Are Slipcovers Expensive? {Explained}

If your sofa has seen better days but still looks structurally sound, slipcover could be a better way to offer it a second chance. While certain brands sell specific replacements for their slipcovered sofas, sectionals, recliners, and even dining chairs, there are specific slipcovers that you can purchase to replace on any piece of furniture.

But the question is, are they expensive?

The overall price of a slipcover is a combination of fabric, labor and to some extent, shipping costs. The cost of fabric will depend on the size and the style you want, with 1-yard fabric ranging between $15 to $50. The labor cost will depend on where you have it made with a majority of designer charges starting at $200. 

That said, slipcovers are an affordable way to bring your old furniture back to life. We are going to look into the cost of these products in detail so that you may learn what exactly you are going to spend on your 2 seaters, 3 seaters, and so on. We will also show you whether slipcovers are worth the money.

How Much will You Spend on Slipcovers? 

The amount you will spend on slipcovers will be determined by the size and how you want the fabric designed, the labor charges of who designed it, and whether you will pick it or have it shipped.

Fabric Cost

The price of fabric will depend on the size and the style you will have it designed. You can have it designed with a dressmaker or drop skirt among many other countless customization options including color. 

You may also need additional yardage. Needless to say, the more fabric used the more expensive your slipcover will be.

But on average, the slipcovers will cost you $15 to $50 per yard (36 inches). To cover a 3-seater sofa, for instance, you will need between 12 to 20 yards of the slipcover. 

We offer this wide extensive range because there is no standard dimension for a 3-seater couch or any other seater. What you need to do is to always measure the couch itself, regardless of the number of cushions it has. You may give some allowances to make it easily fit your seat. 

If you were to go for something premium such as a linen blend, the price could go beyond the range we have given. For that reason, don’t get shocked if you find some online store talking of a price beyond this range. 

Labor Cost

However, fabric or material does not make up the slipcover cost entirely. What mostly sets apart the prices of slipcovers is how much they charge for labor which will depend on who you end up having your slipcover made from. The designers’ charges for labor will majorly depend on how you want your slipcover designed.  

Some shops charge as low as $200 for labor if the job is a simple standard one. Though the labor cost can go very high depending on the extent of the work, I don’t expect anything higher than $1000. 

Shipping Cost

For slipcovers, the shipping cost is something you can avoid because they are not bulky. You can have them designed in the local designer shop and go for them yourself. 

But if you have to purchase one on online stores, you will have to incur the shipping cost. You can check with the online store that you settle on to learn their shipping charges. 

Is it Cheaper to Purchase a Slipcover or Reupholster?

Reupholstering your sofa is likely to cost more than purchasing a slipcover. This is because you will have to remove all of the fabric and padding from the piece of furniture which will not only require more time on the project but may also increase labor costs. 

On average, it will cost you $50 to $70 per yard, with labor rates of $40 to $100 per hour. Depending on the extent of the work, it may take a couple of hours to have the job perfectly done. 

The cost of purchasing slipcovers is relatively cheaper but isn’t far behind. We talked of $15 to $40 per yard with a labor cost starting from $200. 

Is it Cheaper to Buy a Slipcover or a New Couch?

Buying a new coach is another option if you can’t buy the idea of purchasing slipcovers or upholstering your old couch. Where I work, you can get a 3-seater new sofa covered in a slipcover at $1,300 to $4,000.

The cost is determined by many factors including the price of the fabric, the style of the slipcover, the overall size of the sofa, and whether or not you will have the sofa shipped. 

That said, buying a new couch will be much more expensive than purchasing slipcovers to cover your old sofa. A 3- seater fabric can cost somewhere in the range of $40 to $100 while the labor cost can be around $700. 

Are Slipcovers Worth Investment?

Slipcovers protect furniture from damage or being made dirty by your kids or pets. Durability is one of their main points of the bargain. with popular options made of cotton, polyester, denim, and linen which are strong and will last you for long. 

In addition to protecting your seat, most people buy them to cherish their new decorating scheme. 

For instance, if you buy other chairs and you have an old quality chair that you don’t want to do away with, you can consider using a slipcover so that it fits with your new furniture. 

Slipcovers are unique because you can remove them for washing. Besides, since they can come off, you can use the original fabric underneath to achieve two separate looks. 

Let’s say your original fabric is dark and heavy, designed for falls and winter. You can purchase light-colored slipcovers that you would use to change for the spring and summer months. 

However, slipcovers don’t have the same crisp appearance as upholstery pieces of furniture. Besides, they are not appropriate for all furniture. For instance, leather has a slick surface and therefore, is not the best candidate for slipcover.


Slipcovers are the cheapest option to give your old furniture a new look. But that doesn’t mean it is a low-quality option. They are likely to protect your furniture for a couple of years. In addition to protecting your furniture, they give them a new look and are the easiest option to clean and maintain. If you have never used these products, you can give them a try today and see what you have been missing.