Is Kane’s furniture good quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Kane's furniture good quality

Furniture brands like Ashley and IKEA are arguably household names among American homeowners. But for those outside Florida, you may not have heard a lot about Kane’s furniture. What is the quality of the latter? Is Kane’s furniture any worth your money?

Kane’s furniture is one of the most reputed furniture producers in Florida. Launched in 1948, this furniture brand has endeared itself to customers for decades with its focus on durability, functionality, and affordability. Kane’s furniture is comfortable. Their body design is optimized to conform to your body, with the Masterguard+ technology from Kane’s furniture one of the most effective fabric protectors on the mattress market today.

Who produces Kane’s furniture and where?

Kane Furniture Corporation is the brand behind Kane’s furniture. 

Kane Furniture Corporation is a wholly American brand with operations (production and distribution) predominantly domiciled in Florida, United States. 

Kane’s furniture began operation in 1948 in St. Petersburg in Florida, pioneered by the visionary Maurice A Rothman. 

Today, the furniture brand has expanded to over 18 stores distributed across more than 300 miles of The Sunshine State. These stores spread from Orlando to Naples and Tampa.

What furniture styles and selections does Kane’s furniture have?

Kane’s furniture – have over the years – demonstrated how versatile they are. These producers have an array of furniture pieces spanning modern, traditional, and transitional styles.

Such impressive versatility also extends into their furniture selection. A typical walk into Kane’s furniture stores would reveal an overwhelming collection of living room, dining room, home offices, and bedroom sets.

More than sets, Kane’s furniture boats attractive offerings for individual pieces, especially rugs mattresses, and recliners.

Their recliner options cuts across powered units like power lumbar, power headrest, and power recline. These units work are button-operated, allowing you to enjoy uncommon comfort with minimal physical exertion.

Are Kane’s furniture pieces durable?

Few things could be as upsetting as blowing a fortune on a furniture piece and seeing it wear in no time. The good news is you are not facing this frustration with Kane’s furniture.

This brand places a premium on longevity. Their furniture pieces are made from high-grade, environmentally friendly materials. 

Few products demonstrate this brand’s obsession with durability better than Kane’s furniture’s Masterguard+ technology.

The Masterguard+ is one of the best fabric protectors you can get in the market today. It goes a long way in protecting the integrity of your upholstered furniture, ensuring they retain their pretty looks for longer.  

This special fabric formulation consists of quality polymer encasing each fabric fiber. Consequently, your fabric’s resistance to penetration by water-based stain and oily dirt is significantly upgraded. 

More tightly woven fabrics with such Masterguard+ polymer formulation enjoy exceptional liquid leading, making the fabric almost impervious to stain.

Are Kane’s furniture pieces comfortable?

User comfort is at the heart of the design of Kane’s furniture. Two furniture pieces from this manufacturer struck us for how comfortable they were. 

These were Kane’s furniture’s Peoria Glider Recliner and the Simmons Beautyrest Reliant Firm Queen Mattress. 

The Peoria Glider Recliner is fitted with unique scooped seats. Thanks to this facility, this recliner optimizes itself to your body, aligning with your curvature. 

When you sit on the Peoria Glider, you enjoy superior body cradling – balancing and absorbing your weight.

The Simmons Beautyrest Reliant Firm Queen Mattress is another darling when it comes to comfort. Kane’s furniture went all the way to produce this with the most delicate gel memory foam. 

This gives you a way cooler platform to enjoy your rest – a considerable advantage when the nights get warmer. 

Another thing we loved about this Kane’s furniture mattress is how efficiently it subdues motion transfer. 

Overall, this queen mattress excels at cradling your body, more efficiently supporting your spine, and relieving pain points.

How much does Kane’s furniture cost?

Aside from comfort, durability, and versatility, Kane’s furniture distinguishes itself for how competitive its prices are. 

Living room pieces from Kane’s furniture start from $499, while the collections in this category start at $999.

As of the time of writing, the Sunny 2 Piece Queen Sleeper & Loveseat Living Room was the cheapest we saw in the living room category, costing $999.99.

The Valentino Cream 5 Piece Leather Living Room was the most expensive in Kane’s furniture’s living room category, costing around $3,700. 

Moving on to the dining room category, Kane’s furniture pieces start at $89, with collections beginning from $299.

Nonetheless, when we investigated Kane’s furniture store, the Clover White 3 Piece Dining Set was the cheapest we saw in the dining room section, costing around $300.

The costliest in this category was the Rings 5 Piece Dining Set with Flair White Chairs. They were priced around $1200. 

Lastly, the cheapest Kane’s furniture recliner we saw was the Aspen Rocker Recliner, costing almost $450. The costliest recliner was Iris Sky Leather Dual Power Recliner. It went for around $1,400.

Does Kane’s furniture offer warranty packages?

Kane’s furniture doesn’t offer warranties for its furniture. That said, this producer offers special wood and fabric protection deals. 

Best Kane’s Furniture Review

So we got our hands on some of Kane’s furniture units to extensively test them. We really loved two, grading them top on functionality, cost, style, and longevity.

Let us tell you about them.

Peoria Glider Recliner

We have touched a bit on the Peoria Glider Recliner. Its material makeup consists of 15% polyurethane and 85% polyester.  

We really loved this recliner for how spectacularly it mixes stylishness with comfort. Let us start with the style.

A single glance at this recliner reveals a rich contemporary feel, with this recliner boasting a contrast stitch further enhanced with a concealed drop-down table.

The leather has a darker brown tone and contrasting seams (regarding their stitch patterns).

The scoop seats really transformed the feel of this recliner, making it way more comfortable on the body.

It doesn’t stop there.

This glider is fitted with coil cushions (each pocketed) and pad-over-chaise footrests. We liked the antigravity design of these footrests.

They relieved our lower legs, meaning we could sit on this recliner for extended periods without complaining about pains. And when we wanted to stretch out, this recliner was all too willing.

The Peoria Glider goes for a modest $599.

Valentino Brown 5 Piece Leather Living Room 

When you hear Valentino in this living room set, you know you are talking Italian – rich Italian design.

This set is entirely made from Italian leather, featuring a minimalistic back design. This is further embellished with dart layouts, furnishing this piece with a modern feel.

This is one of the toughest and most durable living room sets you may come across. The leather is not buffed, and neither was it sanded.

This ensures this 5-piece set’s leather has its full-grain sustained enough to present a distinctly natural look when your eyes fall on it. 

The leather is even decked with exterior splits, adorned with panels (at the back and arm). 

We can’t dare ignore the flared track arms this Valentino beauty presents. Its compactness can be a game-changer for homeowners seeking to conserve space without sacrificing glamor. 

This 5-piece set also has tapered legs. This makes it far easier to move around since the tapered design substantially reduces its weight. 

But on the downside, this set costs a premium of $3,699.99. Nonetheless, we think this is a fair deal. This is especially given the wealth of functionality it presents. 


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