Are Vissani Microwaves Good? (8 Hacks To Know)

Vissani Microwaves Good

Over 90% of percent of American homes have at least one microwave oven according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This is because a microwave is a very convenient cooking appliance that saves a lot of time. 

This gets even better if you purchase a high-quality microwave from a reputable brand. Is Vissani among the reputable microwave brands?

Yes. Vissani produces a well-made good quality microwave that will offer you value for your money. Their microwaves are affordable but include all the features you may find in top brand microwaves.

But just how good is the Vissani microwave? I am going to answer several common questions that consumers usually ask about this microwave brand. Just read on and find out if your question is addressed. 

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Are Vissani Microwaves Reliable?

Quality-wise, Vissani boasts stainless steel microwaves that look elegant from every direction. The microwave oven is packed with a great feature that you usually prioritize when purchasing a microwave.

Vissani microwave comes with a power setting that you can use to regulate the voltage. You need a powerful microwave oven that will cook both heavy food items and light ones Vissani provides. All you need to do is to play with the power setting.

The microwave oven also comes with an auto cook setting that will help you simplify cooking. But their low-end microwave doesn’t have this feature. 

If you have children in your home, you can go for a Vissani microwave oven with a child lock facility. Other important features that most Vissani microwaves come with include the auto cook menu and timer.

The microwaves also come in a range of power consumption to choose from. That said, the Vissani microwave will serve the intended purpose adequately within a specified time. 

How Affordable is Vassani Microwave?

Vissani is not one of the most expensive microwaves – they are generally cheap. However, I like the way Vissani spread the cost of its microwave across different models. 

Factoring all the available deals for Vissani microwaves across all online stores, the average price for a Vissani microwave is $131.24. The deals are even available in two popular online stores at the time of this writing; Amazon and eBay.

The highest price you can get is $577.00 from amazon while the lowest price available right now is $4.50 from eBay. This is a price range that you may not find in any other brands.

How Long Does a Vissani Microwave Last?

With average use, a Vissani microwave can last up to 10 years. If well maintained, your Vissani microwave can last beyond ten years. However, it is important to consider an upgrade once your microwave hits ten years.

To prolong the lifespan of your microwave, always wipe it clean after every use and deep clean it regularly. You should also ensure you use the right utensil that is microwave safe and stay within the weight limitation of your appliance. 

Poor maintenance of your Vissani microwave will shorten its lifespan by half. 

When Should a Vissani Microwave Oven be Replaced?

Though some health practitioners will advise you to replace your microwave after ten years of use citing radiation, I don’t think radiation leak is in any way related to years of microwave operation. However, this is debatable and all leave it at that. 

What I can advise is that if you don’t notice a change in your microwave operation, there is no need to replace it. But if you detect some unique operations, especially when the microwave is approaching 10 years, you should consider replacing it. 

Some of the problems associated with aging microwave include:

  • Smoke, spark, and burning smell
  • Food isn’t cooling properly
  • It makes a horrible sound as you cook
  • The door doesn’t seal properly
  • The keypad does not function

If these signs come at an early age, you may repair them instead. But only if it is worth it because sometimes repairs can be very expensive. 

Can Vissani Microwave be Recycled?

Now that you are replacing your microwave, how do you get rid of the old one? You will probably need a safe way to dispose of your old microwave.

The legal and acceptable way of disposing of your old microwave is recycling. However, microwaves fall under a category known as e-waste and the method of recycling is slightly different.

That said, check with your local appliance store or any nearby larger retailer shop. Some of them offer the service of removing your old microwave. But it comes at a cost and you should therefore research well and know what is expected of you.

If your store or retail doesn’t handle recycling, there are household recycling centers in towns or cities, just look out for them. You can visit the ‘Recyclenow’ page and type in your postcode. It will direct you to a recycling location near you.

But if your area has local authorities that collect small electrical material as part of the normal curbside collection the better. 

How Many Watts does a Vassini Microwave Oven Use?

Microwave power is measured in watts. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the wattage the higher the power of a microwave.

Vissani offers microwave ovens in a wide range of styles and power. A standard family-size Vissani microwave oven uses around 800W to 1,000W. But if you are interested in advanced microwaves suitable for catering, you can find a higher wattage.

However, I noticed that most of their wall unit microwaves have slightly lower wattage. Despite that, they are capable of cooking bulky food perfectly well.

How Many Liters is a Standard Vissani Microwave?

The majority of free-standing and built-in Vissani microwaves are 25 liters, which is the perfect size of a family kitchen. 

The good thing is, Vissani offers a wide range of microwaves in terms of capacity. Their family-size microwaves range between 20 liters to 25 liters. 

Does Vissani Microwave Come with a Warranty?

Vissani microwaves are warranted to be free from any defect in material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase.

This warranty applies to Vissani microwave ovens sold under the brand name Vissani by an authorized retailer. The warranty cannot be transferred through sale or resale to a third-party unauthorized retailer. 

In addition, some parts of Vissani products are warranted for a period of 8 years from the date of first purchase. But you will be responsible for all labor, transportation, and expenses related to inspection and replacement of the parts after the initial one-year warranty expires. 


Vissani microwave balance well quality and pricing. They come with great features that compare well with those from the top brand but are more affordable. If you own this microwave or you are planning to give it a try, please feel free to share with us your experience.


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