Are IKEA Range Hoods Good? (Explained For Beginners)

ikea kitchen with range hood

One of the highest selling range hoods is IKEA mostly due to their affordable prices. No argument IKEA always hits the market with some of the industry’s cheapest products. 

But the most common question that many people ask is how good their products are. If you have been asking the same about IKEA range hoods, we are here to address your query. 

IKEA offers an attractive range of hoods in a variety of styles. Some of the IKEA range hoods are good, featuring decent fans with up to 400 CFM and three-speed. With this blower power, some IKEA range hoods are just as good as other brands.  

That said, when it comes to range hoods, IKEA doesn’t offer the industry’s weakest or cheapest hoods or extractors. This article is designed to offer you some facts about IKEA’s range hood products that you may not be aware of. 

How Much Do IKEA Range Hoods Cost?

Don’t expect IKEA range hoods and extractors to be in the industry’s cheapest end as you would expect with some of their products. IKEA offers a great range of hoods at an average price similar to products from other brands out there. 

Though you can get some of their wall hood and extractors as cheap as $100, we were shocked to see some of their range hood products fetching up to $700, with an average cost of around $500. This is not too different from what you will find in other brands out there. 

The average cost indicated is without the installation charges. The cost to install an IKEA range hood is also similar to installing range hoods from other brands. 

A simple replacement of the under-cabinet range hood will cost you the lowest depending on who is installing it. The highest cost however applies to a concealed cabinet hood with a custom cover and new duct.

For a simple replacement or a ductless range hood installation, you can undertake the project if you are an experienced DIY and cut on the cost. For a ducted range hood that requires new ductwork, you should hire a professional because it will involve drilling some holes and wiring. 

How Durable are IKEA Range Hoods?

Nothing good in a product if it is not durable. A cheap product that is not durable will still end up being expensive because you will have to purchase it more often. 

Well, the IKEA range hood blends so well in quality and price. While they are not too expensive, they will last you years. This is mostly due to the fact that most of them are made of stainless steel. 

Stainless steel is known to withstand harsh weather, resist resting and retain its color for a long time. Besides, parts of IKEA range hoods such as filters are dishwasher safe. This makes them easy to clean and maintain. 

Do IKEA Range Hoods Have Good Performance?

IKEA range hoods aren’t as basic as you would be thinking. They are made to do the job and will work just like the range hoods from other brands, or better. 

Range hoods usually have similar features and are designed to do one job: ventilate or remove polluted air from your kitchen. There is a wide range of IKEA range hoods, but as long as they actually ventilate out of your kitchen, they all basically work.

Besides, you can find IKEA range hoods that will suit your cooking place. Whether it is your home kitchen or commercial cooking place. They come in different sizes and power, so all you have to do is to ensure the one you choose fits well in your cooking area. 

How Much CFM Does IKEA Range Hoods Have?

There has been a lot of debate about how much air movement you need. But the experts at the HVAC company that we spoke to advised that if you have typically 30-36 in range or cooktop with the CFM in the range of 300 and 500 is adequate. Many IKEA range hoods are within this range.  

Anything beyond this range would only be necessary if you regularly use a very smoky cooking method. Besides, too much fan power comes with its disadvantages. Not only will you be wasting a bunch of air that you are investing into to heat or cool your house, but you will be creating a negative pressure inside your house.

Besides, very powerful CFM consume a lot of energy, not to mention the fact that they are noisy. If you are not going to ventilate a large cooking area, you don’t need a very powerful range hood. 

How Noisy Are IKEA Range Hoods?

IKEA range hoods come at a wide range of CFM. The ones with the lower CFM ratings are quiet than those with higher CFM ratings. 

Generally, the higher the CFM the louder the range hood would be. Powerful range hoods can be uncomfortably loud at their top speed. In a home that doesn’t require noise or in your office, you may favor models that are quieter. 

You can have an IKEA range hood with 1-3 sone range. This sound range is between a calm office and a normal TV conversation.

However, there are some powerful IKEA range hoods with up to 8 sones. This is as loud as traffic noise or your TV conversation in full volume. Such range hoods should be installed in commercial settings along the busy streets. The street noise will help neutralize their sound.

Are IKEA Ventilation Hoods and Extractor Fans the Same Thing?

Ventilation hoods suck out air, smoke, and odors to the outside. An extractor fan (exhaust fan) is a ductless venting, that is, recirculating via a fan. The charcoal filter will definitely help remove odors, but it’s not the same thing as sucking the smoky air out of your IKEA kitchen.

On the IKEA site, these products are always indicated as range hoods and extractor fans, or range hoods and exhaust fans. Our clarification is enough to direct you. 

The final thought

IKEA range hoods are durable with sleek looks that will add a lot of value to your kitchen. They are as effective as other top-rated range hood brands and will keep your kitchen liberated from cooking vapor, smoke, and any sort of dampness that may be aggregated by the cooking oil. The good news, IKEA range hoods come at very affordable prices.