Are Franklin Recliners Good Quality? (8 Facts Explained)

Franklin Recliners

It has been decades since Franklin Corporation ventured into the furniture space boasting a robust customer base for medium-range recliner chairs. Franklin recliners are a staple in the residential sofa space, offering different colors, styles, shapes, and fabrics. But despite such a glowing reputation, you may have wondered are Franklin recliners good quality?

Franklin recliners have an impressive build, with a strong focus on comfort, innovation, affordable quality, and minimal maintenance. Their recliners are admirably stocked with a range of state-of-the-art features spanning Lumbar support, USB charging ports, rocker, swivel gliders, and many more. Regardless, many buyers have complained about the sturdiness of Franklin recliners.

Are Franklin Recliners Comfortable?

One of the most attractive features of Franklin recliners is their capacity to give you premium comfort on a budget. These recliners are stocked with custom comfort-optimized features like 100% WOW gel-blended foam cushion, power recline functionality, lumbar massage, extra-thick chaise seat, and more. 

The likes of the Franklin Branson recliners take airflow technology a step higher, leveraging cutting-edge breathable mono-filament fiber for more sustained cooling and ultimately an enhanced relaxing feel when you sit on them.

What Types of Recliners does Franklin Offer?

While Franklin offers an extensive stretch of recliners, the three prominent types I have seen are leather Franklin recliners, fabric, and Smart blend. 

In the fabric Franklin recliner family, you are more likely to come across the likes of Nova Fabric Recliner, Serenity, Mayfair, Captain Fabric, and Duchess Fabric Recliner. 

Moving on to their leather contemporaries, you would commonly find Franklin offerings like the Boss Leather, Captain Leather, Gibbs Leather, and Kingston Leather recliners.

Are Franklin Recliners Affordable?

Few recliner manufacturers can match Franklin when it comes to kneading affordability and quality. This is a medium-low recliner manufacturer with the bulk of its recliner products oscillating between the $340-$750 region. 

Although slight variations may come in depending on your dealer and region, the famous likes of Franklin’s Ruben Wall Prox Recliner typically go for around $518. 

Franklin Jillian Rocker Recliner goes for about $599, with the Delta Rocker Recliner one of the costliest I have seen so far from Franklin, going for around $743.

While not the cheapest, the features these Franklin recliners pack make it a remarkable bargain in terms of affordability. 

Where are Franklin Recliners Made?

Franklin Corporation makes Franklin recliners. Launching operations since far back 1970, this producer is one of the fast-dwindling clusters of upholsterers who still manufacture their products in the United States. 

Eagerly rocking their made-in-America tag, Franklin recliners are majorly assembled in Houston, where they have massive production facilities, sprawling over 1million sq.ft. 

Over the years, Franklin Corporation has acquired a substantial cache of CNC routers, enabling it to manufacture and process its foams and frames indigenously.

This – combined with vertical integration of other subsidiary facilities – has enabled this manufacturer to thrive economically and remain competitive while retaining production in the United States.

However, bear in mind that this manufacturer sources a substantial chunk of its leather and fabric from overseas as a significant fraction of American textile plants have shut operation in recent years. Yet, Houston remains the base of its frame production and upholstery. 

Do Franklin Recliners Pill?

Commonly I get asked if Franklin recliners pill too. My answer has been simple so far: yes, they do – and so do recliners from other manufacturers. 

Relax, pilling in upholstered fabrics is not entirely unnatural. Pilling is basically the formation of small knots from the release of excessive fiber by your recliner. This is not a defect, in case you notice it in your newly bought Franklin recliner. 

No, you shouldn’t be worried about such pilling resulting in the recliner getting torn and leaving an unsightly bald area. No, just like your sweater and even in your carpet, once the excessive chunk of the fiber has been expelled, the “pilling” will stop immediately.

If you are so keen on restoring that spectacular look of your fabric, you can easily use a clothes shaver to shave the recliner cover slightly, and all should be good. 

Do Franklin Recliners Have a Warranty?

Yes, Franklin recliners have a warranty – and an exciting one at that. Franklin recliners typically come with a lifetime warranty package. 

This lifetime package covers recliner components like metal parts, reclining mechanisms, and wooden frames. 

However, it gets a bit questionable as it is left to the exclusive discretion of Franklin to determine what period is the lifetime of your recliner. 

While traditionally, the “lifetime” should span the useful life of the recliner, I have heard several cases of buyers who were disqualified from the lifetime cover despite their products being only recently acquired. Aside from this lifetime warranty package, Franklin also gives you a 12-month cover for your recliners. 

As you would expect, warranty packages – from just any recliner manufacturer – have their limitation. Specifically, Franklin will void your warranty if your recliner has been deployed commercially, be it in the form of a rental or for anything non-residential. 

