Are Kipling Bags Worth It? (Explained For Beginners)

Kipling Bags Worth It

My sister and I have owned Kipling bags for a while now, and I am more than excited to share my experience with you.

I have a Kipling handbag, while my sister has a Kipling backpack. Both Kipling pieces are five years old since we got them on our trip to Hawaii last summer.

The Quality of Kipling Bags

Kipling bags are high-end and made with signature crinkle nylon. Each bag is made with uniqueness in mind, some pieces with very expressive colors and patterns. Kipling bags are among the world’s top bag brands and last a very long time when properly cared for. The quality is indeed unquestionable.

Kipling handbags, for example, cost between $32 and $160. Now, there are endless options for handbags, as there are for suitcases and backpacks, so each product range has a different price tag. Luggage prices typically range between $60 to $300. 

The price of Kipling bags is undeniably on the higher side. Still, the pricing is justified because the quality is high, and there is high demand for these bags.  

Kipling bags are popular because they are suitable for men and women of all ages and fashion styles. Kipling bags have you covered whether you like vintage, exotic, artsy, or bohemian fashion styles.  

How Hard or Easy are Kipling Bags to Maintain?

Kipling bags are not difficult to maintain. Like any other bag, they require tender love and care. Proper maintenance ensures you enjoy your bag for years to come.

Let me explain what I mean by proper maintenance.

Since Kipling bags are such a convenient accessory to carry around, you probably bring your bag with you everywhere you go. (That means that it collects dust and germs along the way).

There’s no need to panic, though. If you own a Kipling backpack, cleaning it is easier than you think. Grab some mild soap, warm water, and a towel or sponge. After emptying the bag (ensure you check all the pockets), wipe it down.

Do this for the inside and the outside of the bag. Afterward, hang it to dry with the zippers open.

Cleaning Kipling purses is also possible, especially in the washing machine. Importantly, wash them using cold water after removing the monkey keychain. Zip all the outer zippers and insert the purse into a laundry bag.

The delicate cycle and spin features are perfect for getting the Kipling purse clean while maintaining its quality and structure. When the cycle is complete, reshape the bag and air dry it.

What Occasions are Kipling Bags Good For?

Kipling bags are a perfect work, traveling, school-going, and night out partner. Honestly, there is no place where you can’t take your Kipling bag with you.

Are Kipling Suitcases Good for Travelling?

Most travelers are looking for storage space and convenience when carrying a bag. At the same time, we need to look good.

Kipling suitcases are not drab-looking or ordinary. They have carry-on bags, four-wheeled suitcases, and duffle bags to pack whatever you need for your holiday or business trip.

I once went on a business trip with a few workmates, and most of them were carrying Kipling suitcases.

You get perfect mobility and convenience with these travel bags.

Is the Kipling Handbag Good for a Night Out?

Women’s handbags serve more than one purpose. When looking for the perfect handbag, it is more about the bag’s personality than the number of inside pockets.

Kipling handbags are perfect for taking to the club or dinner because they are useful, fun, stylish, and a conversation starter. Kipling has a crossbody (which allows you to be hands-free), mini tote bags and medium totes, and small handbags with detachable straps.

Match your outfit with your Kipling bag since various colors and styles are available. The space is big enough to carry your phone and fit a makeup bag for touchups later on in the night.

How Long Do Kipling Bags Last?

Kipling bags will last a very long time.

Most people purchase these bags and have had them for more than ten years. The signature crinkle nylon used in making most Kipling bags is not only durable. It is water-resistant and comes in several colors. Also, Kipling repurposes PET bottles and retired hot air balloons to make durable backpacks.

Unless you fail to care for your Kipling bag by washing it poorly or overstuffing it, it will last generations. When buying the bag, check to see if it is genuine to avoid buying a knockoff.  

Kipling bags have branding that you cannot mistake for anything else. All their products have the company name and logo (check for a star at the center of the brand name).

If you treat your Kipling bags with the respect they deserve, they will maintain good structure and appearance. Some people have them for five years, others for more. It is all dependent on your care and maintenance.

What Do the Reviews Say?

We checked reviews on the following sites:

  • (126 reviews)

We found 126 reviews on about one of the Kipling crossbody bags. 83% of customers gave the product a five-star rating. On Amazon, customers also gave Kipling bags a 4.8/5. 

I am not shocked because Kipling is a leading global brand that prides itself in high-quality and environmentally conscious production.

Comfort to Customers

Kipling bags are comfortable to carry. Those with straps maintain the perfect balance, ensuring that the load does not get too heavy for your shoulders.

The straps are also adjustable and detachable, depending on what is in the bag and how you want to carry it.

Stylish Outlook

Style is a vital element in all Kipling bags. With the various styles, patterns, and colors, Kipling maintains a style profile for people of all ages.

From tote bags to carry-ons and suitcases, Kipling bags make a statement everywhere you go.

A Good Investment?

Kipling bags are more expensive than ordinary bags. Nonetheless, they are all worth the investment. Kipling is a renowned global brand, and the quality plus functionality make these pieces perfect for occasional and everyday use.

How Well Do Kipling Bags Hold Their Value?

As long as you purchase your Kipling bag from a trusted source, it will last for as long as you want it to. Kipling is a reputable brand whose products stand out for their impeccable quality.

Some people choose to sell their pre-loved Kipling bags online. Check for how long they had the product (and if they are genuine). I would not recommend this unless you are 100% sure you are not getting a bad deal.

You can easily end up with a dupe or a worn-out bag that will not last you long, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

How Long is the Warranty on Kipling Bags?

Kipling bags come with a limited warranty. The warranty covers workmanship and material defects one year from the purchase date.

The company will not cover any misuse, abuse, theft, normal wear and tear, and damage during transit.

If you return merchandise without a receipt, you get a replacement or credit of equal value to the returned item (based on the current or last selling price).


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