Are Ikea Sectionals Good? (7 Hacks To Know)

Ikea Sectionals

I put a lot of research and time into choosing my family living room sectionals and it is with no regret that I settled on the IKEA brand. Four years down the line, our fabric sectional sofas are still going strong. But there are several other secrets I have learned about IKEA sectionals that I would like to share with you. 

Are IKEA sectionals good?

IKEA sectionals may not be forever pieces but you are guaranteed the most attractive and affordable sectionals in the market. The company strives to produce affordable sectional products without compromising on quality. As a result, the company’s sectional products offer a great cost for value. 

With that said, IKEA is one of the most reputable sectional producers in the US featuring different sectional styles that you will surely love. But what exactly should you expect from their sectional brands? Here are the top secrets you never knew about IKEA.

What Is the Price Range for IKEA Sectionals?

Generally, IKEA strives to make sectional products that will not have to be priced higher. All sectionals have a wide range of prices for low-end, middle-end, and high-end buyers. The low-end price range guarantees you multiple convertible sectionals with a metal frame and mattress cushion. 

The middle-end price range offers you additional features and styling options. The high-end pricing option has enhanced material quality and improved frame construction for IKEA sectionals. The sectionals are therefore made affordable for all buyers, regardless of the budget.

IKEA is well known for its ability to produce affordable sectionals without compromising on beauty and quality. The manufacturers believe good looks and low charges will make their sectionals sell. 

What Value Will You Get From Buying IKEA Sectionals? 

IKEA products are made of quality solid pine, plywood, steel springs, fiberboard, and powder coating. The cushions are stylish and covered in a resilient polyester cover. Both the seats and back cushions are not as hard as those from other brands. Well, if you fancy hard cushions you can get one as well.

In other words, IKEA sectionals are made with comfort in mind and you will never miss out on what you are looking for. 

How Does IKEA Sectional Design Compare to Those of Other Companies?

IKEA has a variant of sectionals’ styles that are compatible with most interior design concepts. Their design style is similar to the modern Scandinavian furniture design. 

They use expert designers to create unique sectional designs that have appealing aesthetic value. Their major focus in design is to ensure cutting-edge technology in line with the latest trends – a taste that is hard to get in other brands. 

Are IKEA Sectionals Modular?

IKEA produces sectional modular designs too and sells them for low-end prices. Most people love IKEA sectional modular because you can create your combination at the IKEA store. For that reason, you get exactly what you want- even if you want a bed-like seat that you can turn into a bed and sleep on. 

In essence, IKEA sectional modular is designed to be rearranged and moved around. Some of their sectionals have arms and backs that are the same height and this allows them to be easily shuffled around while still fitting together. IKEA has a big choice of style and getting sectional modular that suits your needs isn’t hard. 

What Do IKEA Consumers Say About Their Sectional Brands?

IKEA has different average ratings among consumers on various sites. While the company boasts ⅘ average rating among users on, it only has a 1.5/5 average rating on At the same time, reviewers on have offered it a 3.4/5 rating on average. 

While most of the reviewers expressed their satisfaction in various aspects, some of them complained about the delivery service and quality of their sectionals. Here are some of the reviews:


“Very nice sectionals but not always ideal for long-term use. The quality is not that good but this is reflected in the price. They are one of the world’s best. Very great store, clean and very shiny, not for those who just come to ‘browse’. As per their belief, the better they look, the faster the sale.”


“Not only has the company failed to deliver my sectional order, but I also suspect one of their staff used my card details illegally. Even though I managed to reach out to one of them, he told me they can’t do anything about it! Please don’t surrender to them your card details over the phone. I trusted them as a big company but they have abused the trust.”

Will My IKEA Sectionals Get Delivered If I Make Online Purchases?

IKEA stores are well spread all over the US and getting one near you that you can access physically is very likely. Currently, the company claims they have 52 IKEA stores spread across 27 states and 52 cities in the US. 

In case you live far from IKEA stores, you may still order your sectional online and have them delivered. Depending on the store you will be dealing with, you may have to wait for a few days to receive your sectional products. 

What If I Realize Defects On My IKEA Sectionals?

Most IKEA dealers offer a warranty. With that said, the warranty will depend on your dealer store. Ideal dealer shops will have IKEA experts repair all the damages that their warranty covers without any additional cost or have your sectional exchanged with a similar one. 

For that reason, always check for damaged or missing parts whenever you receive your sectionals. If you notice damage or missing parts, contact a nearby dealer, where you made your orders. 

However, IKEA sectionals are not the type that just falls apart. The store attendant I am dealing with confirmed to me that they rarely receive complaints about defects. 


No single sectional producer will be the best for everyone; every person will love one manufacturer over the other. But if you’re searching for a reliable retailer for your home sectionals, the IKEA sectionals should be part of your top priority. Not because they are the best quality in the market, but because they too offer great quality at affordable pricing.