Aside from the said components, damages or deterioration to covers (like fabric and leather) are not covered by Franklin’s warranty. Take note that if you meet the criteria for warranty coverage, you will get your product replaced or repaired depending on the availability of parts. 

How do You Choose Franklin Recliners?

To get the best value for every cent you spend on buying Franklin recliners, it is best to be adequately enlightened on what to look out for when buying them. Allow me to tell you some of them.

Is the Size of the Franklin Recliner Ideal?

Franklin recliners have a variety of designs, weight, and space requirements. But generally, these recliners are more tilted toward those looking for more compact, small-bodied recliners. The bulk of Franklin’s recliner offerings are aimed at petite to average body customers.

Franklin recliners may be quite uncomfortable if you are big, given their relatively reduced surface area or body. Also, if you have an eye on the interior décor of your space and looking for a recliner that would swallow up substantial volume, Franklin recliners may not be for you. 

The commonest Franklin recliner likes of Bradford, Serenity, or Duchess were not elaborately designed, as to scale. 

Which Cover do You Desire for your Franklin Recliner?

Your choice of recliner significantly affects not only the user experience (in terms of how comfortable it is) but also the ease of maintenance and overall durability. 

Franklin spoils you for choice when it comes to upholstery cover, so you need to be pretty specific about what you want and how it rhymes with your interior décor, location of deployment, sense of style, and maintenance regimen. 

If you are looking for something distinctive with a touch of luxury, you can go for a leather cover. However, bear in mind if you intend to use your Franklin recliner outdoors, it is not befitting to choose a leather cover given their poor resilience when directly exposed to the elements. 

If you want something that can stand the test of time, with superior resistance to wear and tear, you could consider performance fabrics cover for your Franklin recliner. Some of Franklin’s fabrics are specially engineered to be more resistant to stain. 

What is Your Budget?

Of course, you have to consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on a recliner. Franklin recliners majorly occupy the medium-cost category for residential recliners. 

Depending on the elegance, range of functionality, and material build, you should have at least $400 budgeted for a Franklin recliner. While you can get the likes of Franklin Trilogy Rocker Recliner for a lowly price of $457, you may have to budget as much as $1250 if you want to buy Franklin recliners with massage functionality like the Franklin Independence Lay-Flat Lift Chair.

Franklin Recliner Reviews

We have reached the section where I will give you a firsthand review of some of the best Franklin recliners I have come across so far. I will also identify the features that impressed me in each of these recliners and those that I feel Franklin should still improve on.

Franklin Serenity Manual Wall Proximity Lay Flat Recliner

From my investigation, the Franklin Serenity Manual is one of the most beloved Franklin recliners. Just like me, buyers of the Serenity Manual recliner appreciate its compactness.

Modest in dimension, the Serenity is about 38 inches in height, 34.5 inches in length, 34 inches in width, giving it an overall weight of 275 lbs. Therefore, this recliner is best suited to homeowners hoping to save space.

I am also impressed with Serenity’s sturdy built. Franklin endowed it with premium hardwood (and furniture grade) plywood. More interestingly, this chair boasts an 8-gauge counterbalance recliner mechanism, further wrapped with 1.8 density gel injected foam.

What this gives is a recliner system that can lay back almost in a perfectly flat horizontal posture. So if you fancy sleeping on your recliner, Franklin’s Serenity says, “no problem.”

What I really like about Franklin’s Serenity recliner

++ It has a firm and inviting memory foam sensation on the back

++ The upholstery is remarkably soft, thanks to its 100% polyester fabric makeup

What I don’t like too much about Franklin’s Serenity recliner

It is not for big guys

Franklin Bradford 3509 Rocker Recliner

This is another Franklin recliner I was enthused about. The Bradford is befitting for that homeowner who desires something relaxing and yet distinctively classic. 

I like the way Franklin designed the wings to be uncovered. Added to the rounded seat cushions, the 3509 Bradford brings aesthetic awe to your space. There are multiple color options for the Bradford, but the walnut leather color was the hit for me.

For me, I am particularly endeared with the Bradford for its pair of padded rolled-up arms. This was really comfortable for resting my arms. If you are a user keen on ergonomics, you should love this feature. 

There is no way I would talk about the Bradford and not mention the WOW Seating System design. In this, Franklin brought together gel injected seating foams and premium springs. Effectively, the Bradford gives you that amazingly plushy feel once you sit on it.

What I really like about Franklin’s Bradford recliner

++ Fantastic WOW seating design

What I don’t like too much about Franklin’s Bradford recliner

Nailhead trim needs improvement

Not too sturdy

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