Airdots Not Charging? 4 Reasons and Do This First!

Airdots Not Charging

Airdots are designed to offer you at least 4.5 hours of listening without the need for a recharge. However, sometimes things go awry, and your airdots fail to charge. Since airdots are necessary, performing most tasks becomes complicated when they fail to charge.

Recently, I bought airdots, and they worked perfectly until a few days ago when I encountered charging issues. I tried to charge the case first, but that didn’t change a thing. Checking on the charging port, I realized it had grime. I gently cleaned them with a cotton swab, and after a few minutes, the airdots were charging perfectly.

In this blog, I’ll explain why airdots fail to charge and how you can fix this problem.

4 Reasons Why Your Airdots Not Charging

You can charge your airdots case to 100%, but still, your airdots will not charge. Whether the issue is in the case or the airdots, there must be something behind it. Below are the most common reasons why your airdots are not charging

  • There is dirt stuck inside the case
  • The airdot’s software is outdated
  • Faulty chargers and cables
  • They require a factory reset

1 – There is Dirt Stuck Inside the Case

Airdots fail to charge when dust particles get stuck inside the case. Airdots, too, are susceptible to grime and debris since they usually collect wax from your ears. They can also collect dirt from dirty surfaces you place when not in use.

The case has crannies and nooks that can collect dirt. The charging port, hinge on the back, and inside of the case is susceptible to dust and other dirt. Whenever you flip the case’s lid, crumbs and dust accumulate in the case.

Dirty airdots and cases prevent the charger from working effectively. The build-up of dirt blocks off the charge conductors located at the bottom of the case rendering the airdots useless.

2 – An Outdated Software

Outdated software is another primary reason why airdots fail to charge. Due to their wireless technology, you may fail to notice when the airdot’s software needs an update.

While some airdots automatically update themselves to the latest version as soon as one is available, some do not. Being stuck with the older version on your airdots leads to various issues, and charging could be one of them.

3 – Faulty Chargers and Cables

Faulty chargers and defective charging cables lead to a bad connection that prevents your airdots from charging. The lighting cable may be free from defects and fail to charge your airdots. This may be because you need to connect it properly to the power outlet.

Using your USB lighting cable constantly causes internal damage, making the cable lose strength. Such type of a cable is not capable of creating a charge for your airdots.

4 – You’ve not Performed a Factory Reset in a While

With continuous use, airdots may lose their preferred settings. This results in problems that may make the airdots fail to charge. Failing to reset your airdots can result in a variety of issues.

What to Do When Your Airdots are Not Charging

As a general rule, you should put your airdots in their case, and the case’s battery should recharge the airdots. What happens if the airdots fail to charge? This is what you should do:

Clean Your Airdots and Case

There is a high possibility that your airdots or case charging contacts are dirty. Therefore, they cannot make a solid charging connection. Grime and other dirt prevent the electrical charge from transmitting efficiently. 

These are the things that you’ll need to clean your airdots:

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • A straw cleaner or a Q-tip
  • A microfiber cloth.

Using the microfiber cloth, clean the surface of your airdots and the case. Take the Q-tip or the straw cleaner and clean all the internal contact points of the airdots and the case. 

The alcohol should help you in case you encounter any stubborn gunk. If you use your airdots daily, make it a habit to clean them often.

Update the Airdot’s Firmware

Despite your airdot’s brand, you should be able to update its firmware. A missing update results in issues, and hence it is crucial. You can use your phone’s connection to update the firmware, then check to see if the airdots will charge.

Firmware issues mainly occur when you last used your airdots quite some time ago. You are likely to have yet to receive an update. Always ensure that you have upgraded your airdots to the current version of the firmware.

Check the Status of Your Charger and Cable

After you’ve cleaned and reset your airdots, you can next try using a different charging cable. You can quickly check using the same charger and cable to charge other airdots. This will give you an idea if the charger and cable are faulty.

Factory Reset Your Airdots

A factory reset can resolve the glitch if you’ve tried all the above solutions and the airdots are still not charging. Unfortunately, this will have to do away with any saved settings.


Placing your airdots in their case should charge them. But due to some issues, the airdots might fail to charge. This is a frustrating problem that most airdots owners have faced at some point. However, the information in this article will help you fix the problem.