Is Standard Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)


Standard Furniture is an American-based company specializing in household and entertainment furniture. Customers buy readymade household items such as sofa sets, tables, beds, dining sets, and the like. 

It’s popular among people who need things in a rush, and the upside is they are affordable and offer delivery services, and if you wish, they will help you set up. However, like every other product or service, there are some downsides. 

For every person looking to spend their money on Standard Furniture, the big question on their mind is: is Standard Furniture good quality?

Standard Furniture is known for creating quality furniture. Their designers work hard to keep in line with the changing trends to satisfy their customers.

It operates more like online shopping, and since you don’t get to see the products physically until they are delivered, there will be complaints.

Their customer service is ready to assist, so you can always request an exchange if you find a defect.

The company has a very low rating as most consumers seem to be dissatisfied with their purchases.

What are the Common Problems People Experience with Standard Furniture?

In 2008, Standard Furniture was mentioned in PissedConsumer as having negative reviews, and its overall review is at 1.8/5.0. This shows that most of their customers are dissatisfied with their products. 

While some may not be satisfied, it doesn’t mean that your experience will be the same, so before buying any furniture, check the reviews from other customers and decide whether it’s worth investing in. 

1. Not worth the price

Many people have complained about not getting their money’s worth as some products are not advertised. This means that the furniture turns out to be of lower quality than what was advertised, which means that it will not serve them for long, if at all. 

Others who got defective products did not see any changes even after exchanging them three times. Each came back with the same problem, thus not worth the money.

2. Not high-end quality

Cheap is expensive. Standard Furniture items are way more affordable than what you’d pay for a custom-made product. As such, you should expect that some of the products will not be up to par with your expectation. 

There have been plenty of returns where the seats or tables were not sturdy in some cases, and the screws do not fit. In other instances, especially for the recliner seats, you find that the mechanism doesn’t hold for long, and within a few months, it’s broken. 

Their chair, especially the recliners, had a defect where the arm left a gap between the chair and the arm, which was noticeable even after the customers exchanged several times.

Some also noted that their leather seats were vinyl leather, which quickly peels. This shows that Standard Furniture did not consider customers’ complaints. 

3. Difficult to put together

If you are one of those people who are not fans of DIY projects, then you should hire someone to assemble your purchases.

This is because sometimes it’s difficult to follow instructions or distinguish which part goes where making you waste so much that you’d have spent elsewhere. 

Assembling different parts into a whole piece of furniture is something many people complain about when it comes to Standard Furniture, despite having picture guides. That’s why Standard Furniture offers delivery and assembling services when you buy their products. 

If you want your furniture to turn out okay, it’s best to work with a friend or hire the experts. Two heads are better than one. 

4. Leftover pieces

Furniture companies selling readymade pieces of furniture, Standard Furniture included sometimes add some extra parts in their packaging. While this may be helpful sometimes, it can also be pretty confusing. 

This is because once you are done assembling and find some leftover pieces in your mind, you’ll think that you did not do it right. And some people may disassemble to find where the pieces go, only to discover later that they were extra. 

One way to avoid confusion is by taking stock of all the pieces following the guide. This way, you will establish whether you have any extra parts.

Tips to Use When Buying Standard furniture

Although there are tons of complaints about Standard Furniture, they are still in the business shows; thus, there is something they are doing right. And since their products are produced in bulk, there is a high chance that some will go wrong.

However, every company’s goal should be to meet and exceed their customer’s needs.

So you should not be discouraged from purchasing furniture from Standard Furniture. And they keep up with the latest trends is a plus. However, if you want to get a good deal, use the following tips.

1. Research

We are in a digital era, and everything you need to know is on the web. So make use of the internet google what other people are saying about the specific furniture you want to buy.

When doing your research, the vital point to note is that people will always speak up when something is defective as they feel the pinch of spending the money.

However, many people do not post when the product fits their needs and is in good condition.

With that said, know that one person’s experience doesn’t mean that yours will be the same. So do not rely on a single review to draw your conclusion.

Visit various sites, follow those people who blog about household items to get some insights. Instagram and Pinterest are also great places to see what people are saying. 

You may also be surprised to find suitable recommendations from the same sites for something that would fit your home. You may also find new ways to use and style some of the furniture in your home. So use the resources you well.

2. Check Quality

Check the quality of the furniture you want to buy. Standard Furniture has both low-cost and expensive pieces of furniture. And the significant difference between the two is quality. Lower-priced items are definitely of lower quality compared to high-priced items. 

So before buying any item, check the material used to make it. Steer clear of objects made with particleboards.

This is because it combines sawdust and woodchips, and they are processed to form a piece of wood. These particleboards wear out faster, especially when exposed to water.

Buy quality pieces of furniture with solid wood, such as oak. You are assured that they will serve for many years and are not susceptible to harsh weather conditions. So, it’s better to part with more money and have something that will last longer.

Final Thoughts

We all know that nothing is without a blemish, and no matter how good a company is, someone will always have something negative to say. And this is the case for Standard Furniture.

However, theirs seems to be a bad case as the bad reviews outweigh the goods.

Standard Furniture is a massive company whose items are sold at various outlets across the country. And although their products are reasonably priced, it’s always wise to do in-depth research before buying anything.

Above all, don’t go for cheap items to save, as we all know cheap is expensive. That being said, there are a lot of quality items, so do not be discouraged by the negative reviews.


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