Is Baker Furniture Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Baker Furniture Good Quality

Vintage Baker Furniture has had a lion share of the market since they were introduced to the market in the 1900s. 

This is simply because Baker maintains delivering stylish and high-quality furniture made from native solid hardwoods. The pieces are skillfully handcrafted into a refined beauty combined with the old-world quality of classic American-made furniture. 

But just what makes baker furniture so special to customers. This is what we want to focus on in this article. 

How Long Does Baker Furniture Hold Value?

Baker furniture is one of the few remaining brands that offer high-quality traditional furniture. Traditional furniture is known for higher quality and durability than modern ones. For this reason, Baker furniture holds its value for a long time.

They are made from strong traditional wooden pieces that cut across throughout their collections. With the brand’s years of experience and quality craftsmanship, they offer pieces that are made to last for a lifetime and will remain in perfect condition long into the future.

The brand’s classic and timeless design furniture created with a lot of attention to detail makes many of its older pieces a great value. Whether you are looking to resell a used Baker furniture or buy a second hand, you now know what to expect. Their second-hand furniture can earn you a good amount. 

How Do I Identify Baker Furniture?

Maybe you are now looking for used Baker furniture collections for your store after reading the above information. Or you own furniture that you want to resell but are not sure about the brand. 

The surest way to identify Baker furniture is to check at the mark.

Over the years, we have had a few variations in the marks, but most of the marks bear the name ‘Baker’. 

The difference in dags and style is important because it will help you determine the date of the furniture. For instance, the marks with the writings, “Baker Furniture Co” or “MR” have been used on their furniture since the 1930s to date. 

From 1933 going backward, the most common mark was labeled “Baker Furniture Factories“. If you come across furniture bearing this mark, be assured you are dealing with early Baker furniture. 

How Does Baker Furniture Compare to Other Brands?

Baker furniture clearly stands out when it comes to stylish furniture products. Over the years, Baker Furniture collaborated with several international cutting-edge designers to offer a wide range of furniture products in terms of style.

The brand could easily adapt and introduce to the public a new line of furniture style. 

Some of their stylish furniture collections that were introduced as a result of their collaboration are the Colonial Williamsburg collection, Barbara Barry collection, McMillen collection, Charleston collection, and Far East collection among others. 

Baker furniture is also competitive in terms of quality. It is among the most durable furniture you will find in the market. As you would expect from a high-quality product, the brand offers one of the most expensive furniture products in the market. 

Is Baker Furniture Still Made?

In part of the mid-nineties, Baker was a premier high-quality furniture brand that set the benchmark for other brands. With the introduction of other modern brands, the name seems to be overtaken. 

Though it is no longer at the top of everything today, the brand is still going strong. It still offers different lines of furniture including traditional, contemporary, decorative upholstery, and French. 

In fact, in the last few years, we have seen Baker increasing its supply. They now have some of their items processed outside the US, but still, maintain the standards in the quality being produced. 

That said, Baker furniture is still in the market and still remains one of the leading brands when looking for traditional furniture.

Their historic Stately Home Collection is still entirely made in the US. Baker Stately Home collection represents one of its strongest following in the secondary market. 

How Expensive is Baker Furniture? 

Baker furniture is well known for its style and quality. Their products are heavy-duty with traditional feels that are hard to get in today’s market. 

But quality comes at a price. Baker furniture costs more than more brands out there. Just a salon chair from Baker furniture can cost you around $3,000 in various stores! A three-seater fabric Madina sofa can go up to $8,500 or more in some stores. 

Some low-quality furniture brands offer these types of pieces for as low as $1,500. But ask me if Baker furniture is a good investment, all gladly say yes. You will spend on something that you will use for generations. 

Can I Get a Better Baker Furniture Deal Online?

Though Baker furniture is sold in various online stores, don’t expect anything lower than the price we have mentioned. In fact, it is likely to go higher because you have to factor in the shipping cost. 

Besides, various online stores always strive to offer the best. They always go for top-quality furniture from any brand. Just check their prices at Etsy or eBay and see for yourself. 

Which other Furniture Brands are in the Same Category as Baker Furniture?

As mentioned before, Baker is one of the best furniture brands you will come across in the market. If you are not familiar with this brand, think of it in line with the following top popular brands: 

Henkel Harris: Harris is truly exceptional traditional solid wood furniture. The furniture is custom-made with a traditional feel that surpasses any other brand in the market. 

Henredon: Henredon has different quality levels. If you purchase pieces from their upper rank, you will get the same quality that Baker may offer. 

Century furniture: Century offers excellent furniture too. Though their products tend towards the sublime, don’t hesitate to buy their used pieces if you find them in good condition. 


For quality and stylish design, this is a great brand to consider.

You can give them a try today and feel free to share with us your experience.


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