7 Online Stores to Buy Stickley Furniture (For Cheap Deals!) 

Online Stickley Furniture Stores

Antique furniture is quite popular among consumers.

More people are ditching expensive modern furniture for vintage and unique pieces from brands such as Stickley.

Thanks to online stores, finding a piece of this high-quality heirloom furniture is much easier today.

Purchasing your Stickley furniture online cuts down the time spent shopping physically. Online stores enable you to filter your results and order the exact piece you need for your home.

Shopping online saves you money because most stores offer discounts and sell Stickley furniture at wholesale prices. So, where can you get these deals?

Here are the best online stores with the best deals for Stickley furniture.


Chairish has the best collection of slightly used Stickley furniture.

This online store specializes in great furniture, art, and custom lighting products. On top of their modern pieces, you’ll also find vintage Stickley for your home.

You can customize new Stickley pieces or shop from their categories, including tables, sofas, dining tables and chairs, wall mirrors, dressers, and a chest of drawers. Shopping on Chairish is simple because you can filter your results according to your needs.

One great thing about Chairish is that they stock quality and beautiful craftsman Stickley furniture.

Their prices are also quite affordable, and some have discounts; therefore, you’ll get the best deals.

Furniture Fair

If you are looking for style and flair, Furniture Fair is the top choice.

The reason people shop Stickley furniture from this online store is that they are well stocked. You can view different Stickley pieces from their website to furnish every part of your home from the living room, bedroom, dining room, to the office.

What’s more? Furniture Fair has several Stickley gallery locations in Ohio and Kentucky. This means that you can shop online and order from the nearest store.

What I like about Furniture Fair is that apart from furniture, you can also buy and style your rooms with Stickley accessories, including handmade clocks, rugs, decorative mirrors, and accent lighting.


When shopping online, it’s practically impossible to ignore a leader in the business, Amazon.

Amazon is the first choice for anyone looking to buy furniture for their home and any other product. This e-commerce platform is also one of the best places to look for Stickley furniture and accessories.

The advantage with Amazon is the customer reviews on products. Before buying, you can read some of the reviews from past customers and gauge whether the furniture will be ideal for your home or office.

In addition, Amazon has different sellers. This means you can shop and get a good deal from one of the wholesalers. Customers can also sign up to become Amazon Prime members, which gets you discounted or free shipping for your Stickley furniture.

The downside of shopping at Amazon is that the price is usually fixed.


Just like Amazon, eBay is another top e-commerce platform to source your Stickley furniture.

On eBay, you can shop by material, depending on whether you want furniture made of wood, oak, or cherry. This platform also has a “Best Offer” feature that allows you to offer the seller a price you are willing to pay for a piece of Stickley furniture.

The other good part about eBay is that people can auction their Stickley pieces on the website. Auctioned items are much cheaper, and you’ll love the low prices.

If you are considering ordering a particular piece, eBay will show you how many people are “watching” the same item.

eBay is the best bet if you want to negotiate a price with the seller and get the best deal!


When online shopping for home décor and furniture, you need to check in with platforms such as Etsy.

Etsy is home to everything from jewelry, clothing, wedding items, toys, entertainment items, craft supplies, art, tools, and collectibles. On top of all these products, you will also get the best collection of Stickley furniture.

This site has a simple and direct layout that shows the item, image, customer review rating, and price. Some of the vintage furniture available on the inventory go for as low as $8 – $20. They also offer a 10% or 20% discount on some pieces.

If you are looking for affordable options or need to shop on a budget, Etsy is the go-to platform.

You’ll get quality pieces and save money simultaneously.


Houzz is an ideal site for individuals looking to shop vintage Stickley furniture.

Different companies who sell handmade Stickley pieces can post their products on the platform to connect with customers. The site is well organized, displaying the products, price, and most importantly, the number of pieces left in stock.

In most cases, the total price indicated on an item comes with free shipping. Therefore, if you are trying to save on costs, Houzz might be the ideal online store for you. However, this varies for each product.

If you want further help to decorate your home with the Stickley furniture, Houzz will direct you to a local professional.

Traditions Furniture

Traditions furniture is the best option if you are looking for class and stylish pieces.

This online store specializes in Stickley fine leather for your chairs or sofas, solid wood for the dining table, and modern-style beds for your entire house or office.

If you are looking for furniture with Stickley’s rich history of craftsmanship and unique designs, order some from Traditions Furniture.

Although the store might be costly, you are assured of quality pieces.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for furniture, especially vintage pieces like Stickley, not everyone is comfortable with online stores.

This fear comes about because most shoppers need to see the quality of the product. Additionally, they have to consider the size of the furniture and whether it’s a perfect fit for their home.

However, most online stores will make it easier for you to get quality furniture without leaving the comfort of your home. Most of these stores offer discounts and free shipping, which reduces your overall costs.

If you’ve not tried online shopping before, here are some options you can use to find a unique Stickley piece for your home.

Happy shopping!



Furniture Fair

Traditions Furniture