Is Winners Only Furniture Good Quality? (Tips & Issues)

Winners Only Furniture Good

Moving to my place meant I had to buy some new furniture. I realized how much I took my parent’s house for granted when it hit me. Even the bed I slept in wasn’t mine! 

My folks advised me to check out stores like Winners Only Furniture that sold a wide range at good prices. I did but had to research more on quality. Is Winners Only Furniture good quality?

After purchasing a couple of furniture from them, I ascertain that the store sells quality items. Not only is the furniture durable and well crafted, but they also have a wide range to choose from. So, my house looks unique and fitting to my tastes. 

In this article, we get to explore more about Winners Only. When was the company founded? Who owns it? Where is it located? Get to learn more about this quality furniture business. 

Is Winners Only Furniture Made in the US?

The day I learned about Winners Only furniture, I was astounded by their wide collection.

Basically, I could furnish my entire apartment and an office if I had one. So, this made me want to know more about the company and where they make the furniture. 

Winners Only Furniture dates back to 1988. Today, this has been one of the most recognized and sought-after furniture stores in the US. What I love the most about this business because all furniture is that they are made in the US. 

More specifically, Winners Only Furniture is based in Vista, California. All the furniture is made and distributed to stores.

I found them online and placed my orders. That saved me lots of time since I didn’t have to seek a physical store to buy my seats and other items. 

Who Is the Owner of Modus Furniture?

Winners Only Furniture is under Modus Furniture LTD. This is a company founded by Jon Powell. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jon Powell is the managing director of Modus Furniture. He is the co-founder and owner of this furniture business and Modus Contracts. 

Are There Any Problems One Can Encounter with Winners Only Furniture?

As popular as Winners Only Furniture can be, it’s important not to exaggerate a brand. I wanted to find out any issues I might encounter before placing my order. Armed with information, I could choose what to get and what to leave alone. 

Some common issues previous purchasers had with the furniture include:

1. Assembling Challenges

Winners Only Furniture tends to advertise that the furniture doesn’t require any assembling. This is false, especially when placing an order online. At some point, you have to crank open the tool kit and get down on all fours. 

While things like desks and cabinets come with instructions, assembling them is time-consuming. I had to keep taking breaks when putting together a dresser lest I lose my mind. Some items are easier to put together than others, but I had to assemble them. 

Large pieces are much more difficult and impossible to assemble alone. For this, I had to ‘bribe’ my dad with beer to help me out. Otherwise, I’d have to fork out some cash for some experts to come put together these pieces of furniture. 

2. Pieces Without Anywhere to Go

I almost let out a war cry when I came across some pieces left over after we put together the sofas. I had no idea where these went and how crucial they were to the stability of the couches. My dad laughed at me and said this is part of being an adult. 

Leftover pieces are something I had to deal with, especially when dealing with big furniture. We tried to follow the instructions as best as possible. But, there was still something left to be done and no clue where the pieces went. 

At some point, I got to think these were just extra pieces Winners Only Furniture adds for their customers. Perhaps it’s better to have a few additional bolts and nuts when a couch is shipped to the other side of the country or world. 

It gets hard to order replacement parts with such vast distances, right. However, we had forgotten a step or two during the assembling. 

5 Tips for Buying Winners Only Furniture

I remember when I was ready to buy some furniture. There were a few things I learned. Some of these lessons came from my parents, and I found out the hard way. It’s best to list them as tips for buying Winners Only Furniture. 

1. Research is Key

Buying new furniture for my apartment was easier to do online. I was pretty busy and found it difficult to go to a physical store. Instead, I found some online platforms to buy some Winners Only Furniture. 

One thing my dad told me to do was research. I had to know what I needed and write it down. I had to have the right measurements, design, and color before placing an order. That way, I’d avoid the hustle of returning a sofa or bed because it’s not what I wanted. 

2. Type of Wood

I wanted wooden furniture in my apartment. I find wood to be quite elegant and of good quality. But, I didn’t know that such furniture came in three types. There’s solid wood, composite wood, and veneers. 

Because of my limited budget, getting to know the cost was crucial.

I learned that solid wood furniture is lovely but quite costly. I chose to go for a mixture of furniture made using veneers and composite woods. Though not solid wood, I still got some wonderful pieces of furniture for my apartment. 

3. Lifestyle

Believe it or not, how you will determine the kind of furniture you buy depends on your lifestyle. I have a dog who is coming to live with me. We had to carefully choose the furniture and materials we got at my parent’s house because of her. 

My dog is quite hyper, and that’s why I chose to steer clear of suede couches. The one my mom had was torn to pieces, and that was a lesson for all of us. In addition, it’s better to buy couches and furniture that I can clean easily and not take up too much time. 

4. Colors and Patterns

As a guy, I don’t mind dark and dull colors in my apartment as a guy. But, I have a girlfriend who I knew would be coming over to my place. She loves bright colors and bold patterns. So, as I was doing my research, you best believe she had something to say about the furniture I was planning to order. 

But, I refused to have all bright colors and bold patterns. In the end, we found a compromise, and the outcome was pretty good. Even my mom was impressed by how lovely the apartment looked. 

5. Discounts

Since I had a limited budget, I wanted to buy as many items as possible. My research helped me learn about deals that happen throughout the year. Winners Only Furniture also had some discounts that came in handy. 

This is an excellent tip for anyone wanting to purchase some new seats or a bed. Time your purchases, and you might end up saving a lot of money. The furniture is still the same excellent quality, but you won’t be buying it at full price this time. 

Summing Up

Winners Only Furniture is good quality. The truth is one can never find a company that is 100% free of issues. Still, after using their furniture for some time, I have recommended them to many people in my life. Plus, I loved that they have reliable customer service. 



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