Is Temple Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Temple Furniture Good Quality

Temple Furniture is a furniture production company based in Maiden, North Carolina. The company is a privately owned premier home furniture manufacturer focusing on catering to residential and commercial furniture needs. 

It’s a relatively small company compared to Stickley or Best Home Furnishings. Therefore, you might not have heard about it, or you’re starting to develop an interest in the brand. But whatever the case, this article has got what you need.

Temple Furniture is a good quality brand that will serve you well for a lifetime. Their products are durable, classy, fair priced, and customizable. 

Additionally, the company makes its handcrafted furniture expertly using its well-known 8-way hand-tied craftsmanship technique.

If you’re eager to know more about temple furniture, you’re in the right place. Read on.

Who Owns Temple furniture?

Temple Furniture was founded in 1962 by the Parker family, who continues to run and operate the company to this day.

With close to six decades of diligent service to the American market, the company has remained running and true to its heritage.

Why You Should Buy Temple Furniture


Temple furniture might not be as artistically designed and aesthetically pleasing as Stickley. 

Temple Furniture focuses more on functionality rather than aesthetics. Therefore, the brand makes very durable furniture at affordable prices

And by that, I don’t mean that they’re cheap. Temple furniture is reasonably priced and may seem like a tremendous bargain considering the quality of furniture you’re getting. 

You might be wondering how that’s possible. Does the company substitute aesthetics for higher quality materials? Maybe yes. 

The brand’s furniture construction, fabrics, materials, and production processes are in tandem to give you a line of furniture that suits your home.

Better Resale Value

How many times do you come across a “brown sofa for sale” advert that a seller describes using paragraphs of poorly-crafted words aimed at misleading buyers towards purchasing a worthless item? 

The practice is quite common nowadays, especially with the influx of poor-quality materials into the furniture market. 

Fortunately, Temple Furniture’s dedication to its heritage is a good option for those that prefer to purchase American-made furniture. 

The brand’s well respected locally, and reselling Temple furniture is easier and more convenient than most other brands’ furniture. 

Online sales will do the trick. You need to list your couch together with its model number, and you might sell it even for a higher price.

Excellent Customer Service

Your experience with a furniture manufacturer may vary a lot with the dealer you’re talking to or the brand’s branch representative assigned to you. 

Overall, Temple Furniture is customer-oriented and builds a positive experience for its clients. 

One aspect of this is the impeccable technical staff that will go the extra mile to repair or replace broken or faulty furniture. The warranty cover claiming process is also straightforward.

Problems with Temple Furniture

Issues that you’re likely to face with Temple furniture are more personalized. Temple’s handcrafted furniture may have minor issues, but those don’t affect a whole furniture line.

Listed below are the two major problems that plague the company.

Your Furniture Options are Limited

If you need fully customizable furniture with hundreds of fabrics, trimming, and cushions to choose from, Temple Furniture isn’t the brand for you

The company has a minimal catalog of options that you can choose from. You might end up spending thousands of dollars only to buy a piece that doesn’t blend in or complement the theme of your home. 

Ensure to do your research well on the available fabric options before ordering one from the company. The better you grasp whatever is on sale, the better your chances of buying your preferred furniture. 

Delayed Deliveries and Repairs

Temple Furniture is a smaller company respected in the furniture business. They’re prompt and eager to help with sales, potential recalls, or repairs. 

However, the lack of “size” in terms of limited production and a small workforce has hampered the company’s service delivery massively. 

Orders take weeks or even months to be delivered. It’s more so if you live in regions that don’t have the company’s dealerships or furniture stores.

The good thing is that your furniture will arrive at your doorstep in good condition. You have to be patient.  

What’s the Warranty on Temple Furniture?

Temple Furniture’s warranty cover offers nothing that’s exceptionally eye-catching but is still good. 

All frames have a limited lifetime warranty against warping, instability, and breakdowns as long as the furniture remains upholstered in the original fabric. 

Furniture cushion supports and springs have limited life warranties because the furniture is under everyday stress in its lifetime

Sleeper mattresses and mechanisms have five years warranties. Recline mechanisms and air sleeper mattresses both have 3-year warranties. 

Swivel and glider mechanisms have two-year warranties, while the recliner battery packs have 1-year warranties.

What You Should Know about Temple’s Warranty

  • You must make any warranty claims through an authorized dealer, and the furniture should be in the original upholstered fabric.
  • Before taking the furniture to a dealer, it’s Temple’s task to exclusively determine whether you’ll repair your furniture locally or transport it to the factory.
  • Temple Furniture covers the transportation costs of the furniture to the factory but doesn’t cover expenses that you’ll have to pay to get spare parts.
  • The warranty is valid only if the furniture is under normal use and free of abuse.

What Do Reviews Say?

As one of the few furniture manufacturers that still manufacture in the US, Temple Furniture is rated fairly for its quality and solid furniture. They’re decent, moderately priced, and last generations

The company receives a lot of praise due to its commitment to state-of-the-art production lines while remaining traditional. They’re also a customer-oriented company that won’t frustrate you as much as the others. 

However, since the company doesn’t focus on the higher-end, more refined designs, the company furniture can be taken as utility furniture. 

While they offer basic service, they lag in terms of aesthetics and the visual appeal that you’ll find in higher-end pieces. It’s still a good furniture brand whose products will serve you for a very long time.

My Take on Temple Furniture

Temple Furniture is a good brand that rivals most middle-end furniture manufacturers in the US. 

If you need furniture that’s a mix of durability, style, and quality, you should buy Temple.

Furthermore, most of the materials used in production are American, and you can source repair materials quicker. 


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