Are IMG Recliners Good? {13 Facts Explained}

Woman sitting on IMG recliner

What is a recliner to you? Well, for many, it is no more than a chair, just one other piece of furniture to jump on and enjoy Netflix. But for me, it is way more than that.

A recliner is an exquisite haven of comfort, a place to hide away from the physical and emotional noise of the world. It was this premium value I put on recliners that led me to test out IMG recliners. How were they? Were they worth my hard-earned dollars?

IMG recliners undoubtedly stand out for their epic Scandinavian designs. Made in Norway but with a market sprawling the globe, these recliners are made with comfort at heart. The recliners are a statement of craftsmanship excellence from IMG, especially regarding how to blend durability with luxury. From the classic IMG recliners to Space and Nordic, they bring heaven to your back and glamor to your home.

IMG recliners are an exciting bunch, and you should be curious about their comfortability, durability, where they are made, if they are expensive, and more. The good news is that I am extensively answering all that in this guide. Read on!

Are IMG Recliners Comfortable?

The IMG recliners I tested didn’t disappoint me when it comes to comfort. IMG’s focus on getting the ergonomics right is applaudable. The features, technology, and inclination all come together to ensure you have that luxurious feel when you sit on IMG recliners.

Some of those comfort-focused features included an adjustable head and neck support enhanced with a deep recline that works seamlessly. IMG recliners are generally furnished with steel springs – particularly at the seat and back. 

These facilities go a long way in giving the recliners this lovable body-cradling feel while giving you appropriate support. IMG recliners don’t lose out on sturdiness either. They are commonly fitted with a hardwood and steel frame.

And if you love swiveling on your recliners as much as I do, then you would find IMG’s 360 degrees swiveling endearing. Such provision is thanks to the recliners being provided with an advanced base mechanism that makes the recliners readily glide.

You can’t miss the luxuriant feel when you sit on IMG’s high-resilient polyurethane foam, soft and girded with comfy fibers. But the hallmark of IMG’s recliner comfortability is its indigenous Cold-Cure foaming cushioning technology.

The springs and steel frame of IMG recliners are notably shrouded with durable material molded into a contoured silhouette, holding the foam for as long as it lasts. This technology is one of the most fundamental pillars of the superior ergonomic support IMG recliners have.

Where are IMG recliners Made?

For all the international renown IMG recliners have gathered all the years, they have not shied from their Norwegian roots. Part of the Ekornes ASA group of Norway, IMG prides on the traditional Nordic craftsmanship, with its principal design center situated in Sykkylven, Norway. 

While the bulk of their product development team (comprising design engineers and creatives) is based in Norway, IMG operates manufacturing companies scattered across Thailand and Vietnam. The outshore facilities are vertically integrated.

Do IMG Recliners Last?

It is not common to see recliners that mix charm and durability the way IMG recliners do. Unlike many manufacturers that I have noticed that readily cut corners, IMG puts a high focus on the manufacturing integrity of their recliners, sticking with top-quality materials.

This manufacturer makes sure every piece of recliner it pushes out to the market pass reputable global benchmarks like Norsk Mobelfakta and BIFMA. 

From the steel, wood, and foam, not a shred is produced outside IMG’s self-managed production facilities. This way, you are assured your recliner is standing the test of time. 

What Design are IMG Recliners Known for?

IMG recliners focus centrally on the Norwegian design, which is what they built their whole brand around. All their designs retain this strong old-world feel typical of cultural Northern Europe while leveraging state-of-the-art technology. 

These recliners bring that lovely Norse ambiance to your space, from the ultra-sonic wood lamination to the cold-cured molded foam. 

Are IMG Recliners Affordable?

IMG recliners are beautiful, but unfortunately, they don’t come cheap. While you can easily get a recliner for $300 from a box store, IMG recliners are situated in the medium-high range category and could cost you anywhere from $1300-$2350. The leather variants of IMG recliners are really expensive.

For me, the price is not too outrageous for some IMG recliner models given the wealth of premium features like leather grades and power option IMG recliners lavish you with. 

Is IMG Craftsmanship Impressive?

No flattery, but it is hard to give IMG lower than an “A” grade in the grading of their craftsmanship. These are recliners that were diligently – if not painstakingly – made with extreme attention to detail. 

The way the materials, frame, and overall structure were put together ensures that your body enjoyably melts into these recliners.

The larger fraction of buyers I have come across so far are enthused with the cold-cured molded foam and the delicately formulated inner steel frames of IMG recliners. The aesthetics also are unforgettable addition. IMG recliners ooze charm and grace. 

Are IMG Power Relaxers Good?

IMG’s powered relaxers didn’t impress me any less. They are not cheap, but the luxury (especially the lusciously padded premium grade foam) they give you makes up for the sizable hole they will burn in your pocket. 

Compared to the manual relaxer, there is less work and less automation, with just a button press managing all the recline and rise movement. The reclining experience is way smoother, as IMG power relaxers are fitted with motorized footrest.

What Type of Covers do IMG Recliners Have?

