6 Most Expensive Stickley furniture (With Pictures!)

most expensive Stickley furniture

Stickley furniture is exotic – definitely not for the homeowner on a small budget. Of course, we don’t expect a furniture brand like Stickley, whose reputation trails back to the earliest 20th century, to come cheap.

But then we must admit some of their units alarmingly cost an arm and leg. Care to know some of the most expensive Stickley furniture out there today?

The Stickley Memphis Sofa, Prairie Spindle Settle, and Oak Knoll Spindle Platform Bed are some of the most expensive Stickley furniture pieces out there.

The Stickley Memphis sofa goes for approximately $10k. The Prairie Spindle Settle comes for around $8300, while the Oak Knoll Spindle Platform Bed costs north of $5300.

These prices are not bloated as we feel they closely mirror the premium value and agelessness these pieces of Stickley furniture offer. 

What goes into the design of each of these Stickley furniture pieces? Let us find out.

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1. Memphis Sofa

From stickley.com

The Memphis is a screaming statement of class. You know the Memphis is deluxe when you hear it is made from top-quality distressed leather (commonly pure aniline leather).

Thanks to its amply constructed architectural block feet, the Memphis will blend into any contemporary interior design. Further enhanced with an extensive track arm (precisely six inches), you get a piece of furniture that splashes glamor across your space.

Let us take a break from the aesthetics for a moment. How does the Memphis sofa feel?

Plush and welcoming. Yes, the ultra-soft and deep seat cushions ensure every rest on this sofa is time well spent. For longevity, this Stickley furniture answers with an 8-way hand-tied construction further accentuated with fiber-down back cushion and solid hardwood frame.

For the price, the Memphis goes for around $9,900-$10,200.

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2. Prairie Spindle Settle

From stickley.com

The Prairie Spindle Settle rightly finds itself among the most expensive furniture pieces we have seen from Stickley. The Prairie Spindle Settle was one of the most notable releases in Stickley’s 1989 Mission Collection reissue.

This piece primarily represents the Midwestern prairie home designs that were prominent at the beginning of the 20th century. 

This piece is furnished – along the back and sides – with resplendent book-matched panels. The corbel design is extended in this sofa build. They provide ample support for the arms. 

And as typical of Stickley’s woodworking design, the Prairie Spindle Settle is kitted with quadralinear posts. These posts give you the perfect view of the consistency in the wood grain pattern.

The Prairie Spindle Settle sofa (with dimensions around 84.5 W in. x 37.5 D in. x 29 H in.) is usually accompanied by two coordinated 20-inch throw pillows. 

Depending on the vendor, this piece goes for around $8,300.

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3. Orchard Street Sofa

From stickley.com

The Orchard Street Sofa profoundly channels the famed Mission Style design we saw in Leopold Stickley’s 1905 originals. This sofa provides exquisite seating comfort, bringing together Stickley’s traditional extended corbels, quadralinear posts, and bowed arms. 

They are portably constructed. They are 82″ wide when measured side to side, 37″ deep when measured from back to front, and 35″ high when measured from top to bottom.

The contemporary Orchard Street Sofa currently in circulation has some technological enhancements. The modern versions are fitted with double metal buttons neatly hidden between the cushions.

Once pressed, the button triggers motion seating in both the left and right-end seats.

The footrest gets elevated with a wall-hugging recliner sliding the seat in front of the sofa.

Should you want the recliner stopped, all you need to do is remove your finger from the metal button.

Courtesy of a rechargeable battery design dedicated to each motion unit, this electrically aided reclining system doesn’t put you through the rigors of plugging it into the wall.

Depending on your local dealer, this Stickley piece comes around $6200-$6,800.

4. Chicago Sofa

From stickley.com

The Chicago Sofa is even more expensive than the Orchard Street Sofa. It sells for over $7,500.

Why would you pay such a premium for just a sofa? You may ask.

Well, the Chicago sofa is a beauty to behold, with exceptional seating comfort. Let us talk a bit about the build.

This sofa is equipped with squared-off arms, totally enveloping the frame. This means far more surface area of the Chicago Sofa dressed with inviting top-grain leather. 

The party doesn’t stop there. 

The Chicago Sofa struts a button-tufted back, completing this sofa’s plush and glamorous look. This button-tufted seat can be further adapted into leather or fabric, depending on your preference. 

This sofa also retains the 8-way hand-knotted spring design we saw in the Memphis sofa. This significantly contributes to supporting the sofa’s frame. 

The base is made from solid maple, manually crafted by some of the finest woodworkers in Archdale, North Carolina.

Overall, the Chicago Sofa is an outstanding marriage of functionality and aesthetics, producing a beautiful sofa that will keep you comfortably seated for decades.

5. Tibbett Chair

From stickley.com

If you want a transitional chair design and don’t mind paying a fortune for it, you should consider getting Stickley’s Tibbet Chair. 

This chair boasts incredible comfort, featuring a low-profile (and wide) frame. The wings and arms are relatively narrow, making the Tibbett chair even more stylish. 

The chair is further decked with an accommodating, loose seat cushion. When combined with the pillows (both kidney and knife-edge back pillow), you get a chair that draws you in for a refreshing seating experience. 

While the Stickley Tibbett Chair essentially has a stationary design, you can enhance it with swiveling function if you desire some movability when seated.

The Tibbett chair costs around $3,600.

6. Oak Knoll Spindle Platform Bed

From stickley.com

This lovable platform bed is one of the most expensive we have seen emerge from Stickley. 

Diligently crafted from solid cherry, the Oak Knoll Spindle Platform Bed is the ideal centerpiece your bedroom needs to bring that feel of classiness and style.

The bed features a top rail (with a cloud-lift design), impressively carved spindles, and side rails. The beauty of this platform is further emphasized with the hardwood accents that dress the top rail and center splat.

The Oak Knoll Spindle Platform Bed is completed with 14 1/2-inch-high footboard and slatted 4-panel mattress support. 

What sizes is this bed available in?

You can get this bed in King size, Queen size, and Cal King sizes.

We admit you will struggle to assembly this bed alone. It is best to get an extra pair of hands for support and tools like an Allen wrench (if you don’t have a screwdriver available). 

This bed costs anywhere between $5,375.00 to $5,599.00

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