Are Lane Sectionals Good Quality? (9 Facts About Lane)

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Lane is a veteran in the world of home furniture and the fact that the company has been in business for over 50 years makes its products easy to trust. But are their sectionals good quality? I’m here to show you some facts about this company that you never knew about. 

Lane is an average home furniture provider producing sectionals with good quality and innovation. Besides, the fact that they have been in the business for so long indicates that they provide good value to their customers. 

Lane offers an impressive selection of sectionals and other styles. But what exactly are you getting into should you purchase their sectionals? 

What you Need to Know About Lane 

Lane has been sold several times with each parent company having its unique creativity. Currently, it is operated by United Furniture, one of America’s fastest-growing furniture providers.

The change in the company ownership massively affects the consistency in the quality of their products. Since it was sold to United Furnitures by Home Heritage Group, most customers have complained of a slight decline in their sectional recliners quality. 

However, Lane manufacturers still stand out ahead of most of its mid-range competitors, particularly when it comes to producing high-quality modern sectional recliners. 

Are Lane Sectionals Durable?

Lane focuses on innovation and quality by combining technology with good materials acquired from various parts of the world. Throughout their long history in the industry, they have strived to develop unique products that last longer. 

Though they are not the most creative manufacturers around, the construction is good. Their sectional recliners are made using modern materials which are fairly durable. The products are made by experienced company workers and for that reason, expect great value.

How Much Do Lane Sectionals Cost?

Lane offers a wide range of sectionals in both leather and fabric; in a variety of colors and unique styles. Based on my research on their prices, most of their recliner sectionals in fabric start at a price just above $1,099.

The good news, there has been a slight decline in their pricing since the company was acquired by United Furniture. Lane has recently shifted most of its manufacturing to Asia in order to keep costs low. 

Do Lane Sectionals Have a Warranty?

Lane warranted foam seat cores and springs to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years from the date of sale. 

Lane also has a labor warranty that is limited to one year from the day of purchase for most of their upholstery products. The company will repair or pay for the repair of parts found defective for one year. 

They have authorized dealers or certified service agents that are recommended to offer warranty service. For that reason, you should contact the company if there are no dealers close to you. 

Does Lane Offer Delivery Services?

Lane, unlike most of its competitors, offers delivery services. Lane sectionals are available through dealers all over the US. 

We always recommend you purchase from a local retailer other than going for dealers outside your area. This is because your local dealer may offer a delivery option and will always be available to assist you with services after the sale. 

Lane sectionals are only available through authorized dealers and the company does not allow its products to be purchased in any other way. 

The delivery team delivers the heavy sectionals to your premises. However, they may not be equipped to deliver them to your doorstep if you are living on higher floors. The responsibility of the delivery is restricted to the ground floor or farthest, the first floor. 

How do I Know if What I Want is Offered in Sectional Style? 

Lane usually equips its dealers with a complete catalog of what is available. So, to get information on what is available, simply visit a local dealer and find out if it is offered in sectional style. 

If you want to search the local dealer near you, you can check this URL for more information.

While Lane shows most of their products online, not all the products are shown at once. For that reason, searching through their website to find what you want may make you miss out on some products. 

Besides, the company is reluctant to display some of their sectionals online because they can look entirely different on your home computer. So the best option is to visit a local dealer. 

Does Lane Have a Refund Policy?

Lane offers replacement of any defective parts but can also offer a refund within 15 days of the receipt of the sectionals in their warehouse. Meaning, you will get your refund in your account within 15 days once it is approved. 

However, the processing can take longer depending on your pick-up location. For that reason, some customers have to wait for up to 30 days to get a refund. 

It is worth noting that, you can’t refuse a sectional recliner for instance, because it doesn’t fit through an entryway and gets refunded. The company clearly provides the sizes of their sectionals on their product page that you need to study and see if it fits into your entryway. 

Can you Buy Lane Sectionals Online? 

You can buy lane sectionals online and then have the company deliver them to you. While it is prudent to buy the product you see in the store, purchasing sectionals online will save you a lot of cash. 

Unlike some companies that will restrict online purchases to expensive products only, Lane has not mentioned such restrictions. Lane dealers are well spread in the country and delivery is not a problem. 

Customer Reviews

Lane’s online customer review is a mixed bag. While some customers show satisfaction with their quality, some complain about the drop in quality of late. However, we can’t hide from the fact that negative reviews outweigh the positive reviews on most sites such as Houzz

You should research a company. Lane has been sold off several times, and one company restructured it and began purchasing bad parts – so the quality eroded. While I respect when some people mention that they have been owning Lane products for 20 or 25 years and they are still great, things are not the same now. I have a 25 years old appliance from Lane, that is right, but the company that makes them has been sold off many times. Though the brand name remains, it has been restructured several times and the latest one will not be the same quality.”

It was really hard to come across a positive review on the Houzz website. With that said, Lane is not doing well when it comes to online customer reviews. 


Although I have found a lot of positive things to say about Lane sectionals, the company’s online reviews aren’t just good, and this is a big blow. However, based on my experience with their sectional recliner, I have to admit Lane is still a good value. I have owned three different pieces from Lane and overall, I have been impressed.

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