The durability and ease of recliner maintenance are tied mainly to the type of cover your recliner comes with. For IMG, they give you a broad spectrum of covers to pick from. These covers blend elegance, style, and durability. 

The prominent covers I have seen IMG recliners come in are wood, fabric, and leather. The wood covers bring this natural finish to your furniture. Let me tell you a bit more about them.


For wooden covers, IMG utilizes wooden and timber veneer technology. Deploying the Ultra-Sonic wood lamination technology, IMG combines multiple layers of timber, arriving at smooth, neat, and delicately-curved timber designs well characteristic of IMG’s famed Nordic essence. 

Grey Ash, Sanded, Oak Nature, Walnut, and Expresso count among the most common wooden finishes I have seen in IMG recliners.


IMG recliners have an extensive range of fabric covers, cutting across habitat, Caprice, and Ultra. Ultra and Caprice are my two preferred IMG fabric covers. 

If you are keen on longevity and ease of maintenance, you should go for IMG’s ultra fabric. These fabric materials are designed in such a way that even the performance yarn is girded. Coming in a variety of colors and design, the prevalent IMG ultra fabrics include Stone, Charcoal, Azure, and Cognac. 

If you prefer elegance over durability, you may go for IMG’s Caprice fabrics. Caprice has this distinctive fine sheen finish, bringing warmness and that classic feel to your living space. IMG’s Caprice variants I have seen include Charcoal, Khaki, Granite, and Khaki. 


IMG is most famous for its leather covers — although they come at a premium. Sauvage and Prime are my favorites in IMG’s leather finishes. The Sauvage is remarkable, presenting milled leather with a notable natural, thanks to its distinctive scratches. 

I like the Sauvage for its softness, depth, longevity, and charm. A lot of this can be traced to how it beautifully blends shiny patina with two-tone effects.  

The Sauvage is about 1mm thick, making it a ready choice for upholstery. I am also impressed with its breathability and survivability in non-conducive weather conditions. Caramel, Charcoal, and Anthracite are the commonest Sauvage covers I have seen from IMG.

For Prime Leather, you get a thoroughly dyed top-grain leather cover. IMG made sure to eliminate the natural marks it typically comes with, with this variant being 0.8mm-1mm thick. 

More than this, the Prime is enhanced with a lacquer layer, raising the protection and ease of maintenance. Coffee, Black, and Choco are the Prime leather variants I readily see in IMG recliners.

Are IMG Recliners ECO-friendly?

With the Green Movement (global interest in environmentalism) fast consolidating, manufacturers are paying more attention to the environmental friendliness of furniture products. 

As I learned, IMG is emphatic about making their product lifecycles, and overall production processes have minimal adverse environmental effects.

Regularly, IMG holistically reviews its manufacturing life cycle, with a particular concentration on the environmental friendliness of the raw materials they use, how waste is managed, and the disposal/recycling mechanisms.  

At the forefront of exploring cleaner technology, IMG is constantly probing the limits of innovation, searching for better techniques to reduce the deployment of potentially harmful substances (to the environment) in their production process while extending the lifetime of their recliners. 

What Type of Warranty Covers IMG Recliners?

I admire the extensive array of warranty packages IMG offers on its recliners. This goes a long way to reaffirm that this manufacturer is more engrossed with your user experience than your dollars. Here are some of the most exciting packages:

IMG offers you 5-year warranty on its recliner mechanisms

If the steel spring or any other mechanism in your IMG recliners breaks within five years after purchase, IMG has a warranty covering it. 

To be more specific, this package doesn’t cover relatively trivial issues like the swivel mechanism being uneven or little noises in the swivel. 

From my experience, just any recliner will develop such unevenness or minor noises as you use it across the years. Also, if you happen to damage your recliner mechanism significantly – say from flagrant disregard of IMG’s user instructions or faulty repairs from IMG-unauthorized artisans- this 5-year mechanism warranty becomes void.  

IMG covers your recliner frame with a 10-year warranty

Few things are as painful as the steel frame of your recliner breaking in no time. The good news is that if such breakage occurs within 10 years of purchase, IMG covers you with a solid warranty.  

This 10-year warranty package from IMG also extends to steel insert and wood sofa frames. Of course, I need not remind you that breakages in the recliner frame resulting from wrong usage (contrary to how IMG recommends) or shoddy repairs annul this warranty package.

You also get 5 years warranty for laminated wood

This warranty package is exclusive to laminated Scandinavian recliner components. So if you purchased an IMG Nordic chair or IMG Classic recliner, and the laminated wood gets damaged within 5 years, the warranty covers you.

This warranty is valid for damages to the laminated wood not resulting from negligence on your part or poor usage. So if the laminated wood part of your IMG recliners gets bad from inappropriate exposure to moisture or bad temperature, you may be unable to lay claim to this warranty package.

Are IMG Recliners Easy to Maintain?

Maintenance is a major factor when choosing recliners. The way you maintain your recliner determines how well they last, regardless of the engineering resilience of the recliners.

With IMG, maintaining your recliners is less of a “job”. First, before you start using your IMG recliners, it is advisable first to apply protection cream.

Now, if you have an IMG leather recliner, bear in mind that leather is naturally sensitive to heat. Therefore, it is recommended that you place your IMG recliner not to be directly exposed to the sun. Also, ensure there is substantial spacing between your IMG recliner and heat sources in your house. 

A huge chunk of the grandeur of your IMG leather recliner will be admittedly lost if it is torn or scratched. With this in mind, make sure your pets don’t climb your recliner. 

You should clean your IMG leather recliners at least two times annually. To keep your IMG leather recliners clean and sweet, clean the surface with a soft clean cloth. Ensure you don’t use soap water to wash your IMG leather recliners. Keep chemicals like bleach off too.

For IMG recliners with fabric covers, the same twice-a-year cleaning still works. Fabric cleaners work best for IMG fabric recliners. After cleaning, don’t forget applying protection. From time to time, you can readily dust the recliner with a soft, damp cloth.

Aside from that twice-yearly cleaning routine, it helps if you vacuum your IMG fabric recliner at least once in 7 days. If you don’t have much time available, you can vacuum it once in 4 weeks. This vacuuming regimen excels at reducing the rate at which your IMG recliner wears and tears.

Never let stain remain on your fabrics. Once you notice such, promptly clean it with a fabric cleaner – or better still, with a custom spot cleaner. 

I wouldn’t advise you to try cleaning the stains or spills yourself if the quantity on your IMG recliner is much. In such scenarios, my best recommendation would be to quickly reach out to the retailer you bought your IMG fabric recliner from. If this is not feasible, get an expert upholstery cleaner to take off the stains. 


In this section, I will pick out the best three IMG recliners I have used so far. Of course, it would be dishonest to say these three IMG recliners were 100% perfect. 

Therefore, I will share what I admire about each of these recliners and the aspects that I didn’t like too well about them.

The IMG Nordic 21 Recliner was terrific

I was enthused with the massaging proficiency of this recliner. More than that, I admired the hardwood framing the IMG Nordic 21 Recliner was furnished with. I am not forgetting the 360-degree swivel feature – an unmistakable engineering highlight of the Nordic 21.

There is no arguing that IMG made a point of sleekness with its aesthetic design. IMG gives you the option of choosing between a wood ring and a wood star base. The Nordic 21 variant with ring base comes with three seat heights. 

There is the Standard, High (about 0.03m higher than Standard), and Low (about 0.04m lower than the Standard). If you are a recliner enthusiast, you will be especially gladdened with the high back resting facility the Nordic 21 is furnished with.

The Nordic21 is one of the best leather recliners I have tested from IMG. There are other fabric options for the Nordic 21 as to your custom taste. Microfiber upholstery is exceptionally long-lasting and resistant to stain for this IMG recliner.  

What I really like about the IMG Nordic 21 Recliner

++ Quite minimalistic without sacrificing functionality

++ Nice contemporary look

++ Customizable base 

What bothers me about the IMG Nordic 21 Recliner?

With the leather variant coming as high as $2,349 (and the fabric up to $1,619), the Nordic 21 is not cheap

For the price, there should be a more extensive array of reclining angles

Armrest cushioning design needs to do better

The IMG Dual Motor Verona MF Recliner was impressive

For what the IMG Nordic appeared to lack in reclining functionality, the IMG Dual Motor Verona had in abundance. The Dual Motor Verona MF Recliner was doused with IMG’s renowned Scandinavian feel. 

This recliner is built to last. Girded with metallic framing and Polyester-based upholstery, this is a recliner to rest your back for ages. 

It is supplied with a complete 360-degree reclining functionality. Compared to the Nordic, there is a broader stretch of reclining positions.  

This recliner doesn’t miss out on comfort either. Courtesy of a nicely padded cushioning, your back feels well at home on this recliner. 

What I really like about the IMG Dual Motor Verona MF Recliner

++ This recliner massages really well

++ Dual motor technology makes reclining incredible

What bothers me about the IMG Nordic 21 Recliner?

This chair would have been better as a power recliner

Lifting functions still need to be enhanced

Lastly, the IMG Classic Topaz Recliner was exquisite

If you are looking for something classic and have got the bucks to spare, you can go for the IMG Classic Topaz Recliner. The design is delicate, drawing inspiration from trendy hardwood models – not too complicated but neat and charming.

For enhanced resting, this recliner is fitted with an ottoman. There is a lot to choose from as to wooden framing. Should you desire something other than the characteristic dull hardwood framing of the Classic Topaz, you can go with textured wooden framing. There is also teak wood if you fancy. For extra comfort, the Classic Topaz is outfitted with padded cushioning. 

What I really like about the IMG Dual Motor Verona MF Recliner

++ Impressive Ottoman facility for positioning

++ Broad option for customization

What bothers me about the IMG Nordic 21 Recliner?

It would be fantastic if the cushioning was improved

Reclining is not complete