool usage, and using power tools. Therefore, if you’re a newbie, the chances of damaging your furniture are quite high. 

But you need not worry when buying from IKEA as it partners with TaskRabbit to help you with furniture installation and home assembly. 

Also, some IKEA stores partner with local carpentry experts to help you with your assembly or installation. Hence it would be best if you asked for one the next time you’re buying an item that requires assembling. 

Can You Return Assembled Furniture?

Yes. IKEA’s return policy allows you to return any furniture that you deem unfit for its purpose regardless of whether it’s assembled or not. 

The company website says that they refund any IKEA product by the same method you made the original payment even if it’s assembled. The main catch is that the product, or furniture in our case, is unused and resalable. 

IKEA further states that they can refuse to accept or exchange returned furniture if the compliance criteria are not satisfied.

Here’s How To Prevent Furniture Damages That Happen During Installation

Here are some tips you can practice to ensure that your furniture isn’t broken at delivery or during installation. 

Inspect the Cardboard Enclosure At Delivery

At delivery, look at the state of the cardboard packaging to check for any dents. 

A dented cardboard enclosure indicates that its contents, such as your countertop, sofas, tables, or shelves, have greater underlying problems. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious as some faulty parts will start disintegrating or losing their structural integrity during installation. 

Avoid Assembling Delicate Furniture Items If You Lack Necessary Skills 

Secondly, only assemble furniture you know very well and have the necessary skills and tools to execute the task flawlessly.

Don’t misguide yourself into assembling some delicate furniture pieces as they may require high-level skills that you can only find with professionals. 

Keep Your Workspace Clean and Organized

Many people misplace smaller items or assume them to be extras, only to find out later that the parts are crucial for a successful assembly.

Furthermore, read the user manuals before assembling any piece of furniture.

Final Remarks

IKEA is one of the best stores to buy ready-to-assemble furniture and kitchen appliances. 

The company’s furniture is also easy to install and features detailed guidelines on the methods of assembly, the tools to use, and the best practices to ensure a successful assembly. 

Failure to go through the manual can be disastrous as damages are costly. 


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