Can Kipling Bags Be Dyed? Here is How You Should Know

Dyeing Kipling Bags

My friend and I have experienced dying our Kipling bags, and I would be glad to share what we went through.

I have had my Kipling backpack for three years. My friend who owns a Kipling Tote Bag influenced my purchase.

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The Quality of Dyed Kipling Bags

Kipling bags are of excellent quality. There is no question about that. They are high-quality, unique, and made from signature crinkle nylon and leather. To dye a Kipling bag, you also need quality dyes. A Kipling bag dyed using quality dye will have a great tone and quirky color.

The Kipling store once had a collection of tie-dye bags. A good example is the Tie Dye Tote Backpack. The bag cost $79.99, but it sold out fast! Their Tie Dye Wristlet, costing $39.99, also went off the shelves as fast as it got there.

However, that proves how possible it is to produce high-quality dyed Kipling bags. Kipling bags are well known for their impeccable quality, so dyeing will add a special touch to them.

How Hard or Easy are Kipling Bags to Dye?

The first question is, what material are Kipling bags made from?

Kipling bags are made from authentic leather and signature crinkle nylon. The ease of dyeing is dependent on the type of dye you decide to use.

Let me elaborate.

Acid dye is the most preferred dye for nylon fabric. Since most Kipling bags have nylon material, it is best to use acid dye.

Nylon is synthetic fiber. Its unique chemistry means that you can dye it easily and uniformly. The same acid dyes are those used on animal fibers and wool. (Make sure you use good dyes that match the color on the packet).

If you don’t mind dying your bag at home, you can make it a DIY project. If not, get a friend to help you. There are a lot of instructional videos online.

Are Kipling Dyed Bags Good?

Dyeing a Kipling bag does not take away from its quality. If anything, it makes it unique. The functionality also does not change.

Whether you want to dye your backpack, tote bag, or purse, the functions of the bag do not change. You can take your Kipling bag with you everywhere.

Are Dyed Kipling Bags Good for Travelling?

If you decide to dye your duffel bag, it will still serve the same purpose. Kipling bags are spacious and can carry your bags and shoes comfortably.

I carried my backpack on a hike the other day, where I had to pack a few snacks and some energy drinks. Almost everyone on the trip thought my Kipling bag was amazing because it didn’t hurt my shoulders and neatly packed the snacks.  

Many backpacks are bulky, but Kipling bags are lightweight and easy to carry around. The straps are accommodating, so you don’t need to worry about hurting your shoulders.  

Are Dyed Kipling Bags Good for Carrying to Work?

If you own a Kipling bag already, it means that you love to be unique. Dyeing your bag will help you stand out among your colleagues.

Depending on your personality, you might go bold or use dyes of more subtle colors. Also, if you work in the corporate world, you might be required to dress subtly. Let your Kipling bag add a pop of color to your outfit.

How Long Do Dyed Kipling Bags Last?

Since we are talking about Kipling bags here, I assure you that you’ll get enough wear from them. If Kipling brings back its tie-dye line of bags, rush and gets them before they also sell out.

However, if you want to dye the bag at home, your selection of quality dyes and the application process determines how long the bag will last.

Ordinarily, Kipling bags last for up to 10 years. It all depends on how you take care of the bag, dyed or not. Kipling is a brand that manufactures bags to pass down to the next generation. Unless you use it for the wrong purpose or clean it wrongly, a Kipling bag will last long.

Examine the stitching, Kipling logo and brand identification features, and the store selling the bag. I would advise you to buy from the official Kipling store or from certified vendors.

If you wash the bag properly, keep it away from dust during storage and avoid overpacking it, it will remain in tip-top shape.

What Do the Reviews Say?

We have looked through the internet, and all I can see is positive feedback from customers. People already love Kipling bags. Dyed options are the icing on the cake.

The reviews we saw came from the following stores:

  • (223 reviews)

We saw 172 global ratings on and 223 reviews on the official Kipling USA website. On average, customers gave Kipling dyes bags a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

It is no surprise since Kipling bags are a favorite among customers worldwide. The tie-dye selection was a hit, especially among art-loving individuals.

Style and Design

The Kipling brand is well-known for its stylish and fashion-forward bags. Fortunately, they don’t only look good for the show. They also perform their intended function to the maximum.

You can carry a Kipling bag to school, work, and on a girl’s night out without worrying about its style and functionality.

A Good Investment?

Absolutely yes! Kipling bags cost much more than ordinary bags. When you purchase a Kipling bag, you not only buy the item. You purchase experience as well.

Imagine the memories a single bag holds. Kipling bags will hold memories (good memories) for as many years as you have them.

How Well Do Kipling Bags Hold their Value?

Kipling bags are high-quality products. If you buy it fresh from the store, the colors will remain the same. As vibrant as they did on the first day, you saw them on the shelves.

People sell pre-owned Kipling bags online. However, I would ask you to be cautious because some are dupes while others are worn out.

It is extremely important to examine a bag before purchase. If possible, get a bag connoisseur to help you examine the Kipling bag.

You might easily end up with a bag with faulty zippers, torn pockets, and fake branding.

How Long is the Warranty on Kipling Dyed Bags?

Kipling bags have a warranty of one year after the date of purchase. This warranty covers material and workmanship issues.

Therefore, as long as your claim is genuine, you can return the bag for a refund or replacement. The Kipling brand (like many others) does not cover misuse, wear and tear, theft, and damage during shipping.

If you choose to dye the bag, it is advisable to call the store and find out if they cover slightly modified bags (ensure you don’t use any chemicals that can harm the bag).

Kipling assures its customers of 100% satisfaction. Issues like faulty products and lackluster material are impossible with Kipling bags.


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