Is Stickley Furniture Worth it? (Explained for Beginners)

Stickley Furniture Worth

Absolutely! Stickley Furniture is a top-tier high-end furniture manufacturer based in Manlius, New York. The company’s furniture items have a reputation for lasting a lifetime or even several generations. 

They also have a great resale value and are frequently targeted by antique dealers. 

However, they’re expensive and therefore not affordable to a majority of the populace. 

Furthermore, paying more doesn’t guarantee that the product will serve you as you intend. 

Is the brand overpriced or rightly priced? Read on to find out. 

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Why You Should Buy Stickley Furniture

Your choice to buy Stickley furniture should be guided by your desire to own durable, classy, and functional furniture. And even as you might have to spend more, it’s worth it. 

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should go the Stickley way.


You may find that the chair you bought from company X in 1997 is of a better build than a similar chair you bought from the same company in 2020. Attention to detail and precision are often lost in mass production processes. 

Fortunately, it’s not the case with Stickley Furniture. The company has remained authentic and ingrained in its principles and efforts to retain the same quality over the years. 

Every aspect of their furniture is solid and durable—the high standard used in sourcing raw materials and production results in higher-priced finished products. 

You Have Many Options to Choose From

What makes a specific piece of furniture better and more durable than the other? The answer lies in its construction. And Stickley knows this secret. 

While they offer mission-style furniture, the company also offers transitional and traditional furniture that is less detailed and cheaper. 

The build quality is still the same. If you’re looking for furniture that compliments your home, chances are pretty high that Stickley’s got you. 

The company offers unique-styled furniture with different colors, sizes, upholstery types, or even frames.

Exemplary Customer Support

If other furniture companies have sound customer support systems, Stickley has one of the best customer supports. 

The company is customer-oriented and always ensures that the customer is well served. Deliveries are delivered on time, recalls are taken back and returned the soonest possible, and the technical support is well versed on how to treat customers.

So, they’re patient, informative, knowledgeable, and honest. 

And since its production processes are fully manual, the company employees that interact with the customers are very knowledgeable.  

What Makes Stickley Furniture Different?

The answer is simple, quality. Stickley sources its solid wood materials from the best trees, involves highly qualified professionals in production, and remains true to its heritage. 

Have you ever ordered a chair from a store, and it ends up breaking apart after three months? And the dealership said that it’s a hardwood chair that will serve you a minimum of 70 years or more. 

I’ve been in your shoes, and I can assure you that excellent construction processes result in excellent products. 

Most furniture companies lower the quality of their construction processes to lower prices. Some are still resting on their laurels while they produce sagging sofas, weak chairs, drawers that don’t match, or cabinets that end up falling on you. 

You, the buyer, will end up suffering in the long run.

Production Methods That Differentiate Stickley from the Rest

Use Of Quarter Sawn Timber Technique

Stickley’s dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability drives the company’s adoption of the quarter-sawn timber technique. 

It’s a technique used in the wood industry to extract a very high percentage of wood from the tree. 

The technique gives the tiger-stripe pattern we often see in Stickler’s furniture.

Use of Tongue and Groove Joints

Tongue and groove joints are suitable for furniture since they’re stronger and allow for better board alignment. 

Solid wood varies with different sources. The tongue and groove joints ease the process of matching board pieces that differ in grain and color.

Quadrilinear Posts

Quadrilinear posts technique entails mitering four quarter-sawn boards around a solid core.

Doing so provides a solid and rigid item while still allowing the beauty of the ray-flake texture to appear. 

This technique is often imitated, but none of the competitors have perfected it like Stickley.

Dovetail Cross Rails

Dovetailing cross rails into ends of the wood or its frame strengthens the furniture item immensely. 

The joint doesn’t rely on glue and is very strong. To remove the wood piece, you’ll have to split it!

What’s Stickley Furniture’s Warranty?

Stickley has a very functional and customer-friendly warranty cover for their furniture. 

Except for office and dining chairs, the company offers a lifetime warranty for most furniture. 

Stickley offers a five-year manufacturer’s Limited Warranty for chairs, mechanical devices such as recliner mechanisms, cushion units, springs, and finishes. 

If the items are damaged well within five years from reception/delivery confirmation, the company will repair or replace the item.

What Do Reviews Say?

A look at reviews on and shows that the brand is excellent. 

Positive attributes include their precision-to-detail production process, excellent customer support, and durable products. 

However, the company received many negative reviews that stem from the company’s perceived incompetence. 

Common issues included delayed deliveries, expensive repairs, and new items that lost their “Stickley touch” rather quickly than anticipated. 

A reviewer claims that the company charged her $300 to repair a chair arm! That’s quite expensive by any standard. 

So Should You Buy It?

Yes! Buy Stickley if possible. 

It’s a great brand, and all brands will suffer from errors in production every once in a while.

Just remember to inquire about your items’ warranties and inspect them before signing the proof of delivery (POD). 

Wrapping It Up!

I wouldn’t say that Stickley furniture is overpriced because they’re not. Like other high-end products in the industry, Stickley guarantees you that every cent spent is well spent. 

If you walk to their stores, keep an eye for the original and new furniture as they’re differently priced. 

Even though cheaper than the antiques, the new ones are still expensive and considered high-end. You shouldn’t fear buying them as they’re virtually identical to vintage pieces.

Remember that Stickley furniture never depreciates as long as they’re in good condition. Where else will you use a table for ten years and end up selling it for the same price or even at a profit? 